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CityScapes Art Exhibition April 2012

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April Art Exhibition Event Catalogue

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery conducted an art competition during the period of time from the middle of February 2012 through to March 29, 2012. The theme of the art competition was “CityScapes�. The gallery asked 2D artists to interpret and depict cities, towns, urban scenes and any related metropolitan subjects for the March art competition theme. There were no geographic restrictions for the artists for this art competition. The gallery received submissions from 17 different countries from around the world and they also received entries from 29 different states. Overall, there were 581 entries from 165 different artists that were judged for this art competition. Congratulations to the artists who have been designated as this month’s winners, along with the 120 Special Recognition Artists. Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery commends all of the artists for their courage to compete, for their artistic skills and finally for their creativity. In addition, the catalogue for this art exhibition can be seen online at

Please Note: All of the images contained in this event catalogue are the property of the artist, the artist retains the copyright to these images and the images may not be reproduced without the written consent and permission of the artist. In addition, some images may have been cropped or resized due to formatting requirements of this catalogue. To see the actual and correct image ratios visit the Exhibition Archives on the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery website.

CityScapes Art Exhibition

1st Place - Jon Holiday - "Chicago Sight"

CityScapes Art Exhibition

2nd Place – Brut Carniollus - "Umeda Sky Tover"

CityScapes Art Exhibition

3rd Place – Joe Calleri - "Circus Comes to Town"

CityScapes Art Exhibition

4th Place – Simone Ridyard - "Liverpool Riverfront"

CityScapes Art Exhibition

5th Place - Rosie (Rodeorose) Udovicic - "Skywalker"

CityScapes Art Exhibition

Hon. Mention – Jeff Grant - "Dragon Scales"

CityScapes Art Exhibition

Hon. Mention – David Henderson - "Boonton in Winter"

CityScapes Art Exhibition

Hon. Mention – Harvey Rogosin - "The Face of Vernazza"

CityScapes Art Exhibition

Hon. Mention – Keli Sim-DeRitis - "Montmatre"

CityScapes Art Exhibition

Hon. Mention – Christopher Stevens - "Made in America, Grants Pass, OR"

Special Recognition Artists

Laurent Aapro - "Shanghai"

Carol Ann - "Glass House"

MaryLou Badeaux - "Rainy Day in Melbourne"

Andrew Balaschak - "Flute Player"

Special Recognition Artists

Richard Barone - "Venice by Midnight"

Dianna Beaulynn - "Noto"

Wendy Barrett - "Row by Row, Portland, Maine"

Mike C. Berry - "Henley Rain"

Special Recognition Artists

Arnor Bieltvedt - "Fireworks"

Lucie Boswell - "Intersection"

Jasmine Blanchard - "Denver at Sunrise"

Dave Bowman - "Legoland"

Special Recognition Artists

Charlotte Boyle - "Melbourne"

Eldred Boze - "Alexandria Hodge Podge"

Pam Brekas - "Underfoot"

Zel Brook - "KOAC"

Special Recognition Artists

Daniel Butler - "NYC"

Jadranka Carluccio-Grbic - "Evening in Florence"

Nathan Casteel - "To the Pier"

Ione Citrin - "City Lights"

Special Recognition Artists

Ronald Cooley - "Moonrise Troy"

Daniel Correa - "Rio de Janeiro and the Colors of the City"

Michael Corcoran - "Seattle"

Carlo Cosentino - "Notre Dame Street"

Special Recognition Artists

James Crable - "Columbus Avenue, New York, NY"

Bob Craig - "Untitled"

Jennifer Cutshall - "PreOccupied"

Stan Czesniuk - "Highrise Reflection"

Special Recognition Artists

Daniel Dayley - "Essex House"

Nancy Denommee -"Business Day in New York Fog"

Bev Delyea - "Untitled"

Henrietta DuBois - "Chicago"

Special Recognition Artists

Louis Ebarb - "Reservoir"

Kenneth Fasano - "Provincetown Peaks"

Jenny Fillius - "Cityscape from the Inside"

Jon Fischer - "Toland Street"

Special Recognition Artists

Linda Floria - "Block Party"

Jennifer Garza-Cuen - "Esmerald City"

Larry Forgard - "N.Y. Look"

Douglas John Geldart - "Royal York"

Special Recognition Artists

Suzzane Gerttula - "Stockholm Sunsplash"

Mark Giarrusso - "Rock Center"

Arthur Goldberg - "Chicago Skyline"

Ashley Grebe - "Geometric Cityscape"

Special Recognition Artists

Georgette Grey - "Chasing Pigeons"

James Guentner - "Untitled"

Alessandro Gui - "Pedestrian Passage Red Umbrella"

Paulo Guimaraes - "Bridges in NYC"

Special Recognition Artists

Eric Hatch - "Cincinnati Nightscape"

Aazam Irilian - "Neigborhoods"

Roland Hille - "Stadportrait"

Jacqueline Jameson - "Rainy"

Special Recognition Artists

John Jaster - "Mainstreet 2 Manhattan Beach"

Tracey Jenkins - "Masts vs. Towers"

Kenneth Kaplowitz - "Rain"

Barb Kay - "Midnight Terracotta"

Special Recognition Artists

Patrick Kelley - "Mazatlan Boardwalk"

Lauren Kingsley Reed - "Old and New Atlanta"

Billy Kloetzer - "82nd Street"

Justin Lane - "City"

Special Recognition Artists

Jenny Lee - "Crosswalk Shadows"

Marcus Lewis - "Venice"

Francisco Little - "San Francisco Shapeshifting"

Jon Lutter - "PhillyScape"

Special Recognition Artists

Zeke Mallory - "Floods Party"

