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Hire For The Project Not Mass Production When looking for a builder to build that specialty project it is better to consider a project home builder in Sydney rather than pass production builders. If you need a full knock down and rebuild, custom home design, specialty building permits, town home or duplex construction, odd building lot construction, narrow lot and building designs or are building in established neighbourhood project home builders will provide a better product with excellent service and a streamlined process. Mass production woes Home builders that specialize in mass production of entire neighbourhoods can offer great inexpensive homes with standardized options. If you are a first time home buyer and are on a constricted budget these types of homes can be a great choice. These builders offer land and homes together in a single package, offer a range of house plans to choose from, and offer a menu of upgrades in several product categories. However for custom build and project homes these builders are not used to custom designing solutions to meet customer demands. Their workforce is trained similar to a production line crew better able to do a few standard tasks amazingly well. Yet asking these workers and home builders to step outside their comfort zone can mean disaster for your project home. Project home builders The perception that project home builders only build large luxury homes is a misnomer. The reality is that project home builders can build custom designed projects from a single-story ranch style home to a large multi family dwelling to large luxury homes on customized building lots. The point is if you prefer not to have a mass produced cookiecutter home, want a custom designed home, have existing land, have an existing building in an old neighbourhood, or have specialty building concerns the project home builder can meet your specific requirements. Quality and value Generally project homes will be more expensive for homes of the similar size and floor plans of their mass produced cousins. This however does not mean that you cannot get value for a custom built home. Look for project home builders that have years of experience and have built at least 50 homes. This should translate into labour and process efficiencies even though it will not be on the same scale as large mass produced homes. What you will get is a build process that is custom-designed to meet your requirements and specifications and allows you to have more discussion and opportunity for change during the building process.

The sky is the limit This is definitely true with project home builders. The key to staying on budget is to set a budget in the first place. Being open and honest with your project builder will enable them to properly consult on your home and provide alternative options and build in a manner that allows for future upgrades.

Hire for the project not mass production  
Hire for the project not mass production  

When looking for a builder to build that specialty project it is better to consider a project home builder in Sydney rather than pass produc...