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family 2011 Welcome, Sarah Anne (Lumnah) Johnson! June 11,

Finally another woman!


the 2011


Something old, someone new, something borrowed, nobody blue ...

@ . . . O U R M A R R I A G E , N O T A G E !

Cranking ice cream at our wedding-eve family picnic.

Jane flew to Colorado for her 50th H.S. reunion. Ben, in a remarkable act of loving kindness, went along and helped the aging OWLies produce a special edition of the old student newspaper!

Greetings, old friends and fam! Greetings, old friends and fam! Time never marches; it sneaks Time marches; it sneaks up andnever befuddles us these days up and befuddles us these days as we weed things out and as we weed out and prepare for things Transition–ours prepare for Transition–ours and and the Earth’s. the Earth’s. Munro continues to job-search Munro continues to job-search in NYC, but it's a tough in NYC,sobut it'sstill a tough market, market, he’s reverseso he’s still reverse-commuting commuting to his good job in to hisBen’s good WNYC job in CT. Ben’s CT. public radio WNYC public radio job moved job moved to Boston, so he to Boston, he movedproject to a moved to asoYouTube YouTube project at he, at, where had where he had been a weekend been a weekend reporter but reporter willeditor now with be an will now but be an editor with regular hours instead regular hours instead of of working jobs seven days working twotwo jobs seven days a a week. Sarah also switched–from week. Sarah also switched– editing at St. at Martin’s Press to from editing St. Martin’s PR for Brooklyn Public Library. Press to PR for Brooklyn Public

Library. We and our kids feel We and our kids feel fortunate fortunate and happy that they andsohappy are close. that they are so close. Kit spent some up-time in Kit spent some up-time in Oregonwith withthe theold oldgrammar grammar Oregon school gang for his 50th HS school gang for his 50th HS year,followed followedby bydowner downertime time year, in AZ moving his dad into in AZ moving his dad into assistedliving livingafter afteraatough tough assisted battle with a hospital staph battle with a hospital staph infection.Dad Dadhas hasmiraculously miraculously infection. bounced back in time forhis his bounced back in time for 98th birthday! 98th birthday! Kit still plays, teaches, & directs. Kit still plays, teaches, & ( Jane directs. Jane still writes poetry still writes poetry (samples au (samples au verso) & “rages” verso)the & “grannies” “rages” withforthe with peace, “grannies” forjustice. peace, Be earth, earth, & social well& social justice. Be well and find and find happiness in 2012! happiness in 2012!

Here’s looking at you, kids, and looking at not being kids anymore–a couple of Jane’s 2011 poems… SEE-SIDE: WEDDING PHOTOS loving the looking at the loving looking at the looking at the loving the looking loving the me in you loving the you in me looking at you seeing me seeing you loving seeing me loving you seeing we see wee seas weeping with the seeing all tied into pools of the loving in the looking we love to love seeing you loving looking at us all loving you loving and looking and seeing us in you two wedding in the looking and loving and marrying you too

LOVE LETTER TO MY NECK Ah, there you are, hanging out under my chin, as usual. Rather not as usual, exactly. You’ve loosened up lately, lost your grip. Yet, you old turkey wattle, I love you. I buy you pretty scarves and a new turtleneck to hug you, neck and neck. Okay, to hide you. But I can see not wrinkles but reminders that you have held my head high in the face of hurt, that you have allowed it to bow in reverence, humility, loss. That you have made possible my head turning to satisfy my heart and my natural bents. I see this flabbiness as flexibility: the give and taking of a peek at the star -studded treetops and into the tiniest neighborhoods at my feet. Well, that’s a stretch repeated and recorded until your elastic’s worn out. Now you drag my redoubling chin down with you and even replace my rosy cheeks with jowls. Still I will love you, my good old neck, for all these years you have made way for head, body, and heart to conNECKt.

Now here’s an interesting note. We ran across our 2002 Xmas rhyme Jane wrote back then, and here it is again. And yes, I’m married to a prophet! –Kit  

CHRISTMAS 2002:     WE’RE  WISHING   1…that  the  wealthiest  1%     would  see  the  Light  above  the   hovel,  the  Halo  in  civilization’s   cradle,  and  the  wisdom  in  the   bearing  of  gifts.     2…that  the  fruits  of  your  labors   would  be  returned  to  you     by  the  robber-­‐kings  who  went   looking  for  stars  and  found  more   than  one  Family  frankly  incensed,     3…that  we  would  stop  harming     harmless  children  with  Weapons,   arming  the  Masses,  and     teaching  Destruction     4…that  a  New  World  order  would   be  heard  on  high,  an  order  that   can’t  be  ignored  anymore,  for     goodwill  to  all,  including  the  99%.     5…that  a  new  Behavior  would  be     born  this  day,  trickle  up  and   Stable-­‐ize  all  the  human  varieties   of  mindless  sheep,  spineless   chickens,  greedy  pigs,  gutless     asses,  and  corrupt  elephants.     6…that  our  sheep-­‐herders-­‐on-­‐ high  would  get  the  Vision  Thing,   stop  cultivating  Columbines,   remember  Jesus  didn’t  even     drive,  and  wake  up  in  time     to  hear  the  angels  of  mercy  sing.     7…that  we  would  stop  the   Crusades  by  Good  Friday,  leave   Crosses  uncut  in  Old  Forest,  not     dance  on  Arabia’s  belly,  nor  drain   the  Arctic,  nor  melt  the  icebergs,   nor  oil  the  waters       8…that,  for  Pete’s  sake,  and  for   the  love  of  Mike  (Mohammed,   Naomi,  Sarah…)  under  stars  and   in  hovels  everywhere,  we  would   all  make  wish-­‐lists  for  water,  air,   kindness,  tomorrows…and     not  just  send  them  to  Santa

This blank page just won’t go of those exasperating mysteries of micro-hard life on the little screen. I’ll take that as a sign that the Johnson family story isn’t over yet. Who knows? Maybe there will be news to fill it before I actually get this thing mailed/emailed to you! jj

Johnson's 2012 Letter  

This is our holiday news update for early 2012!