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All Women Art Exhibition March 2015

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery 118 Poinciana Drive, Jupiter, FL 888-490-3530 - www.lightspacetime.com

March 2015 – All Women Online Art Exhibition Event Catalogue

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that its March 2015 art exhibition, the 4th Annual “All Women” Art Exhibition is now posted on their website and can be viewed online. The theme for this art exhibition is for women artists only and they were asked to submit their best 2D & 3D art. There was no theme for this competition. Artist marketing expert Aletta de Wal was the guest judge for this art competition. She is the author of “My Real Job is Being an Artist”, she is a successful Artist Advisor and a Certified Visual Coach. Aletta de Wal inspires fine artists to make a better living making art in any economy. Her website is www.artistcareertraining.com An international art competition was held in February 2015 which determined and judged the art for this exhibition. The gallery received submissions from 27 different countries from around the world and they also received entries from 43 different states. Overall, there were 1,145 entries which were judged for this art competition. Please Note: All of the images contained in this event catalogue are the property of the artist, the artist retains the copyright to these images and the images may not be reproduced without the written consent and permission of the artist. In addition, some images may have been cropped or resized due to formatting requirements of this catalogue. To see the actual and correct image ratios visit the Exhibition Archives on the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery website.

The Winning Artists in the Overall Category

1st Place - Overall - Kathryn Hansen - "Wise Guy"

2nd Place - Overall – Pinar du Pre - "Lucrezia"

3rd Place - Overall - Deb Della Piana - "Egret Reflections"

4th Place - Overall - Karen Israel - "Straight On Till Morning"

5th Place - Overall - Karen Crouse - "Curiosity"

6th Place - Overall - Carla Carlson - "Corrugated Live Oak #2"

7th Place - Overall - Judith Brandon - "Light Sleeper"

8th Place - Overall - Susan Beazley - "Hebden Heather"

9th Place - Overall - Monique Brent - "My Song"

10th Place - Overall - Tatjana Krilova - "Last Leaf Dream"

All Women - Special Merit Awards

SM - Jacqueline Allison - "Have Hope"

SM - Bente Andermahr - "14M Watermark"

SM - Cindy Avroch - "Chiffon"

SM - Claire Bartlett - "Apple"

SM - Jacqui Beck - "A Watchful Eye"

SM - Jacqui Beck - "Inattention to Detail"

SM - Gemma Best - "Pheasant in Woods"

SM - Amy Block - "Fire Works"

SM - Elisa Bracciali - "Shining Sunflowers"

SM - Christine Brandell - "Spring"

SM - Rebecca Calhoun - "Alline"

SM – Rebecca Calhoun - "Missionary Man"

SM - Judith Cameron - "Red Angel"

SM - Becky Chappell - "Vase"

SM - Alana Cooksey - " I'm Cold"

SM - Cindy Dochstader - "Brothers"

SM - Julia Drake - "Self Found"

SM - Tracy Effinger - "Cappuccino"

SM - Irina Evangelidy - "Morning"

SM – Heather Fenzau - "Illusive Flare"

SM - Teresa Foster - "Eric and Papa's Toys"

SM - Eleanor Gilpatrick - "In Afghanistan"

SM - Graehound - "Inside Voice"

SM - Glenis Gray - "Elaine"

SM - Marilyn Harris - "Textured Water Lilies"

SM - Chasity Heck - "Living With Intention"

SM - Nancy Hoffmann - "Apples Spotlighted"

SM – Cynthia House - "Brothers In Arms"

SM – Darlene Kaplan - "Hey Gorgeous"

SM - Wendy Layne - "A Horse Named Heaven"

SM - Shawn Marshall - "Manifesting Beliefs"

SM - Shawn Marshall - "Kentucky Barn"

SM - Emily McLaughlin - "Humanity Fish"

SM – Eve Miller - "Nantucket Summer"

SM - Paula Montgomery - "The Busy Reds"

SM – Gemma Moran - "Pride"

SM - Sandy Moser - "The Catch"

SM - Debra Murray - "When Strings Became Wings"

SM - Alana Perlin - "Female Intuition"

SM – Tamara Poff - "Naomi"

SM – Tamara Poff - "Red, White, and Through"

SM - Sabne Raznik - "Faces"

SM - Tanya Reeves - "Lolita"

SM - Elaine Rexdale - "3-Ring Circus"

SM - Kristi Richter - "Young Zebra"

