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Why High Heels May Result In A Visit To An Orthopedic Doctor While fashion is important to most women, as any woman who has spent a full day or night in high heel shoes, they are not the most comfortable item of footwear. Television and films would have us believe that high heels are as easy on the feet as lush slippers. We see women performing their housework, investigating crimes or even saving the world wearing those high heels. However, prolonged use of high heels can have detrimental effects which may result in you needing to see an orthopedic doctor.

Foot damage:

As most women can tell you, after spending a prolonged period of time in high heels, the ball of their feet will ache. While this is usually temporary, long term damage can be caused to this area of the foot. The ball of the foot is the area next to the toes. Pain and burning sensations are common even after taking the heels off. However, metatarsalgia is a condition which causes persistent aching, burning, tingling and pain beyond the ball of the foot.

Toe damage:

The toes are another area of the foot which can suffer long term damage from prolonged high heel usage. Bunions, hammertoes and corns are very common conditions which can disfigure the feet. Corns are painful callousness which form as a result of extra pressure being applied to the toes over a prolonged period. They commonly form on the side or tops of the toes. Generally over the counter treatments can relieve corns, but if a corn is particularly persistent it may need the attention of an orthopedic doctor.

Hammertoes and bunions are considered to be more serious as these conditions affect the foot's skeletal structure. Bunions are caused when the outer toes turn inward which causes a separation in the joint and a painful bump. This is usually the result of narrow or pointed heeled shoes which push the toes into an unnatural position. Hammertoes occur when the toes bend back. This is usually due to

insufficient room in the shoes and the additional pressure of the full body weight being applied over extended time periods.

Knee damage:

If you have ever found yourself with knee ache after your night out wearing heels, there is a reason for this. Knee complaints are a common result of wearing high heels. This is because wearing high heels changes the entire body posture. Balance and center of gravity are affected which places additional pressure on the inner knees. This can cause temporary soreness, but if you persistently wear high heels you are putting yourself at risk of knee damage including permanent conditions such as arthritis in the knee joints.

Wearing high heels can be the perfect complement to your outfit. However, it is important to bear in mind that persistent wearing of ill fitting high heels can cause serious damage. This can include permanent conditions and those which can only be resolved with the assistance of an orthopedic doctor.

Why high heels may result in a visit to an orthopedic doctor  

While fashion is important to most women, as any woman who has spent a full day or night in high heel shoes, they are not the most comfortab...

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