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ROME WITNESS TO ANCIENT HISTORY Gregory S. Aldrete, Series Editor

The Year of Julius and Caesar 59 BC and the Transformation of the Roman Republic

Stefan G. Chrissanthos How Caesar’s attack on Bibulus marked the beginning of the end of the Roman free state and the descent of the Republic into violence and civil war. 2019

176 pp., 7 b&w illus.


$19.95 pb/e-book

The Day Commodus Killed a Rhino Understanding the Roman Games

Jerry Toner In ancient times, the Roman games—that heady cocktail of mass slaughter, gladiatorial combat, and chariot racing—made strong political, social, and cultural statements. 2014 144 pp. 6 halftones, 2 line drawings

978-1-4214-1586-4 $19.95 pb/e-book

Brides, Mourners, Bacchae Women’s Rituals in Roman Literature

Vassiliki Panoussi How does the treatment of women’s rituals in Latin poetry and prose reveal Roman ideas of female agency? 2019 288 pp.


$54.95 hc/e-book

Northern Italy in the Roman World From the Bronze Age to Late Antiquity

Carolynn E. Roncaglia An in-depth study of how the Roman Empire influenced life, culture, and politics in northern Italy. 2018 256 pp., 10 halftones, 4 maps


$44.95 hc/e-book

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The Grand Strategy of the Roman Empire From the First Century CE to the Third

revised and updated edition

Edward N. Luttwak A newly updated edition of this classic, hugely influential account of how the Romans defended their vast empire. 2016 296 pp., 10 line drawings, 15 maps


$29.95 pb/e-book


Rome’s Christian Empress Galla Placidia Rules at the Twilight of the Empire

Joyce E. Salisbury The page-turning account of Galla Placidia, a remarkable ruler at the twilight of the Roman Empire. 2015 248 pp. 11 halftones, 1 line drawing, 7 maps


$34.95 hc/e-book

The Annals of Quintus Ennius and the Italic Tradition Jay Fisher A fresh look at the multicultural influences on Quintus Ennius and his epic poem, the Annals. 2014 224 pp.


$69.95 hc/e-book

Roman Literary Culture From Plautus to Macrobius

Maternal Megalomania

second edition

Julia Domna and the Imperial Politics of Motherhood

Elaine Fantham

Julie Langford How the maternal image of the empress Julia Domna helped the Roman empire rule. 2013 232 pp., 30 b&w illus.


This new edition broadens the scope of Fantham’s study of literary production and its reception in Rome. 2013 368 pp., 1 b&w illus.

978-1-4214-0836-1 $33.00/e-book

$58.00 hc/e-book

Patients and Healers in the High Roman Empire Ido Israelowich “An original, innovative, and provocative history of ancient medicine in the High Roman Empire from the patient’s point of view.”—Manfred Horstmanshoff, Leiden University

Rome A Living Portrait of an Ancient City

Stephen L. Dyson “This book successfully manages to link the tangible remains to the wider themes of Roman history.”—Journal of Roman Studies 2010 488 pp., 28 halftones, 16 line drawings

978-0-8018-9254-7 $38.00/e-book

2015 208 pp., 3 halftones


$59.95 hc/e-book

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GREECE Persian Interventions

The Birth of Comedy

The Achaemenid Empire, Athens, and Sparta, 450–386 BCE

Texts, Documents, and Art from Athenian Comic Competitions, 486–280

John O. Hyland

edited by Jeffrey Rusten

Persia’s relations with Greek city-states provide a fascinating case study in ancient imperialism.

translated by Jeffrey Henderson, David Konstan, Ralph Rosen, Jeffrey Rusten, and Niall W. Slater

2017 272 pp., 4 maps

978-1-4214-2370-8 $54.95 hc/e-book

A comprehensive look at all aspects of classical Greek comedy. 2011 816 pp. 42 halftones, 1 line drawing

978-1-4214-2118-6 $49.95 pb/e-book

WITNESS TO ANCIENT HISTORY Gregory S. Aldrete, Series Editor

Athens Burning The Persian Invasion of Greece and the Evacuation of Attica

Robert Garland Outstanding Academic Title, Choice The gripping story of how the Athenians survived the Persian invasion of their homeland—one of the central events in ancient Greek history. 2016 184 pp., 8 halftones, 6 maps


$19.95 pb/e-book

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The Battle of Arginusae Victory at Sea and Its Tragic Aftermath in the Final Years of the Peloponnesian War

Debra Hamel A harrowing, immersive introduction to a violent turning point in the conflict between Sparta and Athens. 2015 152 pp., 4 halftones, 4 line drawings, 4 maps


$19.95 pb/e-book

Children and Childhood in Classical Athens second edition

Mark Golden A thoroughly revised and updated edition of Mark Golden’s groundbreaking study of childhood in ancient Greece.

