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Day 7 - Res Currently if you want to sign in a guest to stay in Res, you must go to the office and sign them in in person before 4pm. This can be very difficult for students who may have lectures all day and they can often find it extremely difficult to meet the 4pm deadline. I want to bring in an online sign in system for guests which would make the whole process much quicker and more convenient for all students. I guarantee to have a sign up stand for Clever Cuisine in the Res Orientation tent. Clever Cuisine is a brilliant scheme offered by the Students Union whereby you can order a pack which consists of the ingredients for four main course meals for just â‚Ź10. By having information and a sign up stand in the res tent, this allows students to discover this scheme as soon as they arrive on campus and ensures that they have the opportunity to avail of it. As it stands, there is no food outlet on campus which offers hot sit down dinners after 6pm. This is a massive loss and is a great inconvenience for students living on res and those studying late in the library. I will work to ensure that this changes and that hot food is available after 6pm. Students and Residential Assists (RAs) live side by side in student accommodation, they are our peers. I will organise a social meet and greet between residents and RAs at the beginning of the semester, this will ensure that we foster a good working relationship with them. UCD is one of Ireland's biggest towns, so it is essential that we promote better community spirit on Res. I will work with the Res Coordinator to organise coffee mornings, movie nights and outings as a group. This will encourage students living on Res to get to know each other.

Day 7 - Res  

Ciara explains how she will help imorve life for students living on UCD Campus