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The Hoop

Francine Orsatti IDES 212 Spring 2011

The pattern for the studio design. I used this patter to develop the design for my studio. The focal point is based on the little rectangles in the middle of the drawing. I used them as pin up walls in the middle of the space.

Furniture Plan and RCP of the original studio design. Scale 1/4”=1,0’

Floor plan based on the patter design. The curves in the furniture and on the floor is based on the circules that I had in my pattern. The walls in the middle of the space are exactly the size and shape of the rectangles in the middle of the pattern.

New design Floor Plan Scale 1/4�= 1,0’

West Elevation showing soome furniture and some walls

West Elevation showing all the wall in the middle of the room.

Elevations focusing on the walls. Scale 1/8�=1,0’

East Elevation


Scale 1/8”=1,0’

North Elevation


The shadow areas are showing the lighting on the room. Scale 1/4”=1,0’