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FORTHCOMING Under the Big Tree Extraordinary Stories from the Movement to End Neglected Tropical Diseases

Ellen Agler with Mojie Crigler foreword by Bill Gates

Powerful stories of the debilitating effects of neglected tropical diseases throughout the world, highlighting the successes and challenges of those fighting to eliminate them. 2019 240 pp., 16 b&w photos 978-1-4214-2723-2 $27.95 hc/e-book

Life and Death in Rikers Island Homer Venters, Former Chief Medical Officer of NYC Jails Shining a light on the deadly health consequences of incarceration. 2019 200 pp. 978-1-4214-2735-5

$26.95 pb/e-book

Fat in the Fifties America’s First Obesity Crisis

Nicolas Rasmussen A riveting history of the rise and fall of the obesity epidemic during 1950s and 1960s America. 2019 208 pp., 21 figures 978-1-4214-2871-0 $39.93 hc/e-book

The Road to Universal Health Coverage Innovation, Equity, and the New Health Economy

edited by Jeffrey L. Sturchio, Ilona Kickbusch, and Louis Galambos How can countries chart their own course toward universal health coverage? 2019 240 pp., 14 line drawings 978-1-4214-2955-7 $34.95 pb/e-book

Governing Health The Politics of Health Policy

fifth edition

William G. Weissert and Carol S. Weissert How do government and private institutions shape the health policy process?  Johns Hopkins University Press 2 Press  2

2019 416 pp., 7 b&w illus. 978-1-4214-2894-9 $44.95 pb/e-book

Patient Safety Ethics How Vigilance, Mindfulness, Compliance, and Humility Can Make Healthcare Safer

John D. Banja Developing best practices and ethical systems to protect patient safety. 2019 256 pp. 978-1-4214-2908-3

$49.95 hc/e-book

FORTHCOMING Delivering Effective College Mental Health Services Lee Keyes An essential guide to organizing and offering mental health services on campus. 2019 192 pp., 4 charts 978-1-4214-2885-7 $37.95 hc/e-book

Containing Contagion The Politics of Disease Outbreaks in Southeast Asia

Sara E. Davies Do states have a duty to prevent infectious disease outbreaks from spreading beyond their borders? 2019 232 pp., 24 graphs 978-1-4214-2739-3 $54.95 pb/e-book

Wounded Planet How Declining Biodiversity Endangers Health and How Bioethics Can Help

Henk A.M.J. ten Have, MD, PhD Exploring the interconnectedness among human health, biodiversity, and bioethics. 2019 352 pp. 978-1-4214-2745-4

$64.95 hc/e-book

Abortion across Borders Transnational Travel and Access to Abortion Services

edited by Christabelle Sethna and Gayle Davis A timely examination of how restrictive policies force women to travel both within and across national borders to access abortion services. 2019 368 pp., 1 halftone, 10 line drawings 978-1-4214-2729-4 $59.95 hc/e-book

FORTHCOMING IN PAPERBACK Poverty and the Myths of Health Care Reform Richard (Buz) Cooper, MD Proof that high health care spending is linked directly to poverty. 2016 304 pp., 76 line drawings 978-1-4214-2905-2 $28.95 pb/e-book

Ending Medical Reversal

Why medicine adopts ineffective or harmful medical practices only to abandon them—sometimes too late. 2015 280 pp., 9 line drawings 978-1-4214-2904-5 $24.95 pb/e-book

Johns JohnsHopkins HopkinsUniversity UniversityPress Press 3  3

Improving Outcomes, Saving Lives

Vinayak K. Prasad, MD, MPH, and Adam S. Cifu, MD

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NEW Vaccines Did Not Cause Rachel’s Autism My Journey as a Vaccine Scientist, Pediatrician, and Autism Dad

Peter J. Hotez, MD, PhD foreword by Arthur L. Caplan

Internationally renowned medical scientist and autism dad Dr. Peter J. Hotez explains why vaccines do not cause autism. 2018 240 pp., 8 halftones, 4 line drawings 978-1-4214-2660-0 $22.95 hc/e-book

The Impatient Dr. Lange One Man’s Fight to End the Global HIV Epidemic

Building Healthy Communities through Medical-Religious Partnerships third edition

W. Daniel Hale, PhD, Richard G. Bennett, MD, and Panagis Galiatsatos, MD How can religious and health care organizations work together to create community-based health care programs? 2018 280 pp. 978-1-4214-2580-1

$27.95 pb/e-book

The Task Force for Child Survival Secrets of Successful Coalitions

William H. Foege

Seema Yasmin foreword by Princess Mabel van Oranje

foreword by President Jimmy Carter

The incredible story of Joep Lange’s life and his unrelenting quest to end the HIV epidemic.

How did coalition-building give rise to the incredible achievements of the Task Force for Childhood Survival?

2018 208 pp., 5 b&w photos 978-1-4214-2662-4 $24.95 pb/e-book

Infiltrating Healthcare How Marketing Works Underground to Influence Nurses

2018 160 pp., 9 b&w photos, 2 graphs 978-1-4214-2560-3 $26.95 pb/e-book

HIV Pioneers Lives Lost, Careers Changed, and Survival

Quinn Grundy

edited by Wendee M. Wechsberg

How sales representatives from Big Pharma and other healthcare companies circumvent public and regulatory scrutiny by forging relationships with nurses.

foreword by James W. Curran

2018 184 pp. 978-1-4214-2675-4

$29.95 hc/e-book

A moving collection of firsthand accounts of the HIV epidemic. 2018 272 pp., 4 b&w photos, 5 line drawings 978-1-4214-2572-6 $32.95 pb/e-book

 Johns  Johns Hopkins Hopkins University University Press Press  4  4

NEW IN PAPERBACK Immunity William E. Paul, MD A leading figure in immunology takes readers inside the remarkably powerful human immune system. 2015 280 pp., 14 halftones, 10 line drawings 978-1-4214-2528-3 $18.95 pb/e-book

The Fears of the Rich, The Needs of the Poor

Africa and Global Health Governance

My Years at the CDC

Domestic Politics and International Structures

William H. Foege

Amy S. Patterson

William H. Foege, one of the most respected leaders in global public health, takes readers on a tour of his time at the CDC.

