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All Women Art Exhibition February 2013

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery 118 Poinciana Drive, Jupiter, FL 888-490-3530 -

February 2013 - All Women Art Exhibition Event Catalogue Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery conducted an art competition during the period of time from the middle of December 2012 through to January 27, 2013. 2D Women Artists only were asked to submit their best art with “no theme�. There was a wide range of subject matter and media received and we tried to include the range of topics, along with the various media, styles and different processes in this international online exhibition. The gallery received 909 entries from 26 different countries from around the world, including the Armenia, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Columbia, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Northern Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Panama, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, and the United Kingdom. In addition, the gallery received entries from artists from 36 different states. Congratulations to the artists who have been designated as this month’s winners, along with the Special Merit Award and Special Recognition Artists. Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery commends all of the artists for their courage to compete, for their artistic skills and finally for their creativity. In addition, to this catalogue,










Please Note: All of the images contained in this event catalogue are the property of the artist, the artist retains the copyright to these images and the images may not be reproduced without the written consent and permission of the artist. In addition, some images may have been cropped or resized due to formatting requirements of this catalogue. To see the actual and correct image ratios visit the Exhibition Archives on the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery website.

The Winning Artists in the Overall Category

1st Place - Overall - Laura

Warburton - "Bouquet"

2nd Place - Overall - Swarte Vulpescu Olaru - "Equilibrium"

3rd Place - Overall - Durga Garcia - "Absurd Life of Unicorn Wilda"

4th Place - Overall - Elizabeth Burin - "Fall Festival"

5th Place - Overall - Adrian Giuliani - "Alyssa"

6th Place - Overall - Cindy Hoppenrath - "Yosemite"

7th Place - Overall - Janette Stiles - "Butterflies with Border"

8th Place - Overall - Monika Mori - "Crying a River of Tears"

9th Place - Overall - Laurie Campbell - "Bodhran Player"

10th Place - Overall - Sally Tuttle - "Summer Storm Series"

Special Merit Award Artists Category

Special Merit - Tara Arnold - "Broken"

Special Merit - Nancy Belle - "Untitled"

Special Merit - Linda Blackburn - "General Robert E. Lee"

Special Merit - Gail Daley - "Owl"

Special Merit - Heather Hanrahan - "The Forbidden"

Special Merit - Kinuko Imai Hoffman - "Solace"

Special Merit - Aazam Irilian - "Meditation Revised"

Special Merit - Jaime Johnson - "Veneration"

Special Merit - Maya Just Maya - "Journey Back to the Womb"

Special Merit - Nikolina Kovalenko - "Carnavalera"

Special Merit - Ann Lawtey - "By the Shore"

Special Merit - Joyce Lister - "Nap Time"

Special Merit - Laurie McCormick - "Zoom"

Special Merit - Jessie Parker - "My Secret Door"

Special Merit - Karen Robinson - "Lurchers Running"

Special Merit - Mary J. Rose - "Moments Notice"

Special Merit - Danya Smith - "Untitled"

Special Merit - Daria Souvorova - "Ariadne Abandoned by Theseus"

Special Merit - Carol Staub - "Wetlands 2"

Special Merit - Gergana Vladova - "Till Tomorrow"

Mixed Media Category

1st Place - Swarte Vulpescu Olaru - "Equilibrium"

2nd Place - Elizabeth Burin - "Fall Festival"

3rd Place - Sally Tuttle - "Summer Storm Series"

4th Place - Graehound - "Internal Calibre"

5th Place - Erika Luukas - "Gardeners World"

Hon. Mention - Lisa Agaran - "Lake of Dreams"

Hon. Mention - Lisa Basil - "Hidden Revealed"

Hon. Mention - Jane du Brin - "Maenad"

Hon. Mention - Trish Loader - "Bird of Paradise"

Hon. Mention - Marti White - "Basket Fragments"

Mixed Media Category – Special Recognition

SR - Carolyn Anderson - "Layers of Life"

SR - Nancy

Belle - "Untitled"

SR - Tara Arnold - "Broken"

SR - Sabine Blodorn - "Big Eyes"

SR - Ann Calandro - "My Nameis Annie"

SR - Cameron Carlson - "Sacred Fire"

SR - Nira Chorev - "All I Have"

SR - Barbara Cobo - "Pretty in Pink"

SR - Claudia Corletto - "Dia de Los Muertos Portrait"

SR - Kristen Dahms - "Dream at Sea"

SR - Patricia DeLuca - "Michael"

SR - Beatriz Elorza - "When Do I Stop?"

