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Term 4, 2021 | Volume 104

The Journal of John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School


PROSOCIAL BEHAVIOUR Helpful? Generous? Caring? Psychologists call these behaviours “prosocial,” and they are valued in societies throughout the world. Prosocial behaviour is the bedrock of morality. It’s the glue that keeps communities strong. And prosocial behaviour is crucial for an individual’s success. Making friends, entering into cooperative projects, building trust and goodwill - all of these things depend on our ability to contribute, help, and share. As you scroll through the pages of this edition of the Tartan, you will see the many wonderful opportunities provided to your children to demonstrate their prosocial behaviours; opportunities to be generous, give back to our small community, make a difference to others’ lives through the spirit of giving – all that is engendered and promoted through service learning opportunities offered at John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School. John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School is a school with a mission to build a Christian community of learners, to provide quality educational experience and to nurture the whole person in the three dimensions of mind, body and spirit. It is in the opportunities to give to others and to be generous in which children’s spirits soar, are nurtured and developed. While you will see strong evidence of our School nurturing your children in mind and body in this edition of the Tartan, I also trust that you see and more importantly, appreciate and value the opportunities provided to your children that assists them to develop the important aspects of their prosocial behaviour, aspects that nurture and develop them into the extraordinary. Every Blessing Jason Bartell Principal



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Whole School Events


JUNIOR PRIMARY ATHLETICS CARNIVAL On 6 November, we held our Junior Primary Athletics Carnival across both campuses. It was a perfectly warm day and it was great to see so many smiles as well as everyone staying Sun-Smart! With so many activities and rotations, our Kindy - Year 2 students enjoyed it all from sack race and tunnelball to running races! The talent on display particularly from our Year 2s was awesome and we are excited to welcome them to the Upper Primary Athletics Carnival in 2022.

T E R M 4, 2021 | 1


NIPSSA ATHLETICS CARNIVAL This years’ NIPSSA Athletics carnival was held on Friday 29 October. We were welcomed into B division this year and have truly embraced competing against our new pool of NIPSSA Schools. Our team of 70 students from both the Mirrabooka and Beechboro campuses worked hard in the lead up to the carnival, with before, after school and lunchtime trainings to ensure athletes had the opportunity to practice their skills in the lead up to the competition. This new division also brought some new and exciting events. Discus has now been added to our primary school program and two very interesting new events; the Swedish relay and 2 minute time challenge. What fun they proved to be. Our JSRACS students proved themselves to be highly competitive with some outstanding individual achievements, relay team results and an overall placing of 4th out of 9 schools. To say I walked away feeling proud is an understatement. Our JSRACS athletes not only showed some amazing skills, their sportsmanship and behavior on the day was also very impressive. A big thank you to all parents for the early morning training drop off’s and the continued support, help and cheering on the day. We walked away with lost voices and proud hearts. I can’t wait to see what 2022 holds. Tammy Squire Primary Sports Coordinator



BUSHKINDY SMOKING CEREMONY John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School Bush Kindy is a collaborative initiative with The Friends of Lightning Swamp Bushland (FLSB) to trial a nature based bush kindy program in a designated, fenced area of Lightning Swamp Bushland. The initiative is to provide children with an opportunity to explore the environment through multisensory activities, to facilitate learning experiences and investigations. We are offering a program with strong pedagogical principles to embed the realisation in young people that they can make a difference in protecting our environment. In line with the National Quality Framework and the Early Years Learning Framework, the program provides holistic, child centred, ongoing real-life experiences for children to experiment and develop critical thinking skills and social interaction, while connecting to their community and nature. This program connects children to their community and the environment, therefore promoting future advocates for the environment. The children have been participating in the program for eight weeks now and staff have noticed richer oral language and collaboration amongst the students. They are taking healthy risks, which the children were not previously comfortable taking. The students are becoming investigators of their space and have enhanced their interest in the trees, land and animals around them.

