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CityScapes Art Exhibition April 2015

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery 118 Poinciana Drive, Jupiter, FL 888-490-3530 -

April 2015 – CityScapes Online Art Exhibition Event Catalogue

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that its April 2015 art exhibition is now posted on their website and is ready to be viewed online. The “CityScapes” Art Competition theme includes any cityscape subjects by depicting cities, towns, urban scenes and any related metropolitan subjects. 2D and 3D artists (Including Photography) were asked to submit their best representational or non-representational art. Carolyn Edlund was the Guest Judge for this art competition. Carolyn is an art business consultant and the founder of Artsy Shark, which features and promotes artists. She is also the Executive Director of the Arts Business Institute, frequently speaking at artist workshops throughout the U.S. An art competition was held in March 2015 which determined and judged the art for this exhibition. The gallery received submissions from 17 different countries from around the world and they also received entries from 31 different states. Overall, there were 676 entries judged for this art competition. Please Note: All of the images contained in this event catalogue are the property of the artist, the artist retains the copyright to these images and the images may not be reproduced without the written consent and permission of the artist. In addition, some images may have been cropped or resized due to formatting requirements of this catalogue. To see the actual and correct image ratios visit the Exhibition Archives on the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery website.

The Winning Artists in the Overall Category

1st Place - Overall Category - Winston Rockwell - "Seattle Nocturne"

2nd Place - Overall Category - Eva Csanyi-Hurskin - "Grand Street, New York, NY"

3rd Place - Overall Category - Andrea Placer - "City Patterns - Shadows"

4th Place - Overall Category - Kuki Walsch - “Another Faces"

5th Place - Overall Category - Karen Watson - "Cityscape I"

6th Place - Overall Category - Peter Alessandria - "Verrazano Twilight"

7th Place - Overall Category - April Rimpo - "Morning in NYC"

8th Place - Overall Category - Bente Andermahr - "No. 1 King William"

9th Place - Overall Category - Pauline Bailey - "Inner City Blues"

10th Place - Overall Category - Cliff Fawcett - "Towering above the Thames"

CityScapes - Special Merit Awards

Special Merit - Bente Andermahr - "Anzac Bridge"

Special Merit - Alessandro Andreuccetti - "Bus Stop"

Special Merit - Elliot Appel - "East Village Escape"

Special Merit – Virginia Arregui - "Which One Is Home?"

Special Merit - Don Bergland - "Main Street"

Special Merit - Pam Borrelli - "Strolling in Rapallo"

Special Merit - TLynn Brentnall - "Alberta Legislature"

Special Merit - ChristopherBuckley - "Ice Floes Lower Manhattan�

Special Merit - Alan Cariddi, Sr. - "Natural History Museum, Paris"

Special Merit - Daniel Chapman - "Fish Factory"

Special Merit - Matthew Coglianese - "Post Apocalyptic Chicago"

Special Merit - Matthew Coglianese - "Skyline Planetarium"

Special Merit - Bob Craig - "City Reflected"

Special Merit - Lois Cunniff - "Dawn On The Common"

Special Merit - Jacob Dixon - "It Lies Behind Stars and Underneath Hills"

Special Merit - Carolyn Doe - "Z and the City 2"

Special Merit - Tracy Effinger - "Times Square"

Special Merit - James Falciano - "Central Park South and 6th Ave"

Special Merit - Jeffrey Friedkin - "X-ing Broadway"

Special Merit - Sandy Friedkin - "42nd Street Nasdaq"

Special Merit - Stephanie Funke - "Hank"

Special Merit - Carl Gethmann - "Shopping in Old Town"

Special Merit - Eleanor Gilpatrick - "Working High"

Special Merit – Joe Giuffrida - "New York City Street Corner"

Special Merit – Arturo Gonzalez - "Downtown Chicago"

Special Merit - Marilyn Harris - "A Street in Venice"