SM - Kimberli Robberson- "Lichen Moon Rocks"

SM - Anna Roberts - "Sappling"

SM - Carol Rode-Curley - "She was Worth a Look, She was Trouble"

SM - Pauline Savage - "Rainbow Trout"

SM – Patricia Schnepf - "Playful"

SM - Aparajita Sen - "Into the Storm"

SM - Karen Shine - "Venus Blue Botanical"

SM - Tricia Skoglund - "Move On Down The Way"

SM – Keisha Smith - "The Day Mom Made Me Wear That Itchy Plaid Dress"

SM - Garima Srivastava - "Enclosed in Ink"

SM – Caroline Szeto Dahlmanns - "Queen of Wands"

SM – Gwyned Trefethen - "Tree Serenade"

SM - Carla Tucker - "Summer"

SM - Sally Tuttle - "Either Way"

SM - Avi Volfson - "To be or not to Selfie"

SM - Joy Watson - "Garlic"

SM - Caroline Werner - "Jesus Arrives at Union Square"

SM – Lisa Whittington - "Soul"

SM - Amy Woolston - " Pride and Prejudice"

SM - Tina Ybarra - "Not Ever Really Safe"

All Women – Painting & Other Category

1st Place - Painting - Kathryn Hansen - "Wise Guy"

2nd Place - Painting - Karen Israel - "Straight On Till Morning"

3rd Place - Painting - Judith Brandon - "Light Sleeper"

4th Place - Painting - Susan Beazley - "Hebden Heather"

5th Place - Painting - Monique Brent - "My Song"

Hon. Mention Painting - Tatjana Krilova - "Last Leaf Dream"

Hon. Mention - Painting - Frances Marino - "Meeting of the Minds"

Hon. Mention - Painting - Robin Miller Bookhout - "The Glades"

Hon. Mention - Painting - Szabo Timea - "Camouflage"

Hon. Mention - Painting - Karen Watson - "Free to Go"

Painting & Other Category – Special Recognition

SR - Elodie Abergel - "R-evolution"

SR - Gina Accardo-iusi - "Liberta"

SR - Carol Allen Anfinsen - ""Reggae Night"

SR - "Kiernan Antares" - "Lady of Grace"

SR - Arrachme - "Smoke and Mirrors"

SR - Anna Arthur-Sgalia - "City Lights"

SR - Pam Ayres - "Waiting..."

SR - Josette Bailey - "Boat Silhouettes"

SR - Alix Baker - "Veterans, The Stade, Hastings"

SR - Emma Ball - "Jolene"

SR - Claire Bartlett - "Blue"

SR - Molly Benson - "Merry Summer"

SR - Susan Berce - "Looking at the Sea"

SR - Jerri-Lee Bickley - "Soul Tree"

SR - Rachel Biggs - "The Music"

SR - Courtney Bishop - "Art Student"

SR - Carol Boles - "The Old Mill"

SR - Emily Boutilier - "What Lies Ahead"

SR - Susan Boye - "Opening"

SR - Susan Bradbury - "Wedding Dress"

SR -

Tarsha Braddon - "Autumn Chill"

SR – Sara Braswell - "Value"

SR - Cheryl Braganza - "Peace, Power, Pink"

SR -

Linda Braun - " When it Ends it Begins"

SR -

TLynn Brentnall - "Delicate Beauty"

SR - Shannon Buckley - "Self Portait 18"

SR - Elinore Bucholtz - "Remember the Red, White, and Blue"

SR - Suzi Burns - "Graphite Owl"

SR - Emma Campbell - "The Calm"

SR - Ada Cartianu - "Awareness"

SR - Laurie Cartwright - "Last Warm Rays"

SR - Reyna Castano - "Genesis"

SR - Hui-ju Chen - "Evil Me"

SR - Jolene Chinnick - "CougHer"

SR -

Katerina Cherevko - "Under the Snow"

SR - Margaret Chwialkowska - "Lavender Immersion"

SR - Diane Clayton - "Margareta"

SR - Sandrine (aka Sanya) Colson-Inam - "Discovery"

SR - Kimberly Conrad - "A Day at The Gulf"

SR - Amber Cosand - "Octopussi"

SR - Dara Daniel - "Spring Dance II"

SR – Lisa Daniels - "Ladies in Waiting"

SR - Maria Dante - "Ophelia"

SR - Diana Dzene - "Woman in a Cafe"

