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Tips For Choosing Your Auto's Mechanic When you buy a new car, you are making an expensive investment. You want to ensure that it lasts as long as possible and that you treat it with care and don't cause your car any undue stress beyond what it would normally undergo. Choosing the right mechanic to provide for your car's care and regular auto repairs is crucial to ensuring that your car lasts you a long time without any unnecessary repairs and therefore costs, incurred upon you. Unfortunately though, when it comes to making choices on which mechanic or auto repair firm to trust with your car, many, if not most people, are in the dark. They do not know what factors to consider before selecting their mechanic. Is it any wonder that there are so many stories of the "evil" mechanic that botched a simple auto repair job, gave extremely bad advice, and even ruined a perfectly functioning car? Well, here are some simple tips to keep in mind when selecting the individual or firm that will be servicing your brand new car. Dealerships Dealerships tend to be the most costly auto repair option available, but they are a good choice nonetheless. Though you may pay a bit more for the service, the dealers are the ones who typically have the specialized equipment built for your specific make of car. They are the specialists in your automobile. Also, because of their size, large dealerships can often offer services such as nice waiting rooms, shuttle service, and even sometimes, loaner cars. You will pay for these services however. The local mechanic You're going to find the widest array of experience between the mechanics in this category. You'll meet everyone from the seasoned veteran to the newbie who's still fresh out of trade school. You can also find a range of shops that specialize in everything from cars of a certain era, specific regions (Japanese, European, American, etc.), and even specific models or makes. Many of these shops are staffed with former dealership mechanics but their smaller size means they often can't offer some of the fancy services that a dealership probably can. Big chains This is probably your cheapest option for reliable repairs. They rarely specialize in a specific make however, so these chains may be great for regular auto repairs and maintenance, a lot of which is similar between the various makes, brands, and models but if you have a specialized issue specific to the type of car you own, they may not be as well versed and able to diagnose or repair such issues. They're great for smaller repair and maintenance jobs. Putting it all together If your car is newer and has lots of electrical parts that require special parts and equipment to perform your auto repair, then perhaps taking it to the dealership is your best option. They generally have the equipment needed to cover a range of issues related to your specific make and model of car. If your car is older, even a vintage model, you might want to rather trust its repairs to a local mechanic shop that specializes in working on older cars and knows a lot about your

specific brand or model. If all you need is an oil change, or a regular tune-up most major chains will get the job done well and are going to be your cheapest option for these types of minor mechanical auto repair centreville va jobs.

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