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About Frompo  Every day, with the increase in the number of online resources, a need to browse through them arises. Frompo makes it easier to look them up without wasting much time. With a plenty of search engines and tools already existing in the market to search, discover and share content, the problem is not – having an access to the world of information, but is to have access to the content one wants when one wants it!  Operating for about 4 years now, Frompo has established and highlighted its name successfully amongst other search engines. Frompo is a next generation green and clean search engine. “It is a community of users who come together and curate search results to improve the search experience for everyone.” Being a curated search engine, Frompo extensively manually edits search results according to user specifications. The word curate means to organize and oversee; custodian of a collection or a conservator. This holds apt for Frompo considering its mechanism – it aggregates the most relevant searches from Google, Yahoo! and Bing and delivers them in a convenient search package.

About Frompo  Sometimes, when one searches for a topic in the search engine, they get many- a search results which are spam or irrelevant or malicious. Frompo eliminates this issue by giving them the complete power of the search engine. Users can actually tailor their own personal search results. For instance, one could easily search any audio or video, news or blog or website using specific demands or criteria, say, - lyrics, genres, singer, movie, album, cast, dance style or channel, podcasts, time of news, anchors, authors, tweets, following feeds or anything that you could possibly want!  Objective of Frompo is to identify and classify the best content for a given topic or category. While most search engines typically get most of their traffic from the top 10-20% of their indexes, Frompo performs very specific and to the point, apt searches based on user needs.  About the Green Search Engine – Frompo declared during its launch that it believes in giving back to the mother Earth and sincerely wants to help, save and preserve the environment. Alongside being userfriendly, it is also eco-friendly! The revenue generated by performing searches on Frompo or clicking on search ads will help in helping the

DEFINITION AND MEANING • Search Engines are the online answer machines where a hunter makes an inquiry and they provide answers in the form of a list of web pages or websites with appropriate information. While, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of promoting and civilizing a website to rate up the quantity of user’s the site receives from search engines.

WORKING OF ENGINE SEARCH ď ą The two major function of search engines on the WWW are, first, they are concerned in jam-packed and indexing the millions and millions of documents on the browsers. Secondly, they are responsible for giving useful and right answers to the quest searched by searchers on the internet. ď ą To conduct the first task, programmed robots identified as "crawlers" or "spiders" are used. These crawlers check throughout the millions and millions of credentials, leaves, files, videos, information, and medium available on the Web. They visit the websites, read the information on the genuine site, read the sites meta-tags and also pursue those links that are used to perform indexing on all coupled website. The crawler returns all the information rear to the fundamental depository, where the data is indexed. An illustration for this, imagine a man who is having the responsibility of providing all the information about all the shop of a town, in concern with all the products they contains. The person would have to run from one shop to another throughout the city (crawling), get information about all the shops and whatever they store it (indexing) in a manner that it would be easy to retrieve when asked for it. But to do this, well recognized paths (links) are required. ď ą Even for a single query search engine gives you a better result, by consulting compound search engines at one time, combining their outcome, erasing duplicates and keeping only the very best of the information gathered.

WORKING OF ENGINE SEARCH • Administrating Searches and outcome • Browsers using more than 1000 search engines combined into 120 categories • Search is normally done using the keywords, phrases or Boolean quest. • Create custom search categories with available engines

FACTS ABOUT ENGINE SEARCH  The good news about the Internet and its most visible constituent, the World Wide Web, is that there are hundreds of millions of pages obtainable, waiting to present information on an astonishing variety of topics. The awful news about the Internet is that there are hundreds of millions of pages accessible, most of them titled according to the urge of their author. These search engines are designed in such a way that it helps visitor to get the right information people and also help them to find the stored information on other sites. There are differences in the ways the search engines vary with other sites but they perform the same three basic task.  They study the Internet -- or select pieces of the Internet -- based on vital words.  They keep a directory of the terms they find, and where they find them.  They allow visitor to look for words or combinations of expressions originate in that index.  Early search engines have an index which keeps the thousands of leaves and documents and might be receiving one or two thousand queries a day. Today, a peak search engine will key hundreds of millions of pages, and react to tens of millions of queries per day.

CONCLUSION • According to me Engine Search provides right information via consulting hundreds of sites and web leaves on your finger tips. It provides your vital information even if you don’t know the exact website you have to just type the keyword on the browser and, a list of web pages will be opened relating that keyword.

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