A timely inquiry into how domestic politics and global health governance interact in Africa.

2018 280 pp., 14 b&w illus. 978-1-4214-2529-0 $24.95 hc/e-book

2018 264 pp., 1 chart 978-1-4214-2450-7 $39.95 pb/e-book

Geopolitics in Health Tears for My Sisters The Tragedy of Obstetric Fistula

L. Lewis Wall, MD, DPhil Traces the horror of obstetric fistula—a condition that has been largely forgotten in the developed world—and lays out a plan for its eradication. 2018 376 pp., 8 b&w photos, 26 line drawings 978-1-4214-2417-0 $35.95 hc/e-book

Confronting Obesity, AIDS, and Tuberculosis in the Emerging BRICS Economies

Eduardo J. Gómez An in-depth analysis of why leaders from the BRICS respond to public health emergencies the way they do. 2017 320 pp., 15 graphs 978-1-4214-2361-6 $34.95 pb/e-book

Pandemics, Pills, and Politics Governing Global Health Security

Stefan Elbe The fascinating story of Tamiflu’s development and stockpiling against global health threats. 2018 280 pp. 978-1-4214-2558-0

$39.95 pb/e-book

Johns JohnsHopkins HopkinsUniversity UniversityPress Press 5  5

150 Years of ObamaCare Daniel E. Dawes foreword by David Satcher, 16th US Surgeon General

Go behind the curtain of the creation and implementation of the Affordable Care Act. 2016 320 pp., 32 line drawings 978-1-4214-2569-6 $19.95 pb/e-book

Public Health Perspectives on Depressive Disorders edited by Neal L. Cohen, MD How does mental health impact public health? 2017 456 pp., 4 b&w illus. 978-1-4214-2280-0 $49.95 pb/e-book

Public Policy Writing That Matters David Chrisinger Hone your public policy writing—and make a significant impact on the world. 2017 136 pp., 4 halftones, 16 line drawings 978-1-4214-2226-8 $19.95 pb/e-book

The Johns Hopkins Guide to Psychological First Aid George S. Everly, Jr. and Jeffrey M. Lating Learn the essential skills of psychological first aid from the expert who created the Johns Hopkins RAPID PFA method. 2017 232 pp., 2 b&w illus. 978-1-4214-2271-8 $24.95 pb/e-book

Adventures of a Female Medical Detective In Pursuit of Smallpox and AIDS

Mary Guinan, PhD, MD with Anne D. Mather

Follow the groundbreaking career of medical detective Mary Guinan. 2016 144 pp., 13 halftones, 1 line drawing 978-1-4214-1999-2 $24.95 hc/e-book

Introduction to US Health Policy The Organization, Financing, and Delivery of Health Care in America

fourth edition

Donald A. Barr, MD, PhD  Johns Hopkins University Press  6

The fourth edition of the essential guide to the contemporary US health care system. 2016 456 pp., 1 halftone, 50 line drawings 978-1-4214-2072-1 $55.00 pb/e-book

Chickenizing Farms and Food How Industrial Meat Production Endangers Workers, Animals, and Consumers

Ellen K. Silbergeld A frightening look at the meat industry’s cost to public health, worker safety, and the future of medicine—as well as the potential for agricultural reform. 2016 336 pp., 1 line drawing, 2 maps 978-1-4214-2030-1 $26.95 hc/e-book

Drug Dealer, MD How Doctors Were Duped, Patients Got Hooked, and Why It’s So Hard to Stop

Anna Lembke, MD The disturbing connection between well-meaning physicians and the prescription drug epidemic. 2016 192 pp. 978-1-4214-2140-7

$19.95 pb/e-book

Dying and Living in the Neighborhood A Street-Level View of America’s Healthcare Promise

Prabhjot Singh, MD, PhD Have neighborhoods been left out of the seismic healthcare reform efforts to connect struggling Americans with the help they need? 2016 312 pp., 1 b&w illus 978-1-4214-2044-8 $27.95 hc/e-book

A Time of Scandal Charles R. Forbes, Warren G. Harding, and the Making of the Veterans Bureau

Rosemary Stevens Was the founding director of the US Veterans Bureau a criminal— or a scapegoat? 2016 408 pp., 19 halftones 978-1-4214-2130-8 $34.95 hc/e-book

Blue Marble Health An Innovative Plan to Fight Diseases of the Poor amid Wealth

Peter J. Hotez, MD, PhD Why do diseases of poverty afflict more people in wealthy countries than in the developing world? 2016 224 pp., 12 halftones, 9 line drawings, 6 maps 978-1-4214-2046-2 $28.95 pb/e-book

Johns Hopkins University Press  7

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Johns Hopkins Press Books in Public Health and Health Policy  

public health health policy disease vaccination HIV science food production crime

Johns Hopkins Press Books in Public Health and Health Policy  

public health health policy disease vaccination HIV science food production crime