SR - Susan Funk - "Circumnavigating My Dreams"

SR - Kinuko Imai Hoffman - "Solace"

SR - Karolina Kawa - "Premonition"

SR - Lauren Kleck - "Gallery 1-3"

SR - Nikolina Kovalenko - "Carnavalera"

SR - Elena Kozhevnikova - "Mimosa in Bloom"

SR - Marisol Landers - "Creation Myth"

SR - Brandee Lyons - "Childreams"

SR - Jinnie May - "Trapped"

SR - Peach MoMoKo - "The End of Seventeen"

SR - Selena Nawrocki - "Contempo"

SR - Elynne Rosenfeld - "Spirit Abundance"

SR - 25 - Asha Aditi Ruaprelia - "From the Soul of Africa"

SR - Carol Staub - "Wetlands 2"

SR - Linda J. Stetina - "Refreshing"

SR - Jeanne Tanks - "Anyone Painting With Glass"

SR - Paulina Teter - "Secret Garden"

SR - Valentina Vicario - "MM Grove Quilt"

SR - Mary Wahr - "Gogh Starry"

SR - Loralei Walker - "Tough as Nails"

SR - Anita Wexler - "Haunted Fantasies - Small"

SR - Susan Zale - Lattice"

SR - Rachel Yurkovich - "Decay"

Painting Category

1st Place - Laura Warburton - "Bouquet"

2nd Place - Adrian Giuliani - "Alyssa"

3rd Place - Monika Mori - "Crying a River of Tears"

4th Place - Kathy Blankley Roman - "After Sandy"

5th Place - Daryl R. Nicholson - "Silent Plea"

Hon. Mention - Hannah Baker - "Looking Out to Sea"

Hon. Mention - Pam Brekas - "Updraft"

Hon. Mention - Gabriele Bungardt - "End of Day"

Hon. Mention - Delores Haberkorn - "Great Egret"

Hon. Mention - Branka Prokic - "Gift"

Painting Category – Special Recognition

SR - Chloe Allred - "Reflection One and Two"

SR - Gina Angelie - "Yellow Hat"

SR - Leonor Anthony - "The Master's Studio"

SR - Anne Armijo - "Pink Passion Rose"

SR - Maria del Pilar Arrieta - "Directions"

SR - Helen Bailey - "Eric's Legacy"

SR - Nazeli

Arshakyan - "Minds Tale"

SR - Ruth Baker - "Heather"

SR - Alix Baker - "Nautical Knitting"

SR - Brigette Balbinot - "Underneath it All"

SR - Stefanie Bales - "Dreamscape"

SR - Emerald Barkley - "Gold in the Sunlight"

SR - Ursula Barril - "Sofia"

SR - Juanita Beverly - "Untitled"

SR - Jolanta Benson - "Valerie"

SR - Summer Bhullar - "Looking Into Eternity�

SR - Linda Blackburn - "General Robert E. Lee"

SR - Marla Blackwell - "Summer Pot"

SR - Carole Blevins - "Kings Lane II"

SR - Kate Bliss - "Red Rock"

SR - Eliora Bousquet - "Grace C"

SR - Marion Bradish - "Blue"

SR - Tracy Brown - "Always and Forever"

SR - Federica Campagnari - "The Door La Porta"

SR - Jeannie Choe - "Dancing With Joy"

SR - Lynda

Cookson - "Surge"

SR - Margaret Chwialkowska - "Spring Mystique"

SR - Linda Coppens - "Lost and Found"

SR - Constance Culpepper - "One Cup of Tea"