SR – Jodi Eaton - "Sonoran Sky"

SR - Genevieve Esson - "Cypress Trees and Leopard In Landscape"

SR - Karyn Estela - "Tree of Life"

SR - Irina Evangelidy - "Morning Strawberry"

SR - Samantha Fried - "Feather Boa"

SR - Barbara Gibbings - "Three Alpacas"

SR - Bonnie Gray - "Love Tap"

SR - Valerie Greene - "Tulips"

SR - Claudia Grimm - "Learning"

SR - Carole Guthrie - "Vessels"

SR - Leslie Hagg Wolk - "Moon On NYC"

SR - Jenna Hamner - "Action Painting"

SR - Kitty Harvill - "Breaking Through"

SR - Janine Heffernan - "Fluffy"

SR - Jennifer Higgins - "A Jovial Yellow Finch"

SR - karlyn Holloway - "Jenny"

SR - Janel Houton - "Magnolia Tree"

SR - Kim Huerta - "Snowy Pines at Dusk"

SR - M. Hunter - "Etches I"

SR - Aazam Irilian - "Creation"

SR - Karen Israel - "First Positions"

SR - Helen Kagan - "Sun Shower"

SR - Darlene Kaplan - "Camellia and Birds"

SR - Gayane Karapetyan - "An Amber Intrigue"

SR - June Kellogg - "Women Walking Tall"

SR - Pat Kermode - "Seahorse"

SR - Theresa Ketterer - "Diana Lightwolf (Self-Portrait)"

SR - Susana Khabbaz - "Ethnic Flight"

SR - April Kim - "Broken Heart"

SR -

Judy Krongard - "Angel Oak"

SR - Renata Kopac - "Hmong Flower Woman"

SR - Cee Lambert - "Scarlet"

SR - Elizabeth Lane - "Galactic Storm"

SR - Pooran Lashini - "Justice"

SR - Satu Laurel - "Stairway of Time"

SR – Ann Lawtey - "Monhegan Lighthouse Museum"

SR - Wendy Layne - "It's 5 O'Clock"

SR - Ruslana Levandovska - "The Escape"

SR - Heather Logsdon - "Sunbathers"

SR - Barbara Lyons - "A Threefold Cord"

SR – Kate MacMahon - "Red Trees"

SR - Gina Mantel - "Cotton Sunset"

SR - Anita Marci - "Peach Hibiscus"

SR - Jackie Martin - "Blister"

SR - Lisa Martin - "Old Bay Poe"

SR - Michelle Martin - "Inspired"

SR - Lucy Matta - "Walk The Walk"

SR - Maya Just Maya - "Queen Bee"

SR – Margret McDermott - "Waiting for Toast Soldiers"

SR - Manda McKay - "Feminine Mystique"

SR - Fran McNeely - "High School Reunion"

SR - Juliet Mevi - "Aunt Carrie"

SR -

SR -

Victoria Miller- "All the World's a Stage"

Paula Montgomery - "Cherry Orchids"

SR -

Hetal Mistry - "Longing"

SR - Catherine Moreno - "Green Beach"

SR - Monika Mori - "Die blaue Stadt"

SR - Lyndell Muirhead - "Australian Green Tree Frog (Endangered)"

SR -

Laura Morris - "Le Grand Teton"

SR - Lily Nava - "Alpha and Omega"

SR - Carolyn Nelson - "Silent Night"

SR - Sasha Nowill- "Springtime Teatime"

SR - Salleigh Olsen - "Two Six"

SR - Josie O'Malley - "The Violin"

SR - Lisette Overweel - "Ready for Action"

SR - Nives Palmić

- "Rising (Birch in Winter)"

SR - Anne Palmer - "Love With Fur On"

SR - Sy Phelan - "Tabby"

SR - Paula Pohli - "Robin Young"

SR - Natalie Raffield - "Baby in Tow, Bogoso, Ghana"

SR - Aalia Rahman - "Sailing Through Glass"

SR - Dawn Richards - "Boundless"

SR - Diane Richardson - "Annie's World"

SR - Ronda Richley - "Rose and Thorns"

SR - Anna Roberts - "Butterfly"

SR - Elizabeth Rodriguez - "Tattooed Housewife"

SR - Kristina Rosenbecker - "Elektra"

SR - Sandra Sabene - "Natural Healing"

SR - Treena Rowan - "Trees"

