CleanShield Tonic Water 2018 (English)

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REFERENCE TEST WITH TONIC WATER RICE INDONESIA RIC Ciherang Variety, Location: CARIU/JONGGOL: HARVEST: April 2016 (With Tonic Water): 105 days after planting

Harvest: Traditionel

With Tonic Water: 11,5 MTon/Ha (absence of disease) Traditional: 3 –4 MTon/Ha (many diseases detected)

Tonic Water

For us, the result was amazing. We are adding Tonic Water every 3 weeks diluted to 1:1000 water and Tonic Water. We have increased our rice yield by more than 60%, the cost of Tonic Water has been very low and our profit immense compared to the last 10 years. Our fields survived 2 storms during the season, thanks to the crops’ larger roots.

RICE Ciherang variety, Location: Dist. Bogor Harvest: 10 August 2016,


Tonic Water

With Tonic Water, dosage 1:2000 : 9.5 Mton /Ha, absence of disease Traditional, without Tonic Water: 3.3 Mton /Ha, many diseases detected Gaining so much more rice yield from the fields is amazing and something we only dreamed about before we started using Tonic Water in our agriculture. The rice grains are even bigger than normal. The Tonic Water is working perfectly. We used a mix of 1:2000 water with Tonic Water and it was very easy to use. Traditionel


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