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SEEDS Foundation Interactive Experience (Web) Concept Proposal Johnson Fung

The logo bounce up onto screen from the bottom left corner. We begin with a powerful quote fading into screen. The quote is meant to establish both a sense of orientation as well as intrigue. The quote would be preferably shorter than the one I have used and would last about 5-8 seconds. It will then fade out.

The grass comes on screen from the bottom-middle. A seed drops from the top of the screen, slows down to a stop - levitating above the grass - as the words ‘this is a seed’ pops in underneath it. The navigation menu pops up from the bottom left but only displays the title of the menu. On mouse over, the full menu will come out. Alternatively, there is a constantly growing/shrinking button at the top of the screen that says ‘help grow the game’. On mouse over, the user arrives at the next page.

On mouse over of the ‘help grow the game’ button (or if user clicks a menu button shown later), the seed drops into the grass and cracks open. An artistic floral design grows out of it. As the ‘plant’ grows, the user (camera) will follow the top of the growth. Website content will relate to various heights of the plant growth.

As we follow the plant, menu items will pop up. These are clickable. The user can see more plant growth by moving their mouse closer to the top of the screen. Similarly, the user can reverse plant growth to reach previous menu items. The user can do this by moving their mouse closer to the bottom of the screen. On the click of the ‘about us’ section - or whichever button is there - we see the expansion of the content.

The plant and background fade or blur. A rounded orange box pops onto screen as a container for content. To go back to the plant, the user can press the ‘close’ button. The user can also navigate using the menu as displayed on the next page.

If the user does not want to navigate by moving their mouse closer to the top or bottom of the screen, they can mouse over the ‘navigate here’ button. This slides the menu out from the bottom left and reveal all the menu options. When the user clicks anyone of these, the plant will grow/ shrink to the appropriate section, and the content box will pop up.

At the top of the plant - and the last menu item - we will see the top of the plant as well as a tint of the sky. Look how far we’ve come. Photos will be spread across the content. A mailing-list sign up can also be incorporated in the contact us page.

SEEDS Foundation Interactive Proposal  
SEEDS Foundation Interactive Proposal  

SEEDS Foundation Website Proposal