SR -

Carol Sabo "Searching for ET II"

SR - Lia Santini - "Save the Bees"

SR - Elsa Santos Carrillo - "The Dream"

SR - Pauline Savage - "Sunfish"

SR - Barbara Kent Searcy - "Goldfish Reflections"

SR - Niloufar Sharifi - "Shelter"

SR - Elizabeth Sheehan - "The Wolf, The White Dress and The House of Dreams I"

SR – Toni Silber-Delerive - "Cool Max"

SR - Anna Silkoff - "Fragments of My Mind"

SR – Elle Smith - "Somewhere over the Rainbow"

SR - Judith Lynn Smith - "Focus"

SR - Karen Snider - "Family Portrait"

SR - Marta Spendowska - "Abstract Flora : Earth and Sky Tremble"

SR - Shachi Srivastava - "Born Free"

SR - Anna Starkova - "Polar Nocturne"

SR - Ingrid Stiehler - "Venice"

SR – Julia Stiehler - "Kingly"

SR - Jen Sturman Mutton - "Serepentine"

SR - Stephanie Sullivan - "M for Mom"

SR - Tess Taaca - "Serenity"

SR - Simran Thadini - "Talent"

SR - Sandra Thwaites - "Maori Spirit"

SR - Rayna Todorov - "Under the Sea"

SR - Nancy Torbitt-Stewart - "Watcher"

SR - Emilie Trent - "Hydra"

SR - Leyla Turkay - "Journey of The Hawk"

SR - Dana Vacca - "My Friend, The Holy Spirit"

SR - Jayshree Vakil - "Vixens"

SR - Gladys Velez - "Native American"

SR - Georgina Vinsun - "Donna"

SR - Laura Walker - "Dixie Bride"

SR - Kaitlin Walsh - "Brachial Plexus in Red and Teal"

SR - Dawn Ward - "Her Hair Like Fire"

SR - Kerry Warner - "Solstitium Serenus II"

SR -

Amy Wilkinson - "Blue"

SR - Yvonne Welman - "Living Craft 2, Maria van Oosterwijck"

SR - Beth Williams Pryor - "Melange en Citron"

SR - Kathryn Wilsher - "Untitled, 2015"

SR - Eve Withrow - "Valley Of The Rogue"

SR - Kathleen Wong - "Wind & Cloud"

SR - Mary Yarbrough - "Little Susie"

SR -

Kristina Zallinger - "Side by Side"

All Women – Photography & Digital Category

1st Place - Photography - Deb Della Piana - "Egret Reflections"

2nd Place - Photography - Karen Crouse - "Curiosity�

3rd Place - Photography - Dolores Kiriacon - "Dried Tree Branch"

4th Place - Photography - Cheri Homaee - "Shopping Ladies"

5th Place - Photography - Terry Pellmar - "Lost Roses"

Hon. Mention - Photography - Pam Borrelli - "Crystal"

Hon. Mention - Photography - Durga Garcia - "Desert Silhouette"

Hon. Mention - Photography - Cheryl Rau - "Doctor My Eyes"

Hon. Mention - Photography - Jayne Wilson - "Boudoir Reflections"

Hon. Mention - Photography - Jayne Wilson - "Boudoir Reflections"

Photography & Digital Category – Special Recognition

SR - Danielle Austen - "Whorl"

SR - Amanda Aziz - "The Gender Bender"

SR - Melissa Bernazzani - "Illusions of Motherhood: No. 3"

SR - Carole Boyd - "Mommy and Me"

SR - Susan Chase - "Blue Dandelion"

SR - Leslie Coston - "Eureka Sunday"

SR - Narelle Cridland - "The River Crossing"

SR – Lois Cunniff - "Untitled"

SR - Jacquelyn Daley - "How do you deal?"

