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Starting A PR Contact List - How To

Good public relations is golden in today's market. When compared to ad campaigns, the right PR is much less expensive and proves to build a better branding because it's more reliable in the consumer's eye. In order to do that, you need to build your PR contacts.

To get started you should look at the people around you, anyone who you believe can help promote you business can be perceived as a contact. These could be friends, family, business associates, and so on. These people will be more than willing to spread a positive word about your products, services, and business. They are also good sources for referrals when reaching media contacts. When first starting to develop a list, you shouldn't be too selective, people will surprise you and often times the best PR comes from an unlikely source. You can choose to have your PR contacts readily available for those with questions or wanting comments about your business as well.

Once you started you list of contacts, the next step would be to focus on media contacts. This would include your local radio and television stations, as well as, your local newspaper or other publications. You should become familiar with a publication's content and who the magazine appeals to, take notes about where your business fits in. look for the names of editors, publishers, and writers to see who may be able to assist in your cause. Today, most publications will provide direct contact numbers or email addresses, and sometimes social media contact information may be found on the bios of their PR contacts.

Once you've gather the information, your next step in PR contacts list building would be the internet. Most publications, news, desks, and radio stations have contact pages where you'll find a wealth of information on their websites. Make sure you use the right people who cover the area you want and your industry. You can also check message boards, articles, and on-line newsletters which are very good outlets for widespread and continuous exposure.

If this seems too time consuming or challenging, you can choose to use a PR contact services. These types of companies specialize in providing PR contacts that are up to date for local, as well as, national media outlets for a small fee.

You should begin making your contact with the individuals or companies you've kept note of. This means building a relationship, ask about what their looking for, what's the best means for sending PR and how should photo or video be passed along.

With that fluidity in mind, it is very important that you do not rest on your laurels at this point. While it takes a lot to build up a list this far, now is the time to ensure that you have the correct information and start developing relationships with those contacts.

Once you've finished your last phone call or email, you've started to create and update your PR contacts. Keep in mind however, this list should always be evolving and is never complete.

Starting a pr contact list  

Good public relations is golden in today's market. When compared to ad campaigns, the right PR is much less expensive and proves to build a...

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