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How To Create Your Lotus Notes Archive For Old Emails In Three Easy Steps

Are you an email hoarder? Does your inbox contain messages going back through the years just in case you need them? Have you actually saved so many emails that it is slowing your system down… and slowing you down because when you do need one it takes ages to sort through the unsorted mess of outdated memos and old cat jokes? Don’t despair. You aren’t alone, and there is a solution. If you are using Lotus Notes, you have a few solutions to choose from to create a functional Lotus Notes archive and free your inbox from the burdens of history. 1. Start by creating your settings. Your employer may have mandatory settings, but if you have managed to accumulate a massive number of messages in your inbox, probably not. In your mail program, go to Actions. Then chose Archives, and select Settings. Put your desired settings in the Criteria tab. Remember to save them! 2. Next you need to set aside some time to manually archive your old emails. You’ll only have to do this once if you follow the instructions here. Don’t worry - this does not involve dealing with every individual email message! The settings you’ve input will sort out what is to be archived now. Just go back to Archive and select Archive Now. If for any reason you don’t want all of your old emails archived and prefer to go through them all first, you can. (Ahem, are you planning to archive those cat cartoons from two years ago?) You can go through your old emails and delete the ones you really don’t need. But if you also want to keep some old emails and not archive them, what you can do is select the others and drag and drop them to archive in your navigation pane. But remember, you can view archived emails. 3. Now that you’ve successfully decluttered your inbox, let’s make sure that doesn’t happen again. You can set Lotus Notes to automatically archive old emails at regular intervals. Archiving your emails does not mean they are difficult to access. It simply means they are stored elsewhere on your computer where there is more room for them and not in your inbox where they will bog down your email system. The whole process is really quite painless and can be done quickly if you are happy to archive everything older than a particular date. Having an email inbox cluttered with old messages doesn’t just slow up your system. It slows you up. It creates a bad atmosphere at your work station the same way it does if your desk is piled high with who knows what dusty, neglected files. Clutter slows us down by providing distraction and by just creating a sense of having an overwhelming amount of stuff to do. When you start the day with a clean slate, a nearly empty email inbox, you’ll find you

have more energy and enthusiasm. That’s reason enough to set your Lotus Notes archive today.

How to create your lotus notes archive for old emails in three easy steps  

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