“Yay, bush kindy today!!” - Ayla “We collect earth treasures at bush kindy.” - Raina “Boodja is the ground.” - Trev “We can climb the trees but the kids have to be careful of the ants.” - Henry “I think the spiders are camouflaged. We can’t see them.” - Tyler From our connection with FLSB, we have secured funding from The Hon. Amber Jade Sanderson, the Minister for Environment; Climate Action; Commerce to purchase resources for the area. Belinda from the local First Nations family is interested in our connection initiative and we look forward to spending time with her as she performs a smoking ceremony in the near future. We are ready to invite special guests and parents to Bush Kindy and celebrate the area with other year levels at school and throughout our community. As we speak passionately about this program, our children and our community, our connections and bonds will be enhanced and enriched. Sue Oldfield Director of Teaching and Learning JSRACS Beechboro Campus

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GRA N D PA RE N TS DAY The relationship of a grandparent and grandchild is unlike any other. To show our appreciation of grandparents and other special friends’ involvement in the School, as well as their support of our students, our Mirrabooka and Beechboro primary campuses held a Grandparents and Special Friends Afternoon Tea. Students performed musical pieces, before treating grandparents to afternoon tea and then inviting them into their classroom! Our grandparents and special friends witnessed the talent our students have and were eager to see the recent topics they were learning about.



YE A R 6 BOA RD B RE A K I NG Our Rock and Water Program instills resilience in our young minds, giving them better skills to face real-life problems. During the last class of Rock and Water for our Year 6s, we write goals on a wooden board that we would like to accomplish next year. Then one by one, we all take turns at breaking them. This allows us to envision smashing our goals for next year, giving us confidence that we can achieve them.

T E R M 4, 2021 | 5


ON E H EN PR OJECT Last year, the Year 5 students worked on an exciting project called One Hen. We learnt a story about a boy from Ghana who built up a business from the simple idea of buying one hen. It taught us how to handle a business first hand, and to make good quality products in short time limits. Once our groups were decided, we had to determine what our merchandise was going to be. Once we picked, we were allowed to start creating our products. We had all been bringing in materials previously, so we were all set. Everyone received their allocated spots, then we got a rough idea of what the next few weeks would be like. The first few weeks of creating were the most fun. We all got to make lots of really great products with fresh minds and enjoyed it so much that we found it hard to take a break from the production line. The day before the market was our final session. We were bursting with excitement. Everyone rushed around, trying to finish everything on time. Some of us were creating posters, and some were making merchandise. We didn’t have long to finish, so we were busy bees but finally everyone completed and got to catch their breath. Selling day arrived, and we had all been anticipating this moment for ages! Everyone had to arrive early to set up the stalls, to organise our stock and pin up posters. Once the stalls were fully decorated beautifully, the market was open. All the students rushed over to spend their precious money. Everyone wanted the best items, so they bombarded to get in first.


Soon enough, most of the stalls sold out, with limited time left, sellers decided to lower their prices. The desperate sellers shouted persuasive phrases like “Big sale, only 20 cents,” and “Get them before they go!” Then everyone swiftly packed up their stalls and counted all their earnings. We were surprised at the amount of money that we took, then we calculated our profit. A huge sack of money was taken away to be totalled. We all made predictions on what our revenue was, then Ms Foxley announced that we raised nearly $1,800! We were thrilled and blown away with the fact that WE made that gigantic amount of cash. So proud of ourselves and pleased we could give so much money to Hannah’s House Charity to help the sick kids. Overall, we had an awesome time creating and selling our amazing products. We learned so much and can’t wait to create our own businesses one day! Lucy B and Ebony M Year 5 Students

T E R M 4, 2021 | 7


ME NO H AI R DAY Me NO Hair Day has become a tradition at John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School; in fact, some of our students start growing their hair well in advance of the event, much to the chagrin of their parents. We have been involved with the event for many years now; it initially started in the Secondary School and was organised by Rob Palmer. I became involved when a student on our Beechboro Campus was diagnosed with cancer; this was over 25 years ago now. Every year since, I’ve shaved my head to support this great cause, and when Rob left JSRACS, I took on the role of organiser of the shave. Over the last ten years, it has become a Primary School based event with some Year 6 students looking forward to it for several years. To date, we have raised well more than $160,000 from our efforts, this year looking to be our best yet with a whopping $20,000 so far in donations and hopefully more to come as people see our shaved heads. This year, we were fortunate to have a group of lecturers in hairdressing from North Metro TAFE come and join us; it was great to have them on board. This is something we hope to continue in future years.


