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from Johns Hopkins University Press

JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY PRESS publishes books in science, history, literature, health, and medicine. Founded in 1878, the Press publishes about 200 new titles each year and maintains an active backlist of more than 3,500 titles.

The Press has published the works of such distinguished authors as: Stephen E. Ambrose

T. S. Eliot

X. J. Kennedy

Max Apple

Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Josephine Jacobsen

Basil Bunting

Francis Fukuyama

Mary R. Lefkowitz

Frans de Waal

Riccardo Giacconi

Walter Lord

Jacques Derrida

Newt Gingrich

Paul R. McHugh

E. L. Doctorow

Thomas Hardy

Albert Schweitzer

Dwight D. Eisenhower

John Hersey

Gertrude Stein E. O. Wilson

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Black Power Radical Politics and African American Identity updated edition

Jeffrey O. G. Ogbar with a new preface

Exploring the profound impact of the Black Power movement on African Americans. 2019

296 pp., 6 halftones, 3 line drawings


$32.95 paperback

Revolutionary Networks The Business and Politics of Printing the News, 1763–1789

Joseph M. Adelman An engrossing and powerful story about the influence of printers, who used their commercial and political connections to directly shape Revolutionary political ideology and mass mobilization. 2019

274 pp., 9 b&w illus., 3 maps, 4 graphs


$54.95 hardcover

Downsizing Democracy How America Sidelined Its Citizens and Privatized Its Public

Matthew A. Crenson and Benjamin Ginsberg At a time when an American’s investment in the democratic process has largely been reduced to an annual contribution to a political party or organization, Downsizing Democracy offers a critical reassessment of American democracy. 2019

320 pp.


$20.95 paperback

Gamer Nation Video Games and American Culture

John Wills Explores how games actively influence the ways people interpret and relate to American life. 2019

296 pp.


$34.95 paperback

London B o o k F a i r R i g h ts Gu i d e Johns Hopkins University Press   1

Professorial Pathways Academic Careers in a Global Perspective

edited by Martin J. Finkelstein and Glen A. Jones What makes a professor? The answer depends on where in the world you are. 2019

312 pp., 8 graphs


$39.95 hardcover

Admit One Writing Your Way into the Best Colleges

Thomas Richards How to craft a dynamic personal essay that will get your college application noticed. 2019

208 pp.


$18.95 paperback

Generous Thinking A Radical Approach to Saving the University

Kathleen Fitzpatrick How do we solve the social and political crisis in America? The university may be the answer. 2019

280 pp.


$29.95 hardcover

Alternative Universities Speculative Design for Innovation in Higher Education

David J. Staley Imagining the universities of the future. 2019

280 pp., 10 b&w illus.


$34.95 hardcover

2  London B ook F a i r R i g h ts Gu i d e Johns Hopkins University Press

A History of American Higher Education third edition

John R. Thelin The definitive history of American higher education— now up to date. 2019

560 pp., 13 b&w photos


$39.95 paperback

Delivering Effective College Mental Health Services Lee Keyes An essential guide to organizing and offering mental health services on campus. 2019

208 pp., 4 charts


$37.95 hardcover

Brides, Mourners, Bacchae Women’s Rituals in Roman Literature

Vassiliki Panoussi How does the treatment of women’s rituals in Latin poetry and prose reveal Roman ideas of female agency? 2019

320 pp.


$54.95 hardcover

The Year of Julius and Caesar 59 BC and the Transformation of the Roman Republic

Stefan G. Chrissanthos How Caesar’s attack on Bibulus marked the beginning of the end of the Roman free state and the descent of the Republic into violence and civil war. Witness to Ancient History Gregory S. Aldrete, Series Editor 2019

200 pp., 7 b&w illus.


$24.95 paperback

London B o o k F a i r R i g h ts Gu i d e Johns Hopkins University Press   3

Life and Death in Rikers Island Homer Venters, former Chief Medical Officer of NYC Jails Shining a light on the deadly health consequences of incarceration. 2019

200 pp.


$26.95 paperback

Hip Replacement Experts Answer Your Questions

edited by Adam E. M. Eltorai, PhD, Alan H. Daniels, MD, Derek R. Jenkins, MD, and Lee E. Rubin, MD A quick yet comprehensive guide for anyone considering hip replacement surgery. A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book 2019

160 pp., 6 halftones, 9 line drawings


$15.95 paperback

Under the Big Tree Extraordinary Stories from the Movement to End Neglected Tropical Diseases

Ellen Agler and Mojie Crigler foreword by Bill Gates

Powerful stories of the debilitating effects of neglected tropical diseases throughout the world, highlighting the successes and challenges of those fighting to eliminate them. 2019

240 pp., 16 b&w photos


$27.95 hardcover

Containing Contagion The Politics of Disease Outbreaks in Southeast Asia

Sara E. Davies Do states have a duty to prevent infectious disease outbreaks from spreading beyond their borders? 2019

224 pp., 24 graphs


$54.95 paperback

4  London B ook F a i r R i g h ts Gu i d e Johns Hopkins University Press

Fat in the Fifties America’s First Obesity Crisis

Nicolas Rasmussen A riveting history of the rise and fall of the obesity epidemic during 1950s and 1960s America. 2019

200 pp., 21 figures


$39.95 hardcover

Migraine A History

Katherine Foxhall A cultural, social, and medical history of migraine. 2019

292 pp., 26 b&w illus.


