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4 Key Steps To Addiction Recovery When deciding to make a change in your life concerning your dependency on substances, it is vital to have a plan. Without structure, you will struggle in finding ways to succeed in staying clean, and will not have the same urgency of following through as you would have with a structured plan of getting off drugs or alcohol. While going through drug or alcohol rehabilitation centers are ideal for getting off substances, they are not the end-all be-all solution. It takes time and maintenance of a structured plan to follow through with being sober. This takes dedication and commitment to sticking with your objective of getting clean. Here are several tips to help you succeed in your recovery process, and steps to keep in mind daily as you are striving to stay on the right path. 1. Write down your decisions of why you want to change, and refer to these decisions daily. The decisions to get clean vary from different people. Some people’s reasons are to be able to live longer and be present in order to be with their family. Other reasons could include getting your mind and body healthy in order to live a longer and more fulfilling life. Or, quite simply, your reasoning could be based off of legal reasons in order to avoid repercussions by law. The point is, is that getting your reasons out of the abstract world and writing them down is an essential way of keeping you on task. Refer to you reasons daily, preferably in the morning when you first wake up. This way, you will be able to start your day on the right path. 2. Evaluate what has worked in the past attempts of getting clean and staying off substance. Also keep in mind what failed. While it is great to reflect on your triumphs, it is also to keep in mind your weaknesses as well. This will prevent future relapses and make your sense of will stronger via means of trial and error. No one is perfect, but if you do not learn from your previous mistakes you will not be able to move on and grow as a sober individual. 3. Setting goals for your addiction recovery is a great way to keep on track. It is even better to make tangible limits and set dates that will inevitably eliminate your drug use. By using a proper guide that is measureable, it will give you incentive to kicking substances and keeping clean. Also set up a reward system for yourself when you complete a goal, so that you can have added incentive to quit. 4. Destroy any physical reminder of your addiction that may appear in your home. If you eliminate daily reminders of your past, you will ultimately be clearing head space for the future of sober living and you will not have to be constantly reminded of your drug or alcohol habits in a visual way. This is a great way to come to terms with closing a chapter in your life. By closing this chapter, it will help with your sober current state and will assist with your ongoing drug addiction treatment.

4 key steps to addiction recovery  

When deciding to make a change in your life concerning your dependency on substances, it is vital to have a plan. Visit: http://www.article...