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How to fix Hotmail not receiving emails Issue Hotmail is a web service provider that provides a number of services to its users which are of high quality and tremendous use. The Hotmail provides the email services to all its users which are highly reliable as they are available at every particular time and are delivered without any delay. The people who are using the Hotmail can easily transfer a large amount of data with ease and instantly. But sometimes the users may get to face some of the problems while they are using the Hotmail services among which is the Hotmail not receiving email issue.

Not receiving Hotmail emails: These are the reasons

If you are not able to receive emails in your Hotmail account then there can be the following reasons.  Unable to receive an email from a particular email user If you are not able to receive emails from some particular users it might be the case of that particular user or sender may not be able to send you emails because that particular user might have been defined as a spammer by the Hotmail. If any of the users is targeted as a spammer by any of the search engines then that particular user cannot send emails to any other user.  Not able to receive emails from any of the users. There are very fewer possibilities that the Hotmail users are not able to receive emails from any of the users. But if you are not able to receive emails from any of the Hotmail users then it is possible that you might have been bared by the Hotmail from using the Hotmail email services reasons being: 1.You were reported as a spammer by many of the users. 2.The content you send to other users might not be according to the guidelines of the Hotmail. 3.Hotmail found you to be not authenticated the user.

Ways to fix Hotmail not receiving emails issue. 

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The people who are using Hotmail sometimes don’t receive an email from another user. This problem can be fixed by following these simple and really quick steps: First, you need to login to your Hotmail account and get verified and be authenticated. After that, if the problem is with some particular user then you need to add that particular user to the given contact list of your Hotmail account. Then just go and click on the left side of your screen and see the junk mail or spam email of the Hotmail account. Try to add an SPF record to the domain name, which usually fixes such types of issues. And you need to make sure that your server has a PTR record. You can try clearing the cache of your of your search engine which might be leading to block of the emails. Just give a try by fixing the date and time of your computer which sometimes blocks the incoming emails.

By doing this 99 % of the user's problem of not receiving emails to the Hotmail account are resolved.

For further help……..

If still, you have any problem that relates to Hotmail not receiving emails then you can try to contact the experts which are available at the Hotmail helpline number to listen and solve all your queries all the time. And for more help you can further visit the Hotmail helpline number. Article Source

How to fix hotmail not receiving emails issue

How to fix hotmail not receiving emails issue