SR - Gail Daley - "Owl"

SR - Dara Daniel - "Winter at Navarro River II"

SR - Christine Derrick - "Flooded Fields"

SR – Carole DiTerlizzi - "Sunflower"

SR - Sarah Dowling - "Untitled"

SR - Jeannine Emmett - "Changing Light"

SR - Luciana Fabiilli - "Bella"

SR - Diane Fifer - "Untitled"

SR - Sheila

Fletcher - "Equinox"

SR - Sabrina Fiorella Larson - "Rocca Brivio"

SR - Danila Floris - "The Corbezzolis Lady"

SR - Gay Forster - "Best Surf"

SR - Wendy Fournier - "Untitled"

SR - Siren Merete Fristad - "13 Boots in the River"

SR - Tiziana Giammetta - "Stefano"

SR - Claudelle Girard - "Great Horned Owl"

SR - Janet Glatz - "Bass Harbor"

SR - Antonia Glynne Jones - "Seated Figure III"

SR - Gladys Gonzalez - "The Chic Girl"

SR - Sharon Goodsall - "Home"

SR - Claudia Grimm- "Learning"

SR - Nataliya Gurshman - "Dance"

SR - Nicole Hammonds - "Serenity Speaks"

SR - Rika Hemachandra - "Marked for Marriage"

SR - Gloria Hirjak - "My Pretty"

SR - Janel Houton - "Unknown Theorem"

SR - Alea Hurst - "Sly"

SR - Aazam Irilian - "Meditation Revised"

SR - Rachael Johnson - "Tara"

SR - Sue Johnson - "The Reader"

SR - Andrea Kobayashi - "Mt. Noorat Inside the Crater"

SR - Susan LaMantia - "Its All Relative"

SR - Nadya Lapets - "A New Dimension"

SR - Ann Lawtey - "By the Shore" -

SR - Tamara Lindsay - "I Heard Their Bells"

SR - Joyce Lister - "Nap Time"

SR - Kimberly Lyons - "Escape"

SR - Frances Marino - "The Horse as Art"

SR - Diana Martinez - "Bellicose"

SR - Hildy Maze - "Sleeping Tigress"

SR - Darice Machel McGuire - "Blue Door"

SR - Angela Melendez - "Broken Heart"

SR - Maria Milazzo - "Country Road Farm Iowa"

SR - Cynthia Miller - "Eagle Island"

SR - Eveline Miller - "Dataw Island"

SR - Lisa Mishler - "Dancing the Tango"

SR - Paula Montgomery - "Trees"

SR - Lona Moody - "God Complex"

SR - Paola Moscatelli - "Tutto-é-Calmo"

SR – Jacqueline Moses - "New Zealand 2030 Havelock"

SR - Jennifer Mutton - "Captivated Wildflowers"

SR - Carolyn Nelson - "Fantasia"

SR - Anna Nikolin - "54th Street"

SR - Ann Marie O'Donovan - "Liberty"

SR - Nancy Perry - "Through the Woods"

SR - Grace Popp - "Life Breather"

SR - Debra Purcell - "Regatta Town"

SR - Claire Reid - "Untitled"

SR - Kristi Richter - "Cat Perfect"

SR - Jane Robinson - "Blue Tulip"

SR - Karen Robinson - "Lurchers Running"

SR - Mary Rohde - "Gayla"

SR - Patricia Roldan - "The Sentinel"

SR - Camille Roman - "Wishful Thinking"

SR - Mary J. Rose - "Moments Notice"

SR - Renee LaVerne Rose - "Madonna"

SR - Carol Sabo - "Midnight Bloom"

SR - Cyndi Sanchez - "Women Finding Wonder"

SR - Roxana Say - "The Kiss"

SR - Mel Shapcott - "Heartsong"

SR - Minhae Shim - "Kismet"

SR - Toni Silber-Delerive - "Aurelie Friends"

SR - Neena Singh - "Interior of False Prophecies"

SR - Danya Smith - "Untitled"

SR - Casey Snyder - "Favortie"

SR - Dragoslava Stankovic - "Untitled"

