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2012 CERAMICS SOUTHERN AFRICA 40th ANNIVERSARY COROBRIK NATIONAL CERAMICS EXHIBITION Hosted by Ceramics Southern Africa Gauteng at Pretoria Art Museum 012 344 1807/8

Ceramics Southern Africa National Chair

Betsy Nield

2012 Represents the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Ceramics Southern Africa! The existence and strength of our association is testimony to the efforts and commitment of past chairpersons, committee members, regional representatives and many others. Corobrik has been a major sponsor of our association since 1982, contributing to the development, growth and awareness of ceramics in Southern Africa. We greatly value and appreciate the financial assistance and the interest that they have taken in our association over the past three decades, including the acquisitions of the Corobrik Ceramic Collection. A special word of appreciation to Daphne Corregan, a ceramic artist from France, as the Award Judge, to Sue Sellshop as the roving selector and to all the other selectors in the regions for a much appreciated task! Organising and mounting an exhibition of this magnitude has always been a daunting task. On behalf of the members of Ceramics Southern Africa I would like to congratulate convenor, Jerice Doeg and her team from the Gauteng region for the professional way that they have executed this special event. Congratulations to the award winners and thank you for your participation and contribution to the success of this exhibition. May the diversity of this showcase of ceramics be an enriching experience!

Message from Corobrik (Pty) Ltd

Mr DJ Meyer (Managing Director)

There is something special about products rooted in clay, a material that has helped define civilizations and cultures and that touches on our humanity. We know that humanity and art are inextricably linked in defining heritage, and it is in this context that Corobrik is proud to be playing a part in building South Africa’s heritage through its sponsorship of the 40th National Exhibition of Ceramic Art and our investment in the Corobrik Collection of Ceramic Art housed at the Pretoria Art Museum. This National Exhibition of Ceramic Art is particularly important for the ongoing development of ceramic art. It not only brings together artists in open discourse on different techniques for the mastering of art through the medium of ceramic, but importantly explores and pushes the boundaries of the art into forms that we seek to preserve in the Corobrik Collection for students, practitioners, and lovers of ceramic art, to contemplate, appreciate and enjoy.

Pretoria Art Museum

Hannelie du Plessis (Curator)

First of all, congratulations to Ceramics Southern Africa on its 40th anniversary! The Pretoria Art Museum takes great pride in hosting your Corobrik National Ceramics Exhibition

2012. We hope to draw not only ceramicists but many other people interested in ceramics. This should help us to extend our services and reach a larger audience. The Pretoria Art Museum has also been housing the Corobrik Collection for the past 11 years. This collection serves as reference material for students at tertiary institutions. It also corresponds with our mission of collecting artwork from a broad spectrum of artists - from rural artists producing traditional ware to cutting edge contemporary artists who set design trends. May the Corobrik National Ceramics Exhibition 2012 be a successful celebration of Ceramics Southern Africa’s 40th anniversary, and may our working relationship reach bigger heights in the years to come!

Ceramics Southern Africa - 40 Years

By Wendy Goldblatt

Ceramics Southern Africa, known originally as the Association of Potters of Southern Africa, was founded in 1972. The aim of the Association was to act as a representative forum for the encouragement and fostering of the art and craft of ceramics in Southern Africa. In particular, Ceramics Southern Africa encourages and fosters the creation of awareness of the aesthetic, artistic, cultural and utilitarian value of ceramics. It assists in the building of cooperative relationships between the participants in the value chain of ceramics, from resource production through to public distribution and the development of the art and craft as a vehicle for economic empowerment and value creation. Ceramics Southern Africa promotes professional and ethical management of activities to increase the economic importance of the art and craft in Southern Africa. Art produced in clay is strong and valid, and is crossing the boundaries of other art forms and media. In the early 70s there were several individuals working as potters in their own studios, organising their own exhibitions. From this, the idea of a national co-ordinating body developed and Brickor was approached because of their involvement in the making of clay bricks. After some negotiations, an agreement was reached. Thus, the first ceramic exhibition was held in the Brickor headquarters in Edenvale. Sales were brisk and there was great excitement and interest. As a result of the success of the exhibition, interest in establishing an Association of South African potters developed.

Ceramics Southern Africa - 40 Years (continued) The first meeting was held in 1972 at Sammy Liebermann’s house in Kelvin and the Potters Association of South Africa was established. The first exhibition took place at the Atrium Gallery in Rivonia. Slowly the membership spread to the Cape, Eastern Cape, Pretoria, Vaal Triangle and Durban and a short while later Mollie Fisch published the first potter’s magazine, “Sgraffiti” with articles written by wellknown potters.

