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The Advantages And Benefits Of A Media Gateway Media gateways got their start as Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) before becoming IP media converters. Now there has been many enhancements to a media gateway making them a core component in communication structures. It provides the user with improved capabilities of transferring multimedia sessions and voice sessions from IP to IP, IP to TDM, and TDM to TDM. A media gateway works in combination with media servers in order to gain access from the different branches into the main network. Once the combination is installed and configured, employees will have access to telephony features and applications. Many may think that it's difficult to set up, but a network solutions representative or a skilled tech can easily install and configure a media gateway. It's a cost effective that can be quickly operational for branch offices quickly. A few advantages a business can benefit from by installing or having a media gateway installed would include improvements of connectivity, security, and an increase in productivity. These are accomplished by the seamless transition between internet protocol telephony and already existing investments. Some of the other benefits are: * Simplified administration in the main office. * Branch offices have enhanced communications. * Increased savings with multiple functional integration. * Improved efficiency. * Reduced maintenance. * Branch offices connected to central network are still function able during power failures. Telephony, routing, and data switching are combined into a single unit, simplifying operations so that businesses can stay up to date with communications technology. Due to the local serviceable processor, every gateway is ensured continued operations during WAN power outages. There's also an emergency power transfer relay that allows for emergency calls when there is a complete outage. A media gateway is available in different sizes so matter what size of enterprise you have there's a size to fit your needs. The best way to decide on which size would best suit your enterprise's needs is to talk with a network solutions company. If your enterprise has branch offices then installing a media gateway would be beneficial, even if you only have a few employees. There are two niches that a media gateway fills for businesses. 1. It integrates telephony capabilities. 2. Allows enterprises to take advantage of higher level applications. Businesses that have a slow efficiency or productivity due to an outdated communications

system, installing a media gateway can be beneficial. There's a number of network solution firms that can provide solutions for struggling enterprises that are using outdated communication systems keep up with today's advancements. Since the use of mobile devices, tablets, laptops and smart phones for their communications, employing a media gateway will improve their user experience by improving the efficiency of their communications through their various devices. When looking at network solution companies for a media gateway, make sure you discuss the specific needs of your business to ensure that you are receiving the best service for your investment. You may want to combine solutions for your business to save even more and have an overall enhanced communications system.

The advantages and benefits of a media gateway  

Media gateways got their start as Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) before becoming IP media converters. Now there has been many enhancements...