SR - Gabriela Delgado - "Fashion Art"

SR - Whitney Durrett - "Identifying"

SR - Dina Farmer - "Fish"

SR - Sandy Friedkin - "Cranes & Cows"

SR - Stephanie Funke - "Daddy Long Legs"

SR - Andrea Gohl - "Self-Portrait with Collection"

SR - Linda Greenwood - "Vermont Red Shed"

SR - Paula Haapalahti - "Dillution#1"

SR - Jennifer Hammer - "The Pink House"

SR - Cherry Harrison - "Suspended 1: Time, Space and Temporality"

SR - Mary Heller - "Dunes"

SR - Taylor Herian - "Planet 1"

SR - Sarah Hiatt - "Emma"

SR – Gini Holmes - "Koi Ride"

SR - Cynthia Hoppenrath - "Morning Sand Lake"

SR - Alexandra Jordankova - "Alex"

SR - Anita Kovacevic - "Perfect Sense III"

SR - Karine LaRocque - "Love Me"

SR - Karine LaRocque - "La Page"

SR - Jacklyn Leonardo - "Mali Rainbow"

SR - Katie McGuire - "Falls Golden Spiral"

SR – Kate Miller - "Susanna"

SR - Karen Morgan - "Journeys"

SR - Michele Munyak - "Denali"

SR - Leena Nevalainen-Smith - "Wind Gust"

SR - Mary Newbauer - "Playing in the Solstice Sun"

SR - Jennifer OrhĂŠlys - "The Game Of Thrones"

SR - Jessie Parker - "Heavenly Light V"

SR - Louise Parms - "Spa Water Grapes"

SR – Emz Powell - "Reaction"

SR - Alisa Rysaeva - "Beast"

SR - Sibel Sancar - "Deep"

SR - Carel Schmidlkofer - "Wisteria"

SR - Richelle Schwartz - "Recluse"

SR - Lisa Shalom - "Pausing For Affection"

SR - Donna Smith Hursh - "No Signal"

SR - Maggie Snyder - "Dendrites Out in the Open"

SR - Lana Sokoloff - "Fantasy1"

SR - Alison Squiers - "Locker Doors"

SR - Olivia Stusak- "Notre Dame"

SR - Nancy Sullins - "Road into the Chisos"

SR - Jo Sullivan - "Solitude Obscured"

SR - Dalani Tanahy - "Hina A Ka La"

SR - Allison Tanenhaus - "I Just Want Too Much To Ask"

SR - Elisabeth Thorn - "English Landscape"

SR - Elisabeth Thorn - "Under the Light"

SR - Camille Tillinghast - "Watching and Waiting - Snowy Egret"

SR - Ilze Valente - "In the Quiet"

SR - Cara Walton - "Out of Tune"

SR - Gracie Warwick - "Untitled, Palm Trees"

SR - Sarah Whitscell - "Lady Light"

All Women – 3D and Mixed Media Category

1st Place - 3D & Mixed Media - Pinar du Pre - "Lucrezia"

2nd Place - 3D & Mixed Media - Carla Carlson - "Corrugated Live Oak #2"

3rd Place - 3D & Mixed Media - Doriane Sewell - "African Motherhood"

4th Place - 3D & Mixed Media - Marti White - "Strata in Green"

5th Place - 3D & Mixed Media - Darlene Monroe - "Long Meg and the Winter Sky"

Hon. Mention - 3D & Mixed Media - Virginia Arregui - "Old World Bird"

Hon. Mention - 3D & Mixed Media - Susanne Clawson - "Hot Hot Hot"

Hon. Mention - 3D & Mixed Media - Terri Deskins - "Rake East West I"

Hon. Mention - 3D & Mixed Media - Frederica Hall - "Catching the Sun"

Hon. Mention - 3D & Mixed Media - Dana Hess - "Heartsong"

All Women – 3D and Mixed Media Special Recognition Category

All Women Artist Contact Information Elodie Abergel www.elodieabergel.com Gina Accardo-iusi Gina.iusi@gmail.com Sarah Aineb moxyjojo@yahoo.com Carrie Alderfer www.chromaddict.com Carol Allen Anfinsen http://carol-allen-anfinsen.artistwebsites.com Jacqueline Allison www.jacquelineallison.com Bente Andermahr www.andermahrphotography.com Kiernan Antares www.kiernanantares.com Arrachme www.arrachmefineart.com Virginia Arregui www.virginiaarregui.com.au Anna Arthur-Sgalia anna.arthursgalia@gmail.com Ulrike Asamer www.ulrikeasamer.at Danielle Austen www.danielleausten.com Cindy Avroch www.cindyavrochfineart.com Pam Ayres payresart@gmail.com Amanda Aziz amandaaziz00@gmail.com

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All Women 2015 Online Art Exhibition - Event Catalogue  

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that its March 2015 art exhibition is now posted on their website and is ready...

All Women 2015 Online Art Exhibition - Event Catalogue  

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery is pleased to announce that its March 2015 art exhibition is now posted on their website and is ready...

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