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Certificate in Biotechnology Enterprise

REQUIRED COURSES Students may choose two to three of the following: »  Managing and Leading Biotechnology Professionals »  Marketing Aspects of Biotechnology »  Managerial Finance for Biotechnology ELECTIVES Students may choose two to three of the following (to total no more than five courses when added to the Required Courses selection). Please note: this is just a sample listing; complete list on website. »  Translational Biotechnology: From intellectual Property to Licensing »  Creating a Biotechnology Enterprise About the PRogram

»  Strategic Planning for the Biotechnology Enterprise

Merging science and business is at the center of biotechnology. Students who want to become part of the development and commercialization of science must first understand the running of a biotechnology organization. To acquire this experience and knowledge, students can earn a Certificate in Biotechnology Enterprise.

»  Introduction to Regulatory Affairs

This certificate offers the opportunity to learn critical aspects including how to create a new enterprise, finance, marketing, and other areas of commercialization. This certificate is ideal for students planning to engage in the enterprise of biotechnology beyond the science. Applicants should have an undergraduate degree preferably in the life sciences with a grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. Certificate requirements consist of five courses. Students who successfully complete the certificate and subsequently decide to seek admission to the master’s degree program in Biotechnology, Regulatory Science, or Enterprise and Entrepreneurship will receive credit for three of the courses taken in the certificate toward the master’s degree. Conversely, students who complete their master’s degree first, may count 3 of their enterprise courses toward the certificate.

»  Managing Innovation in the Life Sciences »  Marketing in a Regulated Environment »  Commercializing Biotechnology »  Ethical, Legal, and Regulatory Aspects of Biotechnology Enterprise »  Project Management »  Technology Transfer and Commercialization »  Emerging Issues in Biotechnology

For more information Katherine Wellman, MS, MS, MBA Program Coordinator, Biotechnology Enterprise and Entrepreneurship 301.294.7112

Admissions 1.800.847.3330 1717 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Suite 101 Washington, DC 20036

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The certificate may be completed fully online or a combination of online and onsite at the Montgomery County Campus. Note: The vast majority of the courses are offered online, so expect to take no more than 1-2 courses total onsite and the remaining 3-4 courses online.

»  Social Entrepreneurship in Bioscience


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Fact Sheet: Certificate in Biotechnology Enterprise