Special Merit - Guillaume Hebert - "Taipei Riverside 18"

Special Merit - Jon Holiday - "Chicago View"

Special Merit - Jon Holiday - "NYC Remembers"

Special Merit - Mark Hurd - "NY Skyline 5"

Special Merit - Leslie Kell - "Hear The Highway Breathing"

Special Merit - Larry Klink - "San Francisco at Sunset"

Special Merit – Tatjana Krilova - "Rainbow above Old Riga"

Special Merit - MaryAnn Loo - "Somewhere on Broadway (2011)"

Special Merit - Kate MacMahon - "Jerusalem"

Special Merit - Bobbi Mastrangelo - "Glendora Water"

Special Merit - September McGee - "Times Square - November Rain"

Special Merit – Ira Mitchell-Kirk - "Auckland City, Across the Harbour"

Special Merit - Gail Morrison-Hall - "Arizona Blue"

Special Merit – Patricia O'Brien - "Graffiti Queen"

Special Merit - Paula Pohli - "Broadway Melody"

Special Merit – Richard Rownak - "San Pedro"

Special Merit - Sherry Salant - "Archview"

Special Merit – Bonnie Shapiro - "Off 95"

Special Merit - Toni Silber-Delerive - "Church Tower Road"

Special Merit - Tricia Skoglund - "Looking Back At The City"

Special Merit – Randy Sprout - "Griffith Observatory Nocturne"

Special Merit - Laura Tetrault - "Come Splash in the Fountain (Chicago)"

Special Merit - Karen Watson - "Cityscape II"

Special Merit - Marti White - "Apertures V"

CityScapes – Painting & Other Category

1st Place - Painting Category - Eva Csanyi-Hurskin - "Grand Street, New York, NY"

2nd Place - Painting Category - Andrea Placer - "City Patterns - Shadows"

3rd Place - Painting Category - Karen Watson - "Cityscape I"

4th Place - Painting Category – April Rimpo - "Morning in NYC"

5th Place - Painting Category - Pauline Bailey - "Inner City Blues"

Hon. Mention - Painting Category - Mike Barr - "Flinder Street"

Hon. Mention - Painting Category – Nathan Casteel - "The Hard Day Fades"

Hon. Mention - Painting Category - Janos Lanyi - "Pearl District"

Hon. Mention - Painting Category - Tony Podue - "Pink's"

Hon. Mention - Painting Category - Francesco Scandale - "Subway Check It"

Painting & Other Category – Special Recognition

SR - Cathy Allsman - "Paris with Pastries"

SR - Alessandro Andreuccetti - "Ancient Towers Under Cerulean Sky"

SR - Rebecca Arner - "Cityscape "

SR - Kristine Augustyn - "City by the Sea"

SR - Florence Aussenard - "After the Storm"

SR - Mohan Ballard - "Burano, Northern Italy"

SR - Amanda Aziz - "A Whole New World"

SR -

Jamie Banes - "Shrug"

SR - Anna Belleforte - "Winter Aerial"

SR - Lee Bonsper - "Off Worth Avenue 1"

SR - Guglielmo Botter - "Saint Martin Bridge, Treviso, Italy"

SR - Tarsha Braddon - "Crimson Moon"

SR - Christine Brandell - "Midnight on 5th II"

SR - William Brennan - "San Francisco Bay"

SR – Guy Brock - "Strong Tower"

SR - Virginia Bucknell - "Sydney's Foreshore"

SR - Mario Sergio Calzi - "Oil MSC 050"

SR - Elyse Campus-Cohen - "In Remembrance - 9/11/01"

SR - Katerina Cherevko - "The Brewery Yard"

SR - Enrique Chiu - "Aromas y Sabores"

SR – Lisa Cirenza - "Shared Space"

SR - Carol Corliss - "Paris Lights"

SR - Lauren Cutler - "Río de Janeiro"

SR – Lisa Daniels - "Art Stable"

