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Scarbrough News October 24, 2010

Hello all, We hope you have enjoyed this wonderful summer! We are very excited to share with you what God has been doing in our lives and the ministry here at Youth With A Mission (YWAM) in Minnesota. Each summer we have a program called Mission Adventures (M.A.) where youth groups from churches come to join us for 3 days of training at our Minnesota campus and our staff lead them on 10 days of outreach. This summer we had 267 youth who participated and reached out to 7 different locations, including: Panama, Ecuador, Haiti, and Mexico. We also had teams on outreach in the U.S. in Minneapolis, Baltimore and the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. John, Rebeca, Ethan 6, Ben 5 Enjoying the 4th

Rebeca and I had the opportunity to lead one of the outreach teams in Mexico. We hosted a team of 29 Korean youth from Chicago for 10 days. Rebeca was able to coordinate with her home church in Merida, setting up outreach opportunities in parks, a federal penitentiary, and 2 villages. We partnered with 3 local churches, pulling together over 100 youth combined with the Mexican and Korean youth groups to evangelize over 200 nonbelievers and ministered to over 100. We saw 15 people give their heart to the Lord, and we trust that the local churches will continue to reach out to the 200 people that heard the loving message of Jesus Christ. A Testimony of those we reached out to We were going door to door to invite people to a service in the park, when we were asked to send some of our leaders to a home to pray for their son who was ill. The family told us that their son Rene had come down with Pneumonia, and that his health had continued to deteriorate until he slipped into a coma. The family asked us to pray for a miracle, and if the Lord would do this they would turn completely to Him.(we do hear this often) We explained to the mother that we need to trust in the Lord to do John and Rebeca Preaching what is best. His answer may not be the one we want. She said she understood, and would trust that the Lord would do what is best. When we started praying one of the team leaders said that she had a vision of a “Huge Needle” being injected into Rene’s leg, the needle was pulling the pain from him, and that Rene wasn’t suffering anymore. It was like God was performing a surgery, and He was preparing Rene to be “New” again. It was spoken that we did not know if this healing would take place on earth or in heaven. Two days later we received word that Rene had come out of the coma and asked for a Bible. He prayed that Jesus would come into his heart, he also asked his family to give their lives to God. He let each member of his family know how much he loved them. Rene soon after went to be with the Lord. This loss shook up even the team from Chicago so much, until they realized that we don’t know when the end is coming. Everyone involved asked for prayer that they might live their lives right and holy before the Lord. “The Spirt of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor” -Luke 4:18 ESV

This outreach was intense and powerful, we witnessed the hand of God moving in everything we did. Even in the prison, we saw some of the most dangerous men give their hearts to the Lord, and repent from their wrong and murderous ways. They acknowledge that they can’t change the past, or restore those that they have destroyed. We are praying that they use their time in prison to develop a strong relationship with the Lord. There will be believers from the local community that will be in the prison each weekend to encourage and mentor the new believers. The month in Mexico was a blessing for our entire family. Ethan who is 6 and Benjamin who is 5 also had hearts to help, and give to the kids they met. It made them sad to see how little some of these kids had, but they The Chicago Team Ministering to the Local Children did see the childrens’ joy without a lot of earthly possessions. Up Coming Events Back at the Minneapolis campus things are going well. Rebeca is overseeing the Kitchen, Housekeeping, as well as mentoring our women staff. John is overseeing the Grounds and Facilities, and making sure everything is ready for the harsh Minnesota winter. YWAM Minneapolis currently has missionaries on outreach in South Africa, Argentina, and Guyana. Fifteen students are now in training here, and they will leave on a two month outreach in January. In January we will have a new group of students in Discipleship Training School, as well. We are praying for the Lord to continue to send us willing workers. There is so much to do, and so many to reach, and we need the people to make it happen. Please pray with us that people continue to respond to the call of God to reach the Nations. We have the room, we just need the laborers for the harvest. And we want to say THANK YOU for your involvement, sending us out with your prayers and support, you and we, as a team, we are fulfilling the Lord’s Great Commission to make disciples of all nations.

If you are able to help, please send tax deductible contributions to: YWAM Tyler First United Methodist Church Accounting OR Accounting PO Box 3000 2201 East Hebron Parkway Garden Valley, TX 75771 Carrollton, TX. 75010 Please make checks payable to YWAM or First United Methodist Church and include a separate note indicating that the contribution is for John Scarbrough. Please do not write anything in the “memo” section of the check.

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