For many of the students, this is a very personal cause as their families have been impacted by cancer in one way or another. The fellowship and support amongst them as we talked about the upcoming event was terrific, and today, during the shave, they all gathered to support each other, including those not losing their hair. I’m immensely proud of the students who have participated, as I am every year with our students. I feel their efforts are part of a reflection of our School values and show that everyone can make a difference in our society. Simon Brodie Primary Teacher


N EW PR IMA RY PL AYG R OUND Our Mirrabooka campus has made use of an overlooked part of the Primary Oval and has created a fantastic new nature playground courtesy of the P&F Association who sponsored this $35,000 project. Primary students have loved playing on this new playground, it is a new popular hangout! Thank you for your continued support of our community.

T E R M 4, 2021 | 9


KIN DY C RA F TS In the lead up to Christmas, our Kindy students, along with some parent helpers took part in Kindy Crafts! They made Christmas-themed decorations and art for them to take home and put on display during the Christmas period! Our students and parents had so much fun creating together!



YE A R 4 ST RINGS EVEN I N G The Year 4 Strings Concert gives students the opportunity to perform various pieces they learnt throughout the year. We also had older student groups Sinfonia and Sinfonietta perform, for our younger students to look up and aspire to. They then had the opportunity to perform altogether as one group; it was a talent-filled evening.

T E R M 4, 2021 | 11


N AT IVI TY This years’ nativity play by our junior primary students was titled ‘A Bundle of Joy.’ It was our first year combining both Mirrabooka and Beechboro campuses for one ultimate performance! The grumpy donkey carried pregnant Mary and Joseph; he did not become happy until Jesus was born and realized he was a Bundle of Joy. With catchy songs, angels to guide them, and visitors from three wise men and shepherds, Mary’s journey was very entertaining! Dances from the angels and sheep were great to see as well as the loud voices and actions from students on the side of the stage. Some of those students stole the show! A big thank you to all the teachers involved, coordinating both campuses, songs, dances, narrators and characters.


T E R M 4, 2021 | 13


YE A R 6 C EL E B RAT ION As the Primary School journey for our Year 6s comes to an end, we look back on the wonderful memories made and legacy left as they prepare to transition into Year 7 2022. We held a formal ceremony, followed by morning tea and a photobooth at both campuses to acknowledge not only our remarkable students, but also the support from staff and families throughout their time at Primary School. We look forward to welcoming these students on their Middle School journey in 2022.


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RE M E M BRA NCE DAY On Remembrance Day, our school community joined together for a combined Ceremony to pay our respects to the men and women who have lost their lives in the line of duty. Thank you to Year 10 student Simon who led us in a moving rendition of The Last Post and our Army and Airforce Cadets who marched in our Catafalque Party. When the entire school community stands united in silence to remember those that have fallen, you can’t help but feel thankful.

T E R M 4, 2021 | 19


T H E PAUPE R PR I N C ESS “The Pauper Princess” is a classic story. Two identicallooking people from completely different backgrounds switch places. Queen Elizabeth, Maddie and Theresa Canty, Elise take us on a great adventure through Elizabethan England, as they switch places and find themselves in very unfamiliar circumstances. They both approached their roles enthusiastically and creatively, dodging guards, ladies of ill-repute, royal duties and villainous Princess Mary, Estelle and her conniving partner, Senor Ferdinand, Anton, whom did portray the roles very convincingly and enjoyed every moment of their evilness. The interaction between the Sir Edmund, Ozzy and his acting troupe Pranav, Kian, Alek and Cameron was delightful to watch and it was wonderful to see them during rehearsals experimenting with different ideas and getting on famously. The wacky Kate and Keira as the sisters to Theresa certainly had their hands full trying to keep Queen Elizabeth out of trouble and finally resolved the chaos that ensued. The whole cast were fantastic, with lots of debut performers. Every scene that the courtiers and noble men were in was full of action and expression, whether they were finding suitors, attending parties or involved in chase scenes, they certainly added style to the Elizabethan madness on stage. The show ran impeccably thanks to Stage Manager, Michaela and her crew, including Samantha and Zac in the bio box. It was a colourful, highly entertaining, show with comical characters; lots of buffoonery and the middle school students at JSR certainly entertained the audience every show. As closing night ended, we all felt a little sad that it was over. We had all made new friends and learnt so much from the experience. Huzzah !! Tracy Carr Director Head of Department- Dance and Drama


