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How to Use a Network Video Recorder A Network Video Recorder, also called a NVR, is a network camera which allows you to simultaneously record while having access to recorded and live images. Typically, the NVR is used in a combination with a network camera that records images and transmit flattened, or compressed, video. Thus, you have greater control over managing the recorder via the Internet or LAN. Another advantage of using the Network Video Recorder is how easy it is to install and use. Some of the easy-to-use controls are: • Intelligent Motion Detection • User-friendly GUI • Remote control unit • PTZ camera control Times You Need a Network Video Recorder The Network Video Recorder is especially helpful in places you can place other electronics. For instance, there is no need to use video cables when using the NVR. In fact, you can ditch the long cables and mouse. Also, there’s no complicated installation process. Place the system where you want it. No hammering or drilling that comes with most hardwired systems. The quick installation allows you to doit-yourself without help from a tech professional. Connect the power to the NVR. Join the network you choose. Search for IP cameras and automatically connect to them within the LAN. Times You Need an NVR You can use the NVR when you need to record and monitor surveillances. For example, set a schedule for continuous video recording. Schedule a time for an alarm to sound or for motion detection. An Internet protocol camera, or IP camera, is also a part of the system. Use the IP camera recorder for surveillance. The IP camera recorder, sometimes called a netcam, sends and receives data thru the Internet or computer network. It’s not a webcam. Thus, avoid making the mistake of buying or using a webcam with the NVR. Instead, use a centralized IP camera to handle the video, surveillance recording and alarm management. When you want a system like the digital video recorder (DVR), but better choose the Network Video Recorder. Record video while viewing recorded video. Use it as an additional security system for your home or office.

How to Use a Network Video Recorder  

Consider using a network video recorder when setting up your security system. An IP camera recorder will record the video footage captured b...