SR - Candace Stella - "Reeds"

SR - Cheryl Stevenson - "Who Am I"

SR - Alissa Strattan - "Mirage"

SR - Elena Svobodina - "Marina" -

SR - Alexandria Swartz - "Venetian Mask"

SR - Susan Tantlinger - "Red Rocks"

SR - Christina Theodoris - "Chaos"

SR - Kristin Thomas - "Subconscious Mechanisms"

SR - Gill Truslow - "Open Field"

SR - Rachel VanBalen - "Human Design�

SR - Shirley Verrette - "Excess of Purplish Adjectives"

SR - Gergana Vladova - "Till Tomorrow"

SR - Elizabeth Wagner - "Green Lane Water"

SR - Aida Wahid - "Untitled"

SR - Dianne Webb - "Oyster Colony"

SR - Dawn Wheat - "Fed by the Ravens"

SR - Danielle Winger - "Origin of Coordinates"

SR - Teresa Young - "Dreams of Lothlorien"

SR - Kajal Zaveri - "Exploring the Backroads"

Photography Category

1st Place - Durga Garcia - "Absurd Life of Unicorn Wilda"

2nd Place - Cindy Hoppenrath - "Yosemite"

3rd Place - Laurie Campbell - "Bodhran Player"

4th Place - Paula Marsili - "Morning Mist"

5th Place - Stephanie Funke - "My Shadow"

Hon. Mention - Pam Borrelli - "Golden Rose"

Hon. Mention - Jennifer Juneau - "Bathtub"

Hon. Mention - Sonia Macak - "Heplayswii"

Hon. Mention - Meaghan Ogilvie - "Succumbed"

Hon. Mention - Marnya Rothe - "Where Are My Keys Honey"

Photography – Special Recognition Category

SR - Nancy Albright - "Movin"

SR - Erin Alders - "EA3"

SR - Danielle Austen - "Birds Nest"

SR - Marylou Badeaux - "Tango Dancers"

SR - Wendy Barrett - "Vintage"

SR - Pam Borrelli - "Golden Rose" - "Lake"

SR - Joan E. Bowers - "Yaquina Bay Bridge in Fog"

SR - Karen Hochman Brown - "Late Autumn Leaves"

SR - Caroline Collett - "Three Sisters"

SR - Justine Cornelius - "Arizona Crisp Winter Air"

SR - Emily Cruz - "Air"

SR - Tracey Davidson - "Glorious King"

SR - Lea Foster - "Winter Day Peace"

SR - Isabel Fowler - "Blue"

SR - Linda Greenwood - "Mimosa Beauty"

SR - Eleanor Haley - "Evelyn"

SR - Heather Hanrahan - "The Forbidden"

SR - Catherine Hollens - "Inside Out�

SR - Marta Ivanova - "Nude Clothes"

SR - Romy John - "Seat 1E

SR - Jaime Johnson - "Veneration"

SR - Leah Koontz - "A Feminist 1 of 2"

SR - Ivana Kucirkova - "Capturing London"

SR - Sonia Macak - "A Boy and His Dog"

SR - Laurie McCormick - "Zoom" -

SR - Celeste Mookherjee - "Lemon Meringue"

SR - Michele Munyak - "The Dunes"

SR - Edie Jo Murray - "Princess"

SR - Judit Pap - "Feather"

SR - Jessie Parker - "My Secret Door"

SR - Melissa Pelczar - "The Ghosts of Us"

SR - Mackensie Pikaart - "Connections with Strangers"

SR - Cheryl Rau - "Drowning Eyes 5"

SR - Carlie Roach - "Glass Cup Wip"

SR - Patricia Schnepf - "Pink Garden"

SR - Siwei Song - "Untitled"

SR - Liene Straupe - "Generations"

SR - Tatiana Sveshnikova - "Canary Wharf"

SR - Lisette Templin - "I am 2 Be 2"

SR - Maria Vega - "Impermanence"

SR - Linda Wilson - "Enter Center"

SR - Carol Wontkowski - "Straw Hat"

