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West Hollywood Library West Hollywood, CA

MDA Johnson Favaro was retained by the City of West Hollywood in early 2002 over a year long process facilitated the development of a comprehensive master plan for West Hollywood Park, one of the few open spaces within this intensely urban community at the heart of metropolitan Los Angeles. This process included extensive outreach in the form of monthly steering committee presentations and meetings, frequent City staff, stakeholder and interest group meetings and four community wide public forums.

The master plan deďƒžned a clear road map for the implementation of the plan over time and focused on park expansion, neighborhood parking and the municipal library as the ďƒžrst phase of its implementation. The $53M project currently under construction is the most important one the City has undertaken in its 25-year history.

Student Services/Administration Building Los Angeles Trade Technical College Los Angeles, CA

Located on a prominent site in downtown Los Angeles, the Student Services/Administration Building faces onto Grand Avenue, the principal thoroughfare and “main street” of downtown. This important site in a rapidly changing downtown environment has become the new face for Los Angeles Trade Technical College which is the oldest campus in the Los Angeles Community College District system. The building is the result of a comprehensive master plan completed in 2002 by our rm for the campus and together, as the South Campus, is the largest project in the Los Angeles Community College District that

emerged out of bond measures passed in 2001, Propositions A/ AA. In addition to the two vestory buildings, the DSA permitted South Campus Project included a subterranean 800 car parking structure designed with an Athletic Field and Stadium Structure above. The One-Stop Student Services Center utilizes web-based queuing technology to best facilitate students through the enrollment process, minimize wait times and as a result, reduces building oor area by eliminating large waiting rooms. The Student Services/ Administration Building was designed and constructed for LEED certication at the Gold level.

Technology Classroom Building Los Angeles Trade Technical College Los Angeles, CA

The Technology Classroom Building is one of two buildings on a prominent site in downtown Los Angeles that forms the new campus entrance to Los Angeles Trade Technical College. The building is designed to double the college’s current technology related curriculum and provide a multipurpose Conference Center

including a Banquet Room and adjacent commercial kitchen and two sloped oor lecture theaters for college functions and other revenue generating events. The building design provides an economical and optimal oor plate to give the college maximum exibility for adaptation in the future.

Main Instruction Building Chaffey College Chino, CA

The Main Instruction Building is the rst building of the 100-acre new campus of Chaffey College, the master plan of which our ofce completed in 2003. The Main Instruction Building is a 65,000 GSF multipurpose facility housing student ser vices, administrative services, instructional classrooms and laboratories and faculty ofces. This building is the keystone of the new campus and will sit at the head of the main mall of campus. The building is arranged on two oors around two courtyards—a south courtyard facing the Chino Hills and a north courtyard facing the San Gabriel Mountains. Students services and faculty of ces are arranged around a court yard at the front of the building; classrooms, labs and lecture halls around a

courtyard on the south side of the building. The two oors are designed to maximum exibility and variability over time as the College grows into and out of the building as the campus expands. The building is rendered in collegiate brick, a rough textured sand colored limestone, white plaster and terra cotta roof tiles. The character and identity of the building is meant to evoke the early California tradition of architecture while maintaining a contemporary look and feel in harmony with the realities of the building's future daily life, where students, faculty and staff will come together in a vital and dynamic learning environment.The entrance lobby is open air yet gracious and dignied betting of this the most important

building of the new campus. The room is nished with white marble and terra cotta oors, white plaster walls, with darkly rendered mahogony panel and ceiling details—emulating the tradition of the Spanish mission churches of Southern California. The ceiling has "slipped" to reveal bright blue sky thus allowing unobstructed sunlight into this north facing room.

Community Center / Culinary Arts Facility Chaffey College Chino, CA

This 20,000 SF building nearing completion is the second building of a 100-acre new campus of Chaffey College in Chino, CA, the master plan of which our ofďƒžce completed in 2003. This facility is a joint venture of Chaffey College and the City of Chino functioning as a community center and banquet facility for both the City and the College. The building accommodates a 350-seat banquet hall, served by a combined art gallery lobby, a kitchen that doubles as a culinary arts instructional facility, a fashion design instructional center and community classrooms.

The banquet hall is designed to accommodate College related functions such as assemblies, conferences and banquets as well as City related functions such as State-of-the-City, Chamber of Commerce events and other community meetings. The room will be made available for private use on the weekends. It looks out onto an enclosed outdoor courtyard suitable for special functions, weddings and other types of community and College uses.