SR - Janna Doughty - "Meet Me at the Corner"

SR - Laura Eng - "Hot Spot"

SR - Luke Engle - "Art Comes Alive 2014- Cincinnati"

SR - Karyn Estela - "Exit Archway"

SR - Teresa Foster - "City with Robot"

SR - Kelly Goldstein - "Approach"

SR - Debra Houston - "Hand in Hand"

SR - Gaya Kairos - "Under the Bridge"

SR - Gayane Karapetyan - "City Mix in Neons"

SR - Moonkyung Kim - "Manhattan"

SR - Noorhee Kim - "Freeways"

SR - Wesley Kochan - "Chicago Skyline Dreamscape"

SR - Debbee Lotito - "Chicago"

SR - Basha Maryanska - "Energy of Time Square"

SR - Gwen Meyerson - "Prospect Heights Brownstones"

SR - Andre Miripolsky - "Viva LA "

SR - Judith Mitchell - "Dawn Comes To the Citadel"

SR - Christopher Mooney - "Cleveland Bridges"

SR - Gemma Moran - Durham City At Night"

SR - Tj Morhouse - "View from Morningside Heights"

SR - Monika Mori - It's Way too Hot in the City"

SR - JoAnneh Nagler - "Spiritu"

SR - Teressa Nichole - "Fireworks Over The City"

SR - Teressa Nichole - "Distant City"

SR - Lauren Nickless - "The Big Apple 2014"

SR - Kriss Olsen - "Iron Bound"

SR - Carlie Pearce - "Hamilton Cityscapes"

SR - Mihriban Pekguleryuz - "Under Construction"

SR - Jeff Pullen - "Rarefied Sweet Air"

SR - Susan Pyzow - "Central Park West Rain"

SR - Iraqi Rachid - "Casablanca , National Heritage"

SR - Iraqi Rachid - "Street's in the City"

SR - William Reed - "Midnight at Dolores"

SR - Kristi Richter - "A Chicago Perspective in Three Achromatic Colors"

SR - April Rimpo - "Intersections"

SR - Kerfe Roig - "Main Street, Klamath Falls, Oregon"

SR - Lia Santini - "Under the Space Needle"

SR - Holly Savas - "San Francisco Western Addition"

SR - Elinore Schnurr - "Times Square II"

SR - Mariah Siegmann - "Allston Night"

SR - F. Liz Simpson - "Dreams of 96th and Lexington Ave"

SR – Rita Sklar - "SF Bridge Lights"

SR - Elle Smith - "Paris in a Bubble"

SR - David Terrar - "San Francisco"

SR - Francesca Tesoriere - "Palazzo Spaccaforno"

SR - Karen Whitman - "Downtown"

SR - Gregory Whitt - "Jerusalem - The Coming Storm"

SR - Jerry Winick - "Brooklyn"

SR - Mary Yarbrough - "London, England"

SR - Yaryna Yuryk - "Vanishing City (yield history)"

SR – Tina Ybarra - "Pretty Pollute"

CityScapes – Photography & Digital Category

1st Place - Photography & Digital – Winston Rockwell - "Seattle Nocturne"

2nd Place - Photography & Digital - Kuki Walsch - "Another Faces"

3rd Place - Photography & Digital - Peter Alessandria - "Verrazano Twilight"

4th Place - Photography & Digital - Bente Andermahr - "No. 1 King William"

5th Place - Photography & Digital - Cliff Fawcett - "Towering above the Thames"

Hon. Mention - Photography & Digital - Cynthia Fleury - "Venice Memories"

Hon. Mention - Photography & Digital - Arturo Gonzalez - "Barcelona Tower"

Hon. Mention - Photography & Digital - Mary Heller - "Masjed-e-Emam Women"

Hon. Mention - Photography & Digital - Sossi Madzounian - "Curves"

Hon. Mention - Photography & Digital - Gary Wiesner - "NYC Skyline"

