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Aussie Bush Leather Now Offering a Versatile Range of Australian Made Handbags Aussie Bush Leather, the most impeccable Australian leather company now offers Australian made handbags. They are manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler of quality leather handbags and other leather products. They manufacture unique and fashionable leather products which match the style preference of the consumers. The best part of the Australian Bush Leather product is that all their products are not machine made; rather they craft each piece exclusively with hands. You immediately notice the quality craftsmanship in their products. They focus a lot on the materials of the product through design. Their special designing team comes up with exclusive ideas which make their leather products high quality and out of the box.. Talking more about their products, one of their representatives stated, “Aussie Bush Leather is an Australian made and owned manufacturing, wholesale and retail company that specialises in quality Australian leather products and accessories. Cee Bee Souvenirs Pty Ltd trading as Aussie Bush Leather first began operations in 1989 and has constantly been adapting to Australia's ever changing market. Aussie Bush Leather still manufactures a large range of their own products but also carry other quality Australian Made brands such as Akubra Hats, Burke & Wills, Didgeridoos, Jackaroo, Rangs Boomerangs, and more.� Aussie Bush Leather not only specialises in leather bags, but they also manufacture a host of leather products such as leather belts for men, document case, briefcase, cowhide bar stools, Plaited leather belts, backpacks, wallets, pouches, leather baby products and lots more. Each of their products is made with the finest materials and in order to do so, they procure the most genuine leather from the most genuine source.

About Aussie Bush Leather:Aussie Bush Leather is a reputed Australian manufacturer and retailer of high quality leather and sheepskin products. They produce goods in small batches at a time which allows products to possess individual attributes that are not evident with bulk manufacturing. The leather and materials used in products are of the highest quality, along with the pride and effort involved. The blend of quality and commitment creates a single perfectly crafted Australian made product. With our courteous and professional customer service and two year warranty on selected products, customers can feel comfortable knowing that they are purchasing a quality item and supporting Australian industry. For more information, please visit

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Aussie bush leather now offering a versatile range of australian made handbags  

Aussie Bush Leather, the most impeccable Australian leather company now offers Australian made handbags. They are manufacturer, retailer and...