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Engage More Interesting People By Socializing Your Online Newsroom

An open line of communication between business organizations and constituents is crucial while one moves to be more transparent in a social media online newsroom. Social media is about being more open and transparent within an organization, but it is also about sharing. The best way to engage more interesting people is to make individuals and experts within your company available. It’s no secret that the leading feature of an online newsroom is PR contacts. And, actually, when journalists were surveyed, over 95% of them said that access to a company’s PR contact list was of number one importance to them. Most large companies differ from smaller ones when it comes to keeping their PR contacts. Large companies usually have their under password-protection to keep marketing spammers at bay but the smaller companies usually provide a level of contact that would include name and phone number and often email addresses. It’s becoming noticed that even this information may not be sufficient in a social media newsroom. Some large companies are already making employees available for interviews, questions, and quotes. These subject matter experts are being used a spokespersons for the company. These experts can be from different departments like Human Resources, IT, Sales, R&D, and even Marketing. They have available on their bios, their phone number and email address so they can be contacted directly for detailed information about their department and insight into your company. It is beneficial to have a PR contact list for your company’s image and branding. By providing contacts from various departments, you are opening up access to more than just a list of PR contacts. An important thing you’ll need to do is to create policies and work closely with your experts. This will increase coverage, as well as, create relationships with those bloggers and journalists who cover your industry. You have to remember that these are spokespeople for your company. Improving Your PR Contacts List In order to engage with more interesting individuals, a company should consider improving their PR contacts list by adding social network contact information of their experts. Networks like Skype address, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts, as well as, Facebook will give people more ways to find your company and connect with you. This is one of the best ways to improve your exposure.

There are many ways to socialize a companies online newsroom and utilizing your PR contacts is certainly a step in the right direction. By opening up access to field experts, who become spokespeople for your business, along with offering links and connections to your business’s social networks from your contacts bio, you;ll be on your way to making your online newsroom socialized. This can be a new area for some public relations services and it could be beneficial to discuss your socialization with a professional from a firm that understands and has the experience to update your PR contact list and socializing your newsroom. It is important to compare companies and choose one that not only fits your budget but provides quality and reputable services.

Engage more interesting people by socializing your online newsroom  

An open line of communication between business organizations and constituents is crucial while one moves to be more transparent in a social...

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