Health Sciences Building Chaffey College Chino, CA

The Health Sciences Building is the third building of the 100-acre new campus of Chaffey College, the master plan of which our ofce completed in 2003. It is also the rst phase of a consolidated science quad planned for the new Chino campus. The two-story facility will include labs and teaching facilities for this purpose and will be completed through phased development. The initial phase consists of a long rectangular footprint located to the southwest of the Main Instruction Building. The northsouth orientation of this bar will be complemented at a later date

by an “L” shaped addition forming a north-facing courtyard. The courtyard represents a public space that extends visually into the landscaped edge of the auto court to the north. Open air balconies on the second oor provide an overhead view of the courtyard while a covered loggia next to an alee of trees anks the east side of the building on the rst oor. Eastwest through circulation on the rst oor connects the public space of the Health Sciences Building with the College Quad to the south of the Main Instruction Building.

The Shops on South Lake Pasadena, CA

This urban inll project consists of 150,000 SF of one and two story retail and restaurant buildings in three locations surrounding the histor ically signicant 250,000 SF International Style Macy’s department store (originally Bullock’s) built in l947. This project entailed strong community interest and involvement, on a site treasured by the surrounding communities. Our team stewarded this project through city agencies, neighborhood and historic preser vationist group approvals with a combination of listening, collaborative thought

and excellence in design.The governing principle of the project is to preserve and enhance the original suburban vehicularoriented character of the original building while incorporating a new street, pedestrian-oriented building fabric, thus capitalizing on the benets of both models while minimizing their weak nesses. The new buildings are designed to appeal to contemporary tastes while harmonizing with the existing mid-century modernism of the existing buildings.

Beverly Hills Library Beverly Hills, CA

The Beverly Hills Library is city owned and operated and consists of an original 1960's era building onto which Charles Moore the world reknown late 20th century architect added additional oor area in 1990. In all the library contains 75,000 SF with large collections, a highly regarded research collection and reading room and one of the best ne arts collections in the Los Angeles area. The renovation project consists of a large scale overhaul of the library to improve its conguration, interior organization and create more interior daylight. The rst

phase of intervention prioritizes the enhancement of special use areas such as children, teens and seniors, three of its most important community constituencies. Addressing these three program areas rst with signigicant interior enhancements will re-build patronage, increase the visibility and viability of the library in the community and set the stage for more substantial improvements in subsequent phases.

Manhattan Beach Library Manhattan Beach, CA

In the initial planning and design phase the new $17M City of Manhattan Beach Branch of the Los Angeles County Library will replace the existing one story 12,500 SF facility with a two story 20,000 SF facility located on county owned property in the city’s civic center in downtown Manhattan Beach. The new library will occupy only half the area of the site that the existing library does, allowing for the expansion of the civic center plaza with open space in the form of grass and trees. This area of the site will almost double the area of the plaza and feature a gentle slope creating a modest amphitheater for outdoor performances and events of all kinds. The library will face both

Highland Avenue, the main arterial through downtown, and the plaza at the heart of the civic center. The new library will include a dedicated children’s library, community meeting room, teen center, adult collections, reading areas and public access technology. A key component of the ground floor is the children’s library as the current one is the most heavily used in all of the county library system. At the second floor dramatic views of the Pacific Ocean are afforded with a sweeping panorama from Malibu to the north to Palos Verdes and Catalina Island to the South. The library is part of a comprehensive Facilities Strategic Plan for the City also completed by our firm in 2008.

The Price Galleries Santa Monica, CA

This project has been concieved in intimate relationship with its surrounding natural landscape to create a seamless continuity between inside and outside incor porating the beauty and complexity of natural forms, textures, colors and smells into an overall ensemble of built and natural spaces. The process of its design involved intense collaboration with the client, the artists who created the pieces housed within and the works of art themselves.

The gallery is an addition to 1978 Ray Kappe house in Rustic Canyon in the Pacic Palisades and houses part of the owner’s extensive collection of modern and contemporary art — one of the most impor tant in the U.S. The gallery is two stories and contains four separate rooms totaling 2,400 SF. One of the rooms was specically designed for the display of a Larry Bell glass installation. The main space of the gallery features a double height glass wall overlooking a heavily

wooded “natural” landscape composed by artist Philip di Giacomo in association with the landscape architect Mia Lehrer and Associates. A double-height ex terior room is situated between the gallery and the entry and leads to a deck that leads to the main living room of the house. This outdoor room is open to the canopy of branches of 200-year-old native sycamores and the sky above.

Pasadena Museum of California Art Pasadena, CA

In the Playhouse District in Pasadena, the Pasadena Museum of California Art is a 30,000 SF privately funded public museum for the display of permanent and traveling collections of California Art created since the founding of the state. The building consists of parking and street level lobby at the ground oor, main lobby, main gallery, gift shop and community room on the second oor and a smaller gallery on the third oor. The garden and terrace on the third oor afford views of the dome of City Hall to the west and the San Gabriel Mountains to the north.

The parted “drapery folds” of the facade that reveal the automobile and pedestrian entry dene a formal vocabulary that repeats and transforms in the manner of a fugue across the sequence of entry from street level up the main stair. The culmination of this progression is a second oor openair lobby that places the visitor between the gallery entrance to the south and the large opening in the main facade framing the view of the mountains.

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