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       Maximising Revenue Many landlords are not maximising the revenue  that can be generated from their leaseholders. While they are entitled to this revenue and often have full inten ons of recovering it, in reality it  rarely happens...    Working in partnership with our clients we understand the challenges they face and have created a set of services that benefit them in the recovery of the revenue.  They include: 

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Procurement advice  Ensuring the correct procurement strategies are used at an early stage to ensure appropriate risks are shared   providing best value to all parties. This closes the loopholes that leaseholders can use to challenge at a later stage to avoid payment. Pre-construction consultation Conducting activities such as leaseholder notification, responses to queries and submitting estimated costs to leaseholders. This avoids delays in the  programme removing risks for our clients. We undertake  the entire process on their behalf to ensure that adequate resources are employed and deadlines are met.  Leaseholder challenges Utilising our expert team we counteract any leaseholder challenges and create a robust defence.   By being involved from the early stages of the programme (or later on in the process if required) we can assist you in recovering the revenue that is rightfully yours. For further information please contact Athma 

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