SR - Carly Zufelt - "New Years Day 2007"

Other Media Category

1st Place - Janette Stiles - "Butterflies with Border"

2nd Place - Lori Crawford - "Bag Lady Licking Out Sexism"

3rd Place - Ruth Miller - "Impossible Dream"

4th Place - Alison Shull - "Many Moons"

5th Place - Frances Powers - "Woven Bougainvillea"

Hon. Mention - Sherri Gamble - "Late for Church"

Hon. Mention - Judith Krongard - "Untitled"

Hon. Mention - Kay Shaffer - "Untitled"

Hon. Mention - Frieda Verlage - "Virgen DeGuadalupe"

Hon. Mention - Dominique Vitale - "The Kiss"

Other Media – Special Recognition Category

SR - Carrie Alderfer - "Derailed"

SR - Marge Campane - "Unfurling Fronds"

SR - Hannah Charls - "Frog Statue Pastel"

SR - Donna Faranda - "La Dolce Vita"

SR - Charity Henderson - "Tenuous"

SR - Deborah Huelsbergen - "My Chickens"

SR - Caroline Jane Harris - "Simulacrum"

SR - Maya Just Maya - "Journey Back to the Womb"

SR - Heather Mcgeachy - "Bare Branch"

SR - Mimi McKay - "The Painted Veil"

SR - Janis Nunez - "Maasai Princess"

SR - Casey Odean Hegarty - "Dichotomy Part 1"

SR - Ana Posada - "Sikui"

SR - Daria Souvorova - "Ariadne Abandoned by Theseus

SR - Siwei Song - "Reality"

All Women Art Exhibition - Artist Contact Information

Lisa Agaran

Ann Lawtey

Nancy Albright

Tamara Lindsay

Carrie Alderfer

Joyce Lister

Erin Alders

Trish Loader

Chloe Allred

Erika Luukas

Carolyn Anderson Gina Angelie Leonor Anthony Anne Armijo Tara Arnold Maria del PilarArrieta Artist Website

Brandee Lyons Sonia Macak Frances Marino Paula Marsili Diana Martinez Jinnie May

Nazeli Arshakyan

Hildy Maze

Danielle Austen

Laurie McCormick

Marylou Badeaux

Heather Mcgeachy

Helen Bailey

Darice Machel McGuire

Ruth Baker www.facebook/ruthbakerart/timeline

Mimi McKay

Alix Baker

Angela Melendez

Hannah Baker

Maria Milazzo Artist Website

Brigette Balbinot

Daniela Milinkovich

Stefanie Bales

Cynthia Miller

Emerald Barkley

Ruth Miller

Wendy Barrett

Eveline Miller

Ursula Barril

Lisa Mishler

Lisa Basil

Peach MoMoKo

Nancy Belle

Paula Montgomery

Jolanta Benson

Lona Moody

Juanita Beverly

Celeste Mookherjee

Summer Bhullar

Nicola Moorhouse

Linda Blackburn

Monika Mori

Marla Blackwell Carole Blevins Kate Bliss Sabine Blodorn Pam Borrelli April Bosshard Eliora Bousquet Joan E. Bowers

Paola Moscatelli Jacqueline Moses Michele Munyak Edie JoMurray Jennifer Mutton Selena Nawrocki Carolyn Nelson Artist Website Daryl R. Nicholson