In 1987 the National Ceramics Quarterly magazine , edited and published by

Michael Guassardo, became the official publication of the Association. A programme of very successful and extensive workshops followed the first workshop held at Kolanyama in Lesotho, which was soon followed by an equally stimulating workshop at Esias Bosch’s studio in White River. From the late 1970s Regional Exhibitions were held annually in the Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Kwa Zulu Natal and Gauteng. The Potters Association of Namibia later became an affiliated member of Ceramics Southern Africa. Every two years a National Exhibition is hosted in Cape Town, Pretoria or Johannesburg. For these events, an international ceramic artist is invited to South Africa to be the award judge and to give workshops around the country. Among these have been Janet Mansfield and Janet de Boos from Australia, Jack Doherty and Peter Beard from the United Kingdom, Jeff Oestreich from the U.S.A. and this year’s award judge, Daphne Corregan from France.

Ceramics Southern Africa - 40 Years (continued) The Corobrik Ceramics Collection, a historic record of ceramics in South Africa, is housed at the Pretoria Art Museum. Generous funding from Corobrik allows the trustees to acquire pieces of contemporary ceramic art each year to add to this Collection, which is viewed by hundreds of visitors every month. Ceramics Southern Africa provides an opportunity for all ceramic artists, potters and sculptors to

show their work to the public at prestigious venues and continues to promote clay as an art form.


Tête Á Tête (685) R10 000

Award Judge - Corregan Daphne


Little Boy Blue Dresses Up As You - 452 R12 000

Bauer John Mark

In the Cold - 451 R8 900

Handbag - 40 R480

Benson Hester

Crazy Tea - 67 R980

Blignaut Edna


Tree Scape - 119 R1 300 City Scape - 120 R1 150

Botes Eunice

Vessel - 601 R2 500

Vessel - 602 R1 200

Vessel - 603

Branch DonvĂŠ

R2 500

Sculptural Vessel - 625 R10 000

Brandt Drury

Ode to Spring Dream Box

After Winter . . . Spring

Spring Celebration

- 226 R3 500

Always Comes - 227 R3 500

- 228 R3 500

Brennon Catherine

Pie Dish - 35 R450

Brown Ann

Coming Home - 124 R7 900

Burkhalter Elsbeth


Raku Vessel - 52 R1 900

Christopher Nitsa

Broken Horse - 117

Clur Denise

R50 000


Soul of Africa - 626 R900

Den Bakker Dineke

Teapot on Warmer - 630 R800

Etched Porcelain Tea Set - 629 R1 200

Milk Jug - 631 R600

Doeg Jerice

Midori - 431 R2 600

Du Toit Laura


Icamagu / Thanks Giving to our Ancestors - 457 R68 000

Dyalvane Majolandile

Chinese Pinch Pots - 128, 129 R400 each

Pinch Pot Set - 127 R1 000

Evans Roger

2012 - 455 R14 000

Gelderblom Louise

Nguni - 437 R700

Gers Mervyn

Faceted Copper Red Bowls - 416, 417, 415 R380, R250, R480

Giles Christo


Another Way of Saying It II - 445 R3 800 Another Way of Saying It I - 444 R6 800

Glenday Katherine

Set - 61 R1 490

Porcelain Lace - 60 R850 Black and White Porcelain Lace - 59 R950

Godwin Sandy

U r n - 63 R 1600

Goercke Sandra


Ticky -Tacky Green Box - 456 R10 000

Goosen Rae

Muse Jar - 412 R3 500

Lidded Jars (Set) - 413 R3 000

Grieve Gavin

Round Bowl - 123 R950 Amphora - 122 R2 500

Haasbroek Marie

Portrait with Bird - 604

Abstract Head with Fish - 605

Abstract Head - 606

R4 950

R2 750

R2 750

Haines Charmaine

Star Gazers - 223 R7 000

Mare with 20 Birds - 222 Standoff-Mare with Paisley Saddle Cloth - 221

Hayward Fell Carol

R7 000

Fantasy City Mugs - 88 R960

City Scape Teapot - 89 R1 800

Tower Lamp - 90 R11 600

Heydenrych Carolyn Elizabeth

Vessel - 305 R550

Higgs Margie

Vessel - 306 R650

Vessel - 307 R900

Green Ash Urns (Pair) - 611 R22 500

Hoets Digby

Pillow Portal - 303 R16 600

Celtish Portal - 302 R12 000 Harlequin Portal - 301 R16 600

Hoets Lesley-Ann

Plate - 652 R2 000

Floor Jar - 651 R2 500

Egret Pedestal Bowl - 653 R1 800

Hoets Garth


Holmes Lydia

If I Toyi Toyi Will You Notice Me - 309

Vessel - 308

R2 800

R1 200

Treetime - 208 R950 Treepot - 207 R950

Hook Corri

Celadon Bowl - 108 R750

Jaff Peter

Tea Bowls ( Set) - 668 R2 700

Textured Bowl with Cratered Centre - 667 R2 500

Johnson Ralph

Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates - 201 R1 700

Karow Glenda

Drops From Jupiter - 426, 427, 428 R1 400, R1 120, R840

Kleynhans Thea

The Seed I - 218 R2 800

The Seed III - 220 R2 200

The Seed II - 219

Klingenberg Naomi

R2 500


Six Flair Cups (Set) - 436 R660 Teaspoon Container - 439 R100 Jug - 440 R140

Kotze Karen

Standing Tall - 56 R650

Kruger Evette

Porcelain Vessel - 93 Porcelain Vessel - 92

R1 250

R1 250

Coiled Porcelain Vessel - 91 R2 200

Lambert Dale

Saves Nine - 615 R7 000

Legg Michelle

Where The Heart Is - 616 R3 500

Yellow - 29 R3 500

Orange - 31 R4 500

Lehmkuhl Colleen

Unity is Strength - 14 R680

Liebenberg Liza

Beginning / Pod Bottle - 401 R1 800 Vessel - 403 R1 500

Lomas Susan

Izwi Lami - 230 R6 000 Voices From Within - 231 R6 500

Luthuli Sbonelo

Facades of Power Business - 679 R8 500 Facades of Power Military - 680 R8 500 Facades of Power - 681 R8 500

