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What Steps Should Be Taken Before Consulting A Fertility Doctor Many couples have experienced the frustration and emotional upset of struggling to conceive. Most fertility experts advise waiting for up to a year, if you are under the age of thirty five, or six months if you are older. However, most couples feel frustrated by the wait and wish to take some steps before consulting their fertility doctor. When should you consult a fertility doctor? This can vary depending on the individual case. Generally, most couples are advised to wait for a year after beginning to try for a baby before taking professional advice. However, the woman is aged over thirty five or there is a previous medical history of repeated miscarriages, ovarian cysts or endometriosis, you should consult a fertility doctor sooner. Steps which can be taken: There are a number of proactive steps which can be taken that could improve your chances of conceiving naturally. These include: • Improve your diet: Diet and nutrition have been shown to be directly linked to fertility. You may find that cutting back on saturated fats and increasing the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables, beans and pulses and healthy fats in your diet beneficial. Research has shown that it may also be beneficial to reduce or eliminate meat from the diet. However, it is important to compensate for this with added healthy fats and protein to ensure optimum nutrition. • Change your exercise pattern: Regular exercise is beneficial for general health and wellbeing, but it is also helpful for fertility. The increased blood flow and hormone regulation from exercise may be enough to assist you in conceiving. However, if you are very active with a low body fat level, you may need to curb your exercise habits a little, as excessively low body fat can be prohibitive to conception. • Try to get some sleep: Although this may seem like a minor detail, research has indicated a relationship between adequate levels of sleep and conception. If you are struggling to sleep, you may need to consider altering your evening routine to encourage a more optimum sleep pattern. • Try to relax: Although trying unsuccessfully to conceive can be stressful, stress has been linked to infertility. Stress causes hormones and chemicals to be released in the body which can disrupt the normal hormone balance. It can be extremely beneficial to try some stress relieving practices such as yoga to lower your stress levels and promote relaxation. Preparing for a consultation: If you are getting anxious about consulting a fertility doctor and wish to speed up the process, there are some steps which can prepare you for the consultation. Most fertility specialists will require you to chart your cycle for at least three months. This will enable them to establish a pattern. However, if you are waiting for a consultation, you could complete this yourself. There

are sources online which allow you to download the charts to your basal body temperature and most drug stores sell BBT thermometers. This simple method of charting can provide your fertility doctor with an indication of any fertility issues on your first appointments. If you are struggling to conceive, a consultation with a fertility doctor is usually a prudent idea. However, it is worth taking the time to research your options and ensure you choose a professional who can adequately guide you through the process.

What steps should be taken before consulting a fertility doctor  

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