Marion Bradish

Anna Nikolin Artist Website

Pam Brekas

Janis Nunez

Tracy Brown

Ann Marie O Donovan Artist Website

Karen Hochman Brown

Casey Odean Hegarty

Gabriele Bungardt

Meaghan Ogilvie

Elizabeth Burin

Judit Pap

Ann Calandro

Jessie Parker

Federica Campagnari Artist Website

Melissa Pelczar

Marge Campane

Nancy Perry

Laurie Campbell

Mackensie Pikaart

Cameron Carlson

Yvonne Pitts

Hannah Charls

Grace Popp

Jeannie Choe

Ana Posada

Nira Chorev

Frances Powers

Margaret Chwialkowska

Branka Prokic Artist Website

Barbara Cobo

Debra Purcell Artist Website

Caroline Collett Artist Website

Alysia Radtke

Lynda Cookson

Rashmi Rajesh

Linda Coppens

Cheryl Rau

Claudia Corletto

Claire Reid

Justine Cornelius

Kristi Richter

Lori Crawford Artist Website

Carlie Roach

Emily Cruz

Jane Robinson

Constance Culpepper

Karen Robinson

Kristen Dahms

Mary Rohde

Gail Daley

Patricia Roldan

Dara Daniel

Camille Roman

Tracey Davidson

Kathy Blankley Roman

Patricia DeLuca

Mary J. Rose

Christine Derrick

Renee LaVerne Rose

Carole DiTerlizzi

Elynne Rosenfeld

Sarah Dowling

Marnya Rothe

Jane du Brin

Asha Aditi Ruaprelia

Beatriz Elorza

Dianna Rust

Jeannine Emmett

Carol Sabo

Luciana Fabiilli

Marily Samwick

Donna Faranda

Cyndi Sanchez

Diane Fifer

Concecpcion Sanford

Sabrina Fiorella Larson

Roxana Say

Sheila Fletcher

Patricia Schnepf

Danila Floris

Kay Shaffer

Gay Forster

Mel Shapcott

Lea Foster

Minhae Shim

Wendy Fournier

Alison Shull

Isabel Fowler

Toni Silber-Delerive

Siren Merete Fristad

Neena Singh

Susan Funk

Danya Smith

Stephanie Funke

Casey Snyder

Sherri Gamble

Siwei Song

Durga Garcia

Daria Souvorova

Tiziana Giammetta

Dragoslava Stankovic

Claudelle Girard

Carol Staub

Adrian Giuliani

Candace Stella

Janet Glatz

Linda J. Stetina

Antonia Glynne Jones

Cheryl Stevenson

Gladys Gonzalez

Janette Stiles

Sharon Goodsall

Alissa Strattan


Liene Straupe

Linda Greenwood

Tatiana Sveshnikova

Claudia Grimm

Elena Svobodina

Anne Gudrun

Alexandria Swartz

Nataliya Gurshman

Jeanne Tanks

Delores Haberkorn

Susan Tantlinger

Eleanor Haley

Lisette Templin

Sarah Hammer

Paulina Teter

Nicole Hammonds

Christina Theodoris

Heather Hanrahan

Kristin Thomas Artist Website

Rika Hemachandra

Gill Truslow

Charity Henderson

Sally Tuttle

Gloria Hirjak

Elise Valdorcia

Kinuko Imai Hoffman

Rachel Van Balen

Catherine Hollens

Maria Vega

Cindy Hoppenrath

Frieda Verlage

Janel Houton

Shirley Verrette

Deborah Huelsbergen

Valentina Vicario

Alea Hurst

Dominique Vitale

Aazam Irilian

Gergana Vladova

Marta Ivanova

Swarte Vulpescu Olaru

Caroline Jane Harris

Elizabeth Wagner

Romy John

Aida Wahid

Sue Johnson

Mary Wahr

Jaime Johnson

Loralei Walker

Rachael Johnson

Laura Warburton

Jennifer Juneau

Dianne Webb

Maya Just Maya

Anita Wexler

Karolina Kawa

Dawn Wheat

Lauren Kleck

Marti White

Andrea Kobayashi

Linda Wilson

Leah Koontz

Danielle Winger

Nikolina Kovalenko

Carol Wontkowski

Elena Kozhevnikova

Teresa Young

Judith Krongard

Rachel Yurkovich

Ivana Kucirkova

Susan Zale

Susan LaMantia

Kajal Zaveri

Marisol Landers

Carly Zufelt

Nadya Lapets

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All Women 2013 Art Exhibition - Event Catalogue  

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is extremely pleased to announce that its February 2013 online art exhibition is now posted on their w...

All Women 2013 Art Exhibition - Event Catalogue  

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is extremely pleased to announce that its February 2013 online art exhibition is now posted on their w...

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