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Epilogue “We hold to the idea that architecture is not simply reducible to the container and the contained but that there exists a dynamic exchange between the life of matter and the matter of our lives.” - Reiser + Umemoto

Architecture is a process. Architecture is not ego. Architecture is neither science or art; form nor function. Architecture is an effect, a balance, a phenomenon. Architecture is iterative. An architect must dwell in the process of his work if he hopes to design buildings which will function successfully in every sense of the word. As Mies was fond of saying, “God is in the details.” Good architecture encompasses all facets of design and seeks to achieve a more holistic solution. In the end, what separates an architect from a builder is this embrace of the total process of design. I have a passion for the art and discipline of architecture, and it is this passion which drives me to continually seek an increased knowledge of the field and the profession - a constant and never-ending journey. It is this dwelling in the process of the design that will continue to propel me forward in my development, a journey I have greatly enjoyed thus far and will continue with conviction.

With Conviction  

Portfolio of works of architecture and urban design.