Photography & Digital Category – Special Recognition

SR - Elodie Abergel - "Urban Gloss"

SR - Sheila Archer - "Downtown"

SR - Heidi Belec - "St. Louis Storm"

SR - Eldred Boze - "Las Vegas Tram"

SR - Noah Bryant - "City of Golden - Fourth of July"

SR - Noel Buttler - "Brisbane"

SR - Gene Cheltenham - "Canal Saint Martin"

SR - Jean Cronin Connolly - "Night Reflecting Pool"

SR - Lois Cunniff - "Fan Pier"

SR - Henrietta DuBois - "Chicago"

SR - Michael Duke - "London South Bank Food Festival"

SR - Jerry Duncan - "Old Town Boston at Night"

SR - Nicola Ferrara - "Sunset Dream"

SR - Cynthia Fleury - "Grand Canal"

SR - Nina Foster - "Cold Industry 1"

SR - Marta Galindo Romero - "Regatta in Perth"

SR - Eileen Glorney - "Spring Solstice, Sunset"

SR - Linda Greenwood - "Walking Under the Bridge"

SR - Molly Guiremand - "The Other Side of Hollywood"

SR - Natasha Guruleva - "Toronto. Golden Towers"

SR - Jennifer Hammer - "Metropolis Aspiration"

SR - Hans Heinz - Red Bus Passing By"

SR - Taylor Herian - "Reflections"

SR - Charles Hezsely - "The Golden One"

SR - Nancy Hoffmann - "Urban Juxtaposition"

SR - Jon Holiday - "Union Columns"

SR - Liz Ivry - "Powerhouse"

SR - Dave Jentz - "Flower Market Vienna"

SR - April Kim - "Dreaming Cat"

SR - Gregory Kluempers - "Falstaff Smoke Stack St Louis"

SR - Jessica Levant - "Folded Sky"

SR - Jon Lutter - "Back Doors of SoHo-NYC"

SR - Sossi Madzounian - "GraffArt"

SR - Nikalette McComb - "Man on Oak Street"

SR - Michael McNeil - "Sunset Schmear"

SR - Christopher Moran - "305"

SR - Vidhyalakshmi Narayanan - "Soaring High"

SR - Suzanne Neal - "Jacarandas after the Rain"

SR - Jeff Olson - "Miami Skyline"

SR - Jieun Park - "China Town"

SR - Louise Parms - "Roses at Dawn"

SR - Donald Ray - "High Rise Geometry"

SR - Jacquelyn Reid - "Grand Terminal"

SR - David Reid - "Sydney CBD"

SR - Suzanne Sahakian - "Chicago Diner"

SR - Jerry Schmutz - "Old Courthouse in Reflection"

SR - Patricia Schnepf - "The Fairmont Bridge"

SR - Phyllis Sheny - "The Road Not Traveled"

SR - Karen Shine - "City Center High-Rises"

SR - Karen Sirnick - "Croatian Living"

SR - Yehudit Sonenshine - "Staircase"

SR - Ingrid Stiehler - "Tradition Alive"

SR - Donna Surles - "The Bucket Band - D.C. - 1980"

SR - Tess Taaca - "d'Orsay Clock Tower"

SR - Elisabeth Thorn - "Lonely"

SR - Sandra Thwaites - "Tourism Square"

SR - Inbal Tur-Shalom - "NYC001"

SR - Ilze Valente - "State and Lake"

SR - Kuki Walsch - "Family Excursion"

SR - Daniel Zukowski - "Fifth Avenue Reflections"

CityScapes 2015 - Artist Contact Information Elodie Abergel Peter Alessandria Cathy Allsman Bente Andermahr Alessandro Andreuccetti Elliot Appel Sheila Archer Rebecca Arner Virginia Arregui Kristine Augustyn Florence Aussenard Amanda Aziz Pauline Bailey Mohan Ballard Jamie Banes Mike Barr Heidi Belec

