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John Prado artist and sculptor




Artist & Sculptor

Bio Johnatan Prado was born in the city of Guadalajara in Jalisco, Mexico. He is currently studying for his Associates Degree in Fine Arts from Sierra College and plans on graduating with a Masters Degree in Painting. His aspiration is to teach fine arts at the college level and be an advocate for encouraging new art in the Catholic Church. Johnatan is currently employed as a part-time art instructor at Horizon Charter School in Sacramento. He has developed the syllabus and overall course structure, created a list of the art program course materials, instructed grades 3rd -12th, collaborated with each grade to create large art pieces, and hosted an art reception for the school as a fundraiser. He is a modern contemporary/ traditional painter and sculptor and his work has been exhibited at the Ridley Gallery at Sierra College.



Charcoal Drawing


Untitled Oil Pastel


Hand Study Pen and ink


Blue Necklace A drawing of my most prized possesion. This drawing is a combination of water based ink and photoshop.


Young Love Water based ink pens


Self-Portrait Oil Pastel


Self-Portrait Clay Sculpure


[Resume] EDUCATION [AA in Fine Arts] [Sierra College, Rocklin, CA] [2015] EXPERIENCE [Art Instructor] [Horizon Charter School, Sacramento, CA] [2013-Current] Developed syllabus and overall course structure, created a list of the course materials; instructed grades 3rd -12th in fine art; collaborated with each grade to create large art pieces; and hosted an art reception for the school as a fundraiser. [Youth Ministry] [St. Rose of Lima, Roseville, CA] [2013-Current] As a youth minister; Developed strong leadership and collaboration skills by working with experienced leaders; worked on creating entertaining talks, icebreakers, games and events for youth once a week; Developed talks and invited guest speakers to events; Designated and supported youth leaders to host fundraisers and recreational events. SKILLS [Studio Art] Painting: [Acrylic, Oil] Drawing: [Pastels, Charcoal, Graphite] Sculpture: [Wood, Clay, Wire, Plaster] Photography: [Digital] [Work Ethic/ Skillsets] [Punctual, Detail Oriented, Social, Problem Solver, Honest, Positive Work Ethic, Motivator] EXHIBITION [16th Annual Juried Student Art Show, Ridley Galley, Sierra College, Rocklin, CA] [2013] LANGUAGES [English] [Spanish = Native Language] REFERENCES Alejandra Aguilera [School Principle] (Contact Information on request)


Artist Statement: Often I hear people say that they need a hobby to unwind from the stresses of daily life. What I am certain of, is that art is not my hobby. Sitting at a desk drawing rough sketches, studying, pre-planning, beginning and finalizing a work of art; is a tedious and time consuming process. Art is more than a hobby for me. I do it despite the stress or the long hours because for me it is a profession and most importantly it fills me with satisfaction. My inspiration to make art comes from a strong admiration for people and the world that I live in. Art to me is an opportunity to imitate the inescapable beauty that is present in every situation. I am driven to do art because of its potential to uplift the look of its surroundings and those who view it. I am influenced by street art for its creativity and vast styles, realism for its attention to detail, renaissance art for its attention to the human form, and sacred art for its profound messages. My art is realistic in nature and I gravitate more towards portraiture and the human figure. Unlike many realism artists, I believe that not every detail is necessary. The choice of my materials is decided upon the look of the work I want to create. I work with any medium and enjoy both two-dimensional and three-dimensional work. I prefer to begin messy and loose, then I refine only the areas of focus. This creates a clear focal point and gives people some insight on the process I took to creating the piece.

Hand Study Watercolor


John Prado

artist & sculptor

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Portfolio Showcasing some of my work samples; Painting, Drawing, Sculpture