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Visual Journal By John J. Scott

For my sister Elizabeth Jean Brandenburg and my father Richard Hugh Scott I miss you both! I see the beauty through all the sorrow. This is how I heal and cope.

Photo by Doris Mullens

Photo by Doris Mullens

Photo by Doris Mullens

All Photographs Š 2014 John J. Scott All Rights Reserved All photographs by John J Scott except Photos by Doris Mullens.

St. Fidelis Catholic Church, in Victoria, Kansas, is known as ‘The Cathedral on the Plains’ August 2013

Beacons of Boredom Both churches are some of the tallest structures on the western side of Kansas and both offer visual relief from the monotonous landscape of western Kansas.

Sacred Heart Caholic Church in Park, Kansas, August 2013

Linear Trail in the Fall of 2013, Manhattan, Kansas

Linear Trail

Train Bridge in Manhattan, Kansas, on Linear Trail, Fall 2013

Abandoned Monument

An art deco bridge pier along Linear Trail, Manhattan, Kansas, Fall 2013

While on a class field trip discussing garbage transfer stations, I took these pictures. My Dad loved a good junk yard and I never understood his fascination. He always claimed a good junk-yard was a thing of beauty. I can finally see his point but with my own perspective.

The scrap metal pile contained bits of old appliances, bicycles, and any other metal waste.

Chase County Courthouse, Fall 2013. During my many trips back and forth to Arkansas last fall, I took different routes to break up the monotony.

Some pictures were for Liz so she would know I was thinking of her and I could share my little journeys with her.

Manhattan Churches

I have a fascination with the variety of architectural styles of churches that are in Manhattan, Kansas. The “A� frame church on Poyntz stands out and defies the other limestone traditional churches in the surrounding neighborhood. This is one of my favorite buildings in Manhattan. The church pictures were taken between August 2013 and March 2014.

First Lutheran Church

First Congregational Church

Mennonite Meetinghouse

The First Lutheran Church

First Presbyterian Church

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Seven Dolors Catholic Church

First United Methodist Church

First Congregational Church

First Presbyterian Church Winter 2014

Anderson Hall on Kansas State Campus, Winter 2014

Abandoned Bicycles I started a series of pictures on abandoned bicycles at Kansas State Campus in the Fall of 2013 while working on my Master’s project about bicycle infrastructure on campus. The bent wheel pictures in Aggieville was the start of my fascination with abandoned bikes and when a winter snow storm dumped a foot of snow on the ground, it added another element to the abandoned bikes on campus. I do not have a deep conceptual reason for choosing this subject other than at times they just look cool and that is all the reason I need.

Crystal Bridges Art Museum, Bentonville, Arkansas, with my sister Sheryl Cooley, December 2013

Visual journal john scott  
Visual journal john scott