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If you are looking for blog software to provide news on your existing website then I can fully recommend using WordPress. It is the worlds most used content management system for blogs online. It is so easy to use and provides a massive amount of plugins that can add so many useful tools to your blogs functionality. Why Blog Setup? The great thing about having your own blog is that you can add an unlimited amount of articles and stories about your companies products or services. These articles are stored on your sites mysql database and are archived so available for generating traffic for years and years to come. When doing you blog first of all download WordPress. Unzip this and place it on your desktop , then open your ftp software login to your server in the mean time setup a mysql database on your server. Now upload all the required files one by one this is very important you cannot afford to miss out any files. Now you have the files uploaded change the name of the sample config file to remove the word sample. This will then leave you with the correct file name for setup. Next stage place this config file on your desktop open it in wordpad and add the mysql database details. Now open you url and go through the setup stage. I would recommend adding the following WordPress plugins as soon as you have installed the blog. The all in one SEO pack and the Google xml sitemaps. These two plugins are vital if you are going to get the most out of you blog SEO wise. Take a look through the different themes and choose one that suits your site. Also think about adding your sites RSS feed to some of the social networking sites like Facebook and twitter. If you find it difficult looking for articles to write perhaps look at you tube videos these are great for finding information on specific products. Sometimes you know lots about specific industries but will find it difficult to add specific stories or articles around it perhaps you have writers block or just find it difficult writing this online marketing technique will help you in your marketing. If you are finding it difficult there are several companies out there that offer a professional blog setup service so it is well worth getting in touch with them if you don't have the time to setup a blog yourself.

Garry Pickles is the founder of Online Media Direct Ltd Internet Marketing Experts and are based in the north west of England in the Rossendale valley. The company are leaders in marketing online they specialize in the Blog Setup.

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==== ==== For More Information On SEO Video Sitemap Wordpress Plugin Which Ranks Any Site In A Matter Of... ==== ====

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