$39.95 paperback

Abortion across Borders Transnational Travel and Access to Abortion Services

edited by Christabelle Sethna and Gayle Davis A timely examination of how restrictive policies force women to travel both within and across national borders to access abortion services. 2019

360 pp., 1 halftone, 10 line drawings


$59.95 hardcover

The DOs Osteopathic Medicine in America third edition

Norman Gevitz A comprehensive portrait of the osteopathic medical profession. 2019

280 pp., 11 b&w illus.


$34.95 paperback

London B o o k F a i r R i g h ts Gu i d e Johns Hopkins University Press   5

Wounded Planet How Declining Biodiversity Endangers Health and How Bioethics Can Help

Henk A.M.J. ten Have, MD, PhD Exploring the interconnectedness of human health, biodiversity, and bioethics. 2019

376 pp.


$64.95 hardcover

Mineral Rites An Archaeology of the Fossil Economy

Bob Johnson An archaeology of Western energy culture that demystifies the role that fossil fuels play in the day-to-day rituals of modern life. 2019

256 pp., 14 b&w illus.


$49.95 hardcover

Taking Nazi Technology Allied Exploitation of German Science after the Second World War

Douglas M. O’Reagan Intriguing, real-life espionage stories bring to life a comparative history of the Allies’ efforts to seize, control, and exploit German science and technology after World War II. 2019

296 pp., 4 line drawings


$54.95 hardcover

Engineering Rules Global Standard Setting since 1880

JoAnne Yates and Craig N. Murphy The first global history of voluntary consensus standard setting. 2019

440 pp., 24 halftones, 2 line drawings


$64.95 hardcover

6  London B ook F a i r R i g h ts Gu i d e Johns Hopkins University Press

Global Forensic Cultures Making Fact and Justice in the Modern Era

edited by Ian Burney and Christopher Hamlin Essays explore forensic science in global and historical context, opening a critical window onto contemporary debates about the universal validity of present-day genomic forensic practices. 2019

356 pp., 8 halftones


$64.95 hardcover

Ospreys The Revival of a Global Raptor

Alan F. Poole A fascinating look at one of the greatest conservation success stories of the modern era: the wildly popular, unique, and thrilling raptor, the Osprey. 2019

220 pp., 122 color photos, 20 maps, 4 graphs


$39.95 hardcover

Freshwater Mollusks of the World A Distribution Atlas

edited by Charles Lydeard and Kevin S. Cummings The definitive resource on the biology and evolution of freshwater mollusks. 2019

256 pp., 41 color photos, 43 color illus.


$125.00 hardcover

London B o o k F a i r R i g h ts Gu i d e Johns Hopkins University Press   7

Johns Hopkins University Press is pleased to represent these backlist titles from Animal The Bloody Rise and Fall of the Mob’s Most Feared Assassin

Casey Sherman 2013

280 pp.

978-1-5555-3822-4   $27.95 hardcover

Alien Land Willard Savoy 2006

336 pp.

978-1-5555-3657-2   $24.95 paperback

Clergy Sexual Abuse Social Science Perspectives

edited by Claire M. Renzetti and Sandra Yocum 2013

216 pp.

978-1-5555-3809-5   $35.00 paperback  Also available in hardcover

Battered Women, Their Children, and International Law The Unintended Consequences of the Hague Child Abduction Convention

Taryn Lindhorst and Jeffrey L. Edleson 2012

280 pp.


$40.00 paperback 

Also available in hardcover

Understanding Domestic Homicide Neil Websdale 1999

320 pp.

978-1-5555-3393-9   $29.95 paperback

Women, Violence, and the Media Readings in Feminist Criminology

edited by Drew Humphries 2009

320 pp.

978-1-5555-3703-6   $29.95 paperback

When Robots Kill Artificial Intelligence under Criminal Law

Gabriel Hallevy 2013

272 pp.  


$40.00 paperback  Also available in hardcover

8  London B ook F a i r R i g h ts Gu i d e Johns Hopkins University Press

London B o o k F a i r R i g h ts Gu i d e Johns Hopkins University Press   7

2715 N. Charles Street Baltimore, MD 21218 USA

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