Larry Klink Gregory Kluempers Wesley Kochan Tatjana Krilova Janos Lanyi Amir Lavon Jessica Levant MaryAnn Loo Debbee Lotito Jon Lutter Kate MacMahon Sossi Madzounian Basha Maryanska Bobbi Mastrangelo Nikalette McComb September McGee Michael McNeil

Anna Belleforte Don Bergland Lee Bonsper Pam Borrelli Guglielmo Botter Eldred Boze Tarsha Braddon Christine Brandell William Brennan TLynn Brentnall Guy Brock Noah Bryant Christopher Buckley Artist’s Website Virginia Bucknell Noel Buttler Mario Sergio Calzi Elyse Campus-Cohen Alan Cariddi, Sr. Nathan Casteel Daniel Chapman Gene Cheltenham

Gwen Meyerson Andre Miripolsky Judith Mitchell Ira Mitchell-Kirk Christopher Mooney Gemma Moran Christopher Moran Tj Morhouse Monika Mori Gail Morrison-Hall JoAnneh Nagler Vidhyalakshmi Narayanan Suzanne Neal Teressa Nichole Lauren Nickless Patricia O'Brien Kriss Olsen Jeff Olson Jieun Park Louise Parms Carlie Pearce

Katerina Cherevko Enrique Chiu Lisa Cirenza Matthew Coglianese Jean Cronin Connolly Carol Corliss Bob Craig Eva Csanyi-Hurskin Lois Cunniff Lauren Cutler Lisa Daniels Jacob Dixon Carolyn Doe Janna Doughty Henrietta DuBois Michael Duke Jerry Duncan Tracy Effinger Laura Eng Luke Engle

Mihriban Pekguleryuz Andrea Placer Tony Podue Paula Pohli Jeff Pullen Susan Pyzow www.oldprintshop/SusanPyzow Iraqi Rachid Donald Ray Artist’s Website William Reed David Reid Jacquelyn Reid Kristi Richter April Rimpo Winston Rockwell Kerfe Roig Richard Rownak Suzanne Sahakian Sherry Salant Lia Santini Holly Savas

Karyn Estela James Falciano Cliff Fawcett Nicola Ferrara Cynthia Fleury Teresa Foster Nina Foster Sandy Friedkin Jeffrey Friedkin Stephanie Funke Marta Galindo Romero Carl Gethmann Eleanor Gilpatrick Joe Giuffrida Eileen Glorney Kelly Goldstein Arturo Gonzalez Linda Greenwood Molly Guiremand Natasha Guruleva

Francesco Scandale Jerry Schmutz Patricia Schnepf Elinore Schnurr Bonnie Shapiro Phyllis Sheny Karen Shine Mariah Siegmann Toni Silber-Delerive F. Liz Simpson Karen Sirnick Rita Sklar Tricia Skoglund Elle Smith Yehudit Sonenshine Randy Sprout Ingrid Stiehler Donna Surles Tess Taaca David Terrar

Jennifer Hammer Marilyn Harris Guillaume Hebert Hans Heinz Artist’s Website Mary Heller Taylor Herian Charles Hezsely Nancy Hoffmann Jon Holiday Debra Houston Mark Hurd Liz Ivry Dave Jentz Gaya Kairos Gayane Karapetyan Leslie Kell Moonkyung Kim Noorhee Kim April Kim

Francesca Tesoriere Laura Tetrault Elisabeth Thorn Sandra Thwaites Inbal Tur-Shalom Ilze Valente Kuki Walsch Karen Watson Marti White Karen Whitman Gregory Whitt Gary Wiesner Jerry Winick Mary Yarbrough Tina Ybarra Artist’s Website Yaryna Yuryk Daniel Zukowski

Cityscapes 2015 Online Art Exhibition - Event Catalogue  

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that its April 2015 art exhibition is now posted on their website and is ready...

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