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Best Deal On 4 x 24 Sanding Belts Looking for the best deal on Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belts online? We have different types of 4 x 24 sanding belts with a variety of widths and lengths to accommodate most sander brands and sizes.

Below are the Available Features: Available sanding belt: 4" x 24" Everlast Aluminum Oxide and 4" x 24" non-loading white sanding belts consists of (3) P120, (3) P150 & (3) P180 grit belts. Total Nine Belts. These sanding belts have the toughness and enduring sharpness of aluminum oxide particles making our sanding belts a fine abrasive for both wood and metal. Abrasive particles are bonded to their cloth backing with resin over resin, which means a longer -wearing cloth belt. Belts have a butt joint and can be run in either direction. Sanding belts have a limited shelf life. Please order accordingly and store your belts in a dry place. Available in 60, 80, 100, 120, 150 and 180 grit. Fits Makita 9403, Porter Cable 362V, Bosch 1276DVS & 4 -inch by 24 -inch belt sanders. Made in the USA. Amazon Payments which is fast and convenient for our customers. For more detail on custom sanding belts please visit:

4" x 24" Everlast Aluminum Oxide