Ancient Society and History 2015 272 pp., 17 halftones

978-1-4214-1686-1 $24.95 pb/e-book

GREECE Approaches to Greek Myth second edition

edited by Lowell Edmunds Now thoroughly revised and updated, this volume offers a variety of historical, comparative, and theoretical perspectives on Greek myth. 2014 480 pp., 2 line drawings, 3 maps, 10 plates


$29.95 pb/e-book

Voices at Work Women, Performance, and Labor in Ancient Greece

Andromache Karanika The songs of working women are reflected in Greek poetry and poetics. 2014 320 pp., 6 b&w photos


$59.95 hc/e-book

Reconstructing Ancient Linen Body Armor Unraveling the Linothorax Mystery

Gregory S. Aldrete, Scott Bartell, and Alicia Aldrete A thorough and original study of the linothorax, the linen armor worn by Alexander the Great. 2013 304 pp., 21 b&w illus., 16 line drawings, 8 color plates


$32.95 hc/e-book

The Poetics of Consent Collective Decision Making and the Iliad

David F. Elmer The Iliad’s depiction of politics reveals that the poem is the product of a broad consensus of performers and audiences across generations. 2012 336 pp.


$58.00 hc/e-book

Reading Herodotus A Guided Tour through the Wild Boars, Dancing Suitors, and Crazy Tyrants of The History

Debra Hamel Hamel takes us on a delightful, audacious romp through The History of the Persian Wars.

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2012 360 pp., 5 halftones, 9 line drawings 978-1-4214-0656-5 $32.95 pb/e-book

TRANSLATIONS FROM ANTIQUITY The Other Four Plays of Sophocles Ajax, Women of Trachis, Electra, and Philoctetes

Sophocles translated by David R. Slavitt

Famed translator David Slavitt lends his distinctly contemporary voice to four lesser-known plays of Sophocles. 2013 272 pp.


$22.95 pb/e-book

The Orphic Hymns translation, introduction, and notes by Apostolos N. Athanassakis and Benjamin M. Wolkow The only English translation of the mysterious and cosmic Greek poetry known as the Orphic Hymns. 2013 280 pp.


$25.95 pb/e-book

The Iliad Homer translated by Edward McCrorie with an introduction and notes by Erwin F. Cook

Edward McCrorie offers a new verse translation of the Iliad, capturing the meaning and music of Homer’s original Greek. 2012 552 pp., 1 line drawing


$28.00 pb/e-book

The Odyssey Homer translated by Edward McCrorie with an introduction and notes by Richard P. Martin

 Johns Hopkins University Press  6

A bold new translation that preserves the swiftness, austerity, and clarity of the original. 2004 472 pp.


$24.00 pb/e-book

THE ANCIENT WORLD Essential Readings in Medicine and Religion Gary B. Ferngren and Ekaterina N. Lomperis An indispensible collection of sources chronicling the relationship between medicine and religion from ancient to modern times.

From the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Napoleon

Monique O’Connell and Eric R Dursteler An interdisciplinary approach to the Mediterranean’s rich, multicultural history. 2016 352 pp., 68 b&w photos, 4 b&w illus.


2017 296 pp.


The Mediterranean World

$34.95 pb/e-book

$32.95 pb/e-book

Creatures Born of Mud and Slime

Cults and Conspiracies

The Wonder and Complexity of Spontaneous Generation

A Literary History

Daryn Lehoux

Outstanding Academic Title, Choice

How did the concept of spontaneous generation survive for so long?

Singleton Center Books in Premodern Europe

Theodore Ziolkowski Explore 2,000 years of conspiracy in literature. 2016 248 pp.


$24.95 pb/e-book

2017 192 pp., 1 halftone


$44.95 hc/e-book

Women’s Life in Greece and Rome

Comic Democracies

A Source Book in Translation

From Ancient Athens to the American Republic

fourth edition

Angus Fletcher

Mary R. Lefkowitz and Maureen B. Fant

The forgotten history of comedy’s contribution to world democracy.

The essential collection of source materials on the lives of women in the ancient world. 2016 496 pp., 40 b&w illus.


2016 224 pp.


$49.95 hc/e-book

$32.00 pb

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FORTHCOMING Killing for the Republic

Pindar, Song, and Space

The Roman Way of War

Toward a Lyric Archaeology

Steele Brand

Richard Neer and Leslie Kurke

How Rome conquered the world with citizen-soldiers—and why this militaristic ideal still has a place in America today.

A groundbreaking study of the phenomenology of space and time in classical Greece.

2019 368 pp., 13 line drawings

Social Structures of the Greco-Roman World James Ker and Emily Mackil, Series Editors

978-1-4214-2986-1 hc/e-book

2019 448 pp., 74 color illus., 31 b&w illus.

978-1-4214-2978-6 hc/e-book

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Johns Hopkins University Press Books in Ancient Studies  

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poetry translation Greece Rome lifestyle warfare linen body armor plays poetry Iliad Odyssey women's lives ancient medicine