Laurie McCormick - "San Francisco"

Mary McCormick - "Cities of the Past"

Erin McGee-Ferrell - "Occupy 1000"

Special Recognition Artists

Diego Meek-Fernandez - "101 and 102"

Fred Moeves - "Untitled"

Gaylord Mink - "Seattle Skyline"

Michele Munyak - "Chattanooga Tennessee"

Special Recognition Artists

James Murray - "Date"

Christopher Oh - "Reflections"

Oytun Ozudogru - "Kucuksu River"

Heath Paley - "Scarsdale Platform"

Special Recognition Artists

G.W. Palmer - "Vibrant City"

Jessie Parker - "Venice Canal"

Susan Paradise-Burke - "Sky High"

Susan Phillips - "Chicago"

Special Recognition Artists

Jacob Pinto - "Tel Aviv, Jaffa"

Tony Podue - "Hotel Cabrillo and the Happy Diner"

David Plante - "The Hooker"

Matt Polizzi - "Campbell Heritage Theatre"

Special Recognition Artists

Timothy Poulton - "The Dome"

Timothy Poulton - "Brisbane Reach"

Alex Raankin - "City at Night"

Cheryl Rau - "Losing Focus"

Special Recognition Artists

Marie Reamer - "Early Morning Paris"

Melyvn Robinson - "A Hierarchy of Hexagons"

Ward Roberts - "Billions 4"

Camille Roman - "The Neighborhood at Night"

Special Recognition Artists

Kuniko Ruch - "Take Fountain"

Benjamin Sack - "Richmond"

Marilyn Samwick - "The Color Palette"

Leon Sarantos - "Lakeside City"

Special Recognition Artists

Gia Schifano - Paul's New Orleans"

Samia Shaheen - "Atop Quebec City"

Jarede Schmetterer - "Luminous Fields"

Almine, The Countess of Shannon - "CityScape 2"

Special Recognition Artists

Toni Silber-Delerive - "NYC Roofs"

Neena Singh - "Untitled"

Kara-Louise Slattery - "They Met at the Lights"

Dia Spriggs - "Greek City"

Special Recognition Artists

Karel Stipek - "Sydney at Opera"

Jeanne Tanks - "Moonlit City"

Lynn Thomas - "Austin"

Mary Vaccaro - "Trinity"

Special Recognition Artists

Rachel van Balen - "Untitled"

David Vanderlaan - "West Palm at Twilight"

Michael Whitkaer - "Nice GHA"

Marti White - "Urban Intersections"

Special Recognition Artists

Leah Wiedemer - "Roman Street Scene"

Sara Willadsen - "Back Alley Steps"

Andrew Wohl - "Chicago"

Marilyn Wylder - "Autumn Flame"

Special Recognition Artists

Dory Younes - "The City of Dreams"

Kajal Zaveri - "All in a Line"

Honore Yuhas - "Above"

Anna Zavileiskaia - "Fly With Me"

CityScapes Art Exhibition – Artist’s Contact Information Laurent Aapro Carol Ann MaryLou Badeaux Andrew Balaschak Richard Barone Wendy Barrett Dianna Beaulynn Mike C. Berry Arnor Bieltvedt Laurie Blanchard Lucie Boswell Dave Bowman Charlotte Boyle Eldred Boze Pam Brekas

Jenny Lee Marcus Lewis Francisco Little Jon Lutter Zeke Mallory Lora McCann Laurie McCormick Mary McCormick Erin

McGee-Ferrell Diego Meek-Fernandez Gaylord Mink Fred Moeves Michele Munyak James Murray Christopher Oh

Zel Brook Daniel Butler Joe Calleri Jadranka Carluccio-Grbic Brut Carniollus Nathan Casteel Ione Citrin Ronald Cooley Michael Corcoran Daniel Correa Carlo Cosentino James Crable Bob Craig Jennifer Cutshall Stan Czesniuk Daniel Dayley Bev Delyea

Oytun Ozudogru Heath Paley G. W. Palmer Susan Paradise-Burke Jessie Parker Susan Phillips Jacob Pinto David Plante Tony Podue Matt Polizzi Timothy Poulton Alex Rankin Cheryl Rau Marie Reamer Simone Ridyard Ward Roberts Melyvn Robinson

Nancy Denommee Henrietta DuBois Louis Ebarb Kenneth Fasano Jenny Fillius Jon Fischer Linda Floria Larry Forgard Jennifer Garza-Cuen Douglas John Geldart Suzzane Gerttula Mark Giarrusso Arthur Goldberg Jeff Grant Ashley Grebe Georgette Grey James Guentner

Harvey Rogosin

Camille Roman Kuniko Ruch Benjamin Sack Marilyn Samwick Leon Sarantos Gia Schifano Jarede Schmetterer Samia Shaheen Almine, The Countess of Shannon Toni Silber-Delerive Keli Sim-DeRitis Neena Singh Kara-Louise Slattery Dia Spriggs Christopher Stevens Karel Stipek

Alessandro Gui Paulo Guimaraes Eric Hatch David Henderson Roland Hille Jon Holiday Aazam Irilian Jacqueline Jameson

John Jaster Tracey Jenkins Kenneth Kaplowitz Barb Kay Patrick Kelley Lauren Kingsley Reed Billy Kloetzer Justin Lane

Jeanne Tanks Lynn Thomas Rosie (Rodeorose) Udovicic Mary Vaccaro Rachel van Balen David Vanderlaan Marti White Michael Whitkaer Leah Wiedemer Sara Willadsen Andrew Wohl Marilyn Wylder Dory Younes Honore Yuhas Kajal Zaveri Anna Zavileiskaia