I really enjoyed playing Mary, the villain because I got to have a lot of fun with my character. It felt exhilarating being on stage with all the amazing actors and everyone was so friendly. Overall, it was an amazing experience and I would definitely do it again!! Estelle | Princess Mary I played Senor Ferdinand, Spanish ambassador and henchman to the devious Princess Mary. I felt so powerful playing such a villainous person alongside Mary onstage. Estelle (Princess Mary) and I worked with each other onstage to build up our mischievous nature. Being part of the play has always been fun and rewarding but this year was definitely the most thrilling and achieving. Anton | Senor Ferdinand Being in the productions at school have been an extremely rewarding extra-curricular to partake in throughout middle school. Being given the lead of Princess Elizabeth in the Pauper Princess was a welcome surprise and I thoroughly enjoyed playing the part. Being on the stage was very enjoyable even if I was a little nervous each night performing in front of a large audience. The energy from the audience on the performance nights was awesome and made the performance of the whole cast even better. Maddie | Princess Elizabeth The Pauper Princess was an amazing show not only to be a part of, but in general. Playing Shakespeare was a fantastic and fun part to play as I got to open and close the play. Being on the stage makes you nervous but by getting out there and saying your lines you become connected to your character, and makes you feel like you belong on the stage. Dorian | Shakespeare and Sir Cawarden

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9 L E S S ON S A N D CA ROLS As part of our celebrations in the lead up to Christmas, we host a 9 Lessons and Carols Service at the St Paul’s Chapel. It was a magical performance, especially as our School Choirs were joined by the Winthrop Singers. If you missed out this year, we look forward to seeing you in 2022!



IN T ERH OUS E M U S I C F E ST IVA L After having a year where we were unable to run the JSR Interhouse Music Festival, it was exciting to again hear the students playing solos, duets, trios and large group ensembles on their various instruments. The JSR Interhouse Music Festival provides an opportunity for our students to gain experience in public performance as well as being able to listen to others. It is a valuable opportunity to build confidence, gain live performance experience and receive helpful and constructive feedback from a qualified adjudicator. Students from Kindergarten to Year 11, across both the Beechboro and Mirrabooka campuses, performed on the piano, pipe organ, violin, viola, cello, double bass, trumpet, French horn, trombone, tuba, flute, clarinet, saxophone, drum kit, xylophone, guitar and voice.

Each student who received an ‘Outstanding’ in all criteria areas on their adjudication report, were presented with a Medallion. This year there were 76 presentations from PrePrimary to Year 11. The Music Department is always indebted to the parents of students who participate in and contribute to the School’s Music Programme. An event like this does not transpire or run without the continued support and dedication from all of our music staff, instrumental teachers, JSR staff, students, family and friends. Thank you also to the wonderful staff and students from the Meet n Eat Café who kept the café open throughout the Festival. Diane Marsh Music Coordinator

T E R M 4, 2021 | 27


YE A R 9 CA MP Our Year 9 students spent three days on camp as part of the Rite Journey program. Three days of adventure with the same groups and mentor teacher they’ve had throughout the year. Students spent time reflecting on who they are, who they would like to become and pushed physical and mental boundaries; many facing fears of heights through the zip line and high ropes activities. We celebrated their Homecoming and the end of the Rite Journey Program after Camp. The growth and maturity we have seen in our Year 9 students through this program has been admirable; it has been a pleasure to see this growth and we look forward to their journey into Senior School.


T E R M 4, 2021 | 29


B AS KE T BA LL Term 4 was once again a busy one for JSR Basketball. With our Year 9-11 groups all finalising their performance testing, we saw new records broken and some amazing strength, athleticism and agility. We also had some amazing achievements in the Elite Basketball Tournament held at Warwick Stadium annually, which is an invitational for Basketball Specialist Schools. Our Girls team were competitive all day and only went down to some tough rival schools by small margins which really shows we have bridged the gap in our girls program. Skye Thomas was awardeed an All Star award for the day, which is an exceptional achievement.

