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New Mixed-Use Urban Infill Race Pier The objective of this competition was to better integrate a major transportation corridor into the city fabric. This design seeks to achieve that by developing the existing highway into a multiway, multi-modal boulevard to activate the urban edge.

Delaware Urban Boulevard Penn’s Landing Green Ferry Station Riverfront Park

Additionally, this design extends the city transit grid to the river, connecting the city back to its waterfront and conceives a master plan for a holistically sustainable, mixed-use walkable neighborhood. Lastly, the existing wasteland of warehouses and parking lots was given a new identity as “Penn Pier”, a lively entertainment hub on the river.

Existing Neighborhood Gloria Dei (Old Sedes) Church Constructed Wetlands

Trolley Station Plaza

Penn Pier Entertainment District

Trolley Terminus Museum of Industrial Heritage Penn Pier Entertainment Fair


Proposed Site Plan

Train-to-Truck Container Terminal: Logistics Center

With Conviction  
With Conviction  

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