Marais Ann


Red Headed Damask Figure - 310 R3 000

McNaughton Elizabeth

Poppy Jar - 442 R300

Aloe Jug - 441 R550

Meyer Garth

Mandala - 678 R38 000

Vase with Squares - 677 R4 200

Teabowls (Set)

Meyer Hennie

- 676 R1 800

Fertility Goddess 203 Fertility Goddess - 202

R3 500

R4 200

Morris-Hale Lynette

Midsummer Moment - 95 R9 000 Nilotic Dream - 94

Murray Karen

R9 000

Kopano - Coming Together - 36 R2 500

Ngako Henrietta

Fossil II - 319 R2 800

Fossil I - 318 R2 300

Niez Delphine


Leaves - 1 R800

Fall - 2 & Winter - 3 R650 each

Odendaal Annalie

School of Thought - 449 R12 000

Pagani Catherina


The Hand - 404 R7 000

Pappadรก Allesandro

Echo 2 - 54 R8 500

Robinson Cecilia

Echo 3 - 55 R8 500

Baobab - 24 R4 800


Rudolph Margot


Tripod Figure - 320 R4 200

Ruiters Mellaney

Warrior Vessel - 68 R450

Schroeder Pam

Plant Form II - 633 R800

Plant Form I - 632 R800

Sue Sellshop

Leaves - 620 R1 200

Wave - 619 R1 200

Pierced Vessel - 618 R3 900

Shirley John


Insundu - 26 R9 500 Isibawu - 27 R9 500 Impevukazi - 28 R9 500

Sithole Nic

Emerging - 214 R560

Strong Lois

Jugs - 446, 448 R490 each

Swart Martin

Arsenic & Old Lace - 206 R800

Lavender & Old Lace - 204 R6 000 Straight Laced - 205 R820

Tullidge Carol

Hoping For Immortality - 41 R8 000

Van Den Berg Monica

Seed Pod - 42 R1 400

Seed Pod - 43

Petrified Seed Pod - 44

R1 820

R1 960

Van Den Heever Gerhard

Bottles - 81, 82, 83 R600 each

Van Der Riet Karen

Tranquil Cups (Set) - 421 R1 800

Floating Sky Dish For Red Apples - 422 R600

Van Der Walt Clementina

Coil Bowl - 4 R850


Antique Porcelain Bowl - 5 R850 Guide Dance - 6 R15 000

Van Tonder Pauline

Vessel - 622 R500

Transformation - 621 R7 500

Van Vliet Querardien

I Am Pain - 420 R700

Van Vollenhoven Christel

Brick Bottles - 672 R15 000

Van Zyl Hannes

Oval Vase - 669 R1 380

White Beige Vase - 671 R980

Von Bismarck Wiebke

Round Vase - 670 R1 380

Small Column - 22 R5 000

Column VII - 21 R19 000

Von Maltitz Amalie

River Landscape Bowl - 675 R900

Walters David

Green Teaset - 408 R1 400

White Teaset - 409 R1 400

Walters Sarah

Algoa Bay 1930 - 608

Algoa Bay 1902 - 609 R850

R890 Earl y Beginnings Algoa Bay South Africa - 607 R2 700

Watson Lynnley


Yellow and Grey Dots - 304 R3 000

Whitehead Bianca

Bowl - 425 R700

Wilhelm John

Casserole - 424 R950

Bone China Form I - 654

Bone China Form II - 655

R2 500

R1 750

Bone China Form I II - 656 R1 250

Zettler Martha



Bakker Eddy


Brady Basil


Brennon Lawrence


Du Plessis Hannelie


Espi Juan


Hoets Lesley-Ann


Hoets Penny


Johnson Ralph


Lehmkuhl Colleen


Meyer Hennie


Nield Betsy


Odendaal Adriaan


Siebert Corné


Slack Michelle


Van der Walt Clementina


Van Tonder Pauline


Van Zyl Hannes

Catalogue designed and compiled by Corné Siebert and Marentia Jordaan

P O Box 2900 North Riding 2162 Gauteng R.S.A. Tel +27 (0) 11 791 5153 Fax +27 (0) 11 791 5076

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Corobrik National Ceramics Exhibition  

Corobrik National Ceramics Exhibition

Corobrik National Ceramics Exhibition  

Corobrik National Ceramics Exhibition

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