Once again, our Student Athletes represented JSR proudly and we showed other specialist schools that we are a force to be reckoned with moving forward. Even though we faced our challenges in 2021, with COVID-19 disruptions and the like, we worked hard as a program and it was fantastic to see the individual improvement in all of our athletes over the course of the year. I’m looking forward to taking on new challenges in 2022 and welcoming our new scholarship students and the fresh Year 9 class into the fold. It looks to be an exciting year with many great opportunities for our Basketball Program athletes.

Our Boys teams (Division 1 and 2) swept the floor with the opposition, going undefeated for the whole tournament in both divisions for the first time in JSR history. We should be proud of their achievement as this is no mean feat given the competition we faced on the day. Glory Iloh was awarded an All Star selection for Division 1 and his block in the Grand Final to secure the win was one to be remembered.

Mark Shipley Director of Basketball



OUT D OOR EDU CATION In Term 4, our Year 10 Outdoor Education students went on a two day camp in Yanchep National Park. The students practised their camping skills and techniques, cooking their meals over the campfire while spending their days caving, hiking and walking the Treetops Adventure Yanchep. As part of our Outdoor Education program, we ensure our students give something back to the communities they visit. At this camp, the students spent some time volunteering with the Parks and Wildlife Service, Western Australia.

T E R M 4, 2021 | 31


ETHI CS OLYM PI A D An Ethics Olympiad is a competitive yet collaborative event in which students analyse and discuss real-life and timely ethical issues. It is a Middle School competition empowering our young minds to think about a world beyond their own.

Students are not assigned opposing views like a debate; they argue the position they believe to be right and are scored highly by expressing how they’ve thought about the issue presented in a deep way with careful reasoning.

The Ethics Olympiad is a creative, collaborative way to develop communication skills, critical thinking and respectful discourse while dealing with contentious ethical issues. It promotes ethical awareness and understanding, international engagement as well as appreciates differing perspectives on issues.

Every year, JSRACS takes part in the Ethics Olympiad competition, competing against 19 other WA Schools. This year, we won the Ethics Olympiad after a series of heats. It was a great achievement, and the first Ethics Olympiad win in the Schools’ history. With this achievement, they are admitted to compete in the International Ethics Olympiad in 2022. They will compete against the top schools in Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

During the day, teams participate online in a series of four Ethics Olympiad heats where they are scored according to set criteria which rewards clear, concise, respectful discourse around interesting ethical cases.




T E R M 4, 2021 | 33


CA D ETS 2 5T H AN N IVERS A RY 2021 marked 25 years of the Cadets Program at JSRACS. Our cadets program has been and still remains a distinguished extracurricular at JSRACS. We celebrated the 25 th Anniversary inviting past students and special guests for an evening to reminisce on memories that have stayed with students long after they leave JSRACS. We also look towards the future at the amazing things our Cadets will continue to accomplish as well as the wonderful memories and lifelong friendships made through this program.



TEACHER SPOTLIGHT Director of Teaching and Learning Primary MRS TANYA QUINN If you had a superpower what would it be? President Obama once said that if he had a Superpower he would want to be able to speak in every language of the world. As a traveller, that seems like an awesome superpower to me. Can you imagine being able to speak and communicate easily with other cultures, and your conversation not being lost in translation? That power could solve many of the world’s problems! What is your favourite pastime when not working? Travelling! Born in South Australia, living in Perth since I was 13, I have travelled over most of this beautiful country, and have had the privilege of living in Canada and England. I just cannot wait until this pastime becomes a reality again, there is still so much of this world to see! Being a creative person, I am also a frustrated artist – spending my time dabbling in water colour painting and mosaics. I love the environment and can be found in the garden most days or going on very long walks in the bushland near my home. Reading and spending time with my family are also top of the favourite list. And those that know me well – I hang out with Izzi, my British Shorthair (don’t call me a cat) with a big personality.


What do you love most about working at JSRACS in Primary? The students! There is something magical about watching children unravel their uniqueness, they inspire me everyday in their curiosity about the world. In April 2022, I will have been at JSR for 14 years and have had the privilege of teaching (and learning) with the most amazing young people. It is so special to meet them as young adults and see where their journey has led them. What are you most excited about this year? Fingers crossed, I am very excited about going on The Ghan. This amazing train journey will take me from Darwin to Adelaide, and hopefully I will be able to take a flight over Uluru as well. So watch out kids (and colleagues) I will have heaps of photos to show you!

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