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Why do SEO? Why should you spend the time and effort to learn SEO? What is SEO (search engine optimization)? First lets take a quick look at what SEO is. It means "search engine optimization". Simply put it means to make it easy for the big engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to find your sites, articles and videos. How does Search Engine Optimization work? When you are looking for information you go to the the above search engines and type in what you are looking for. These search engines have gathered information and list sites you can look at. The sites are listed by rank, with the sites they consider the best sites on the first pages you view. Those engines must be able to find you. They have to decide what your site is about. Then they have to give your pages a value compared to the data they have gathered about other sites. Now they are not reading your whole post. They view your pages by the key words. They view your pages by the other sites that think your stuff is valuable (banklinks). SEO strategies SEO keywords - Find what keywords people are using. Take those keywords and using them effectively. Creating back-links - Get links back to the pages you want to draw readers to. This can be done with article marketing, forums, guest posts, social media, comments on other blogs, press releases and social book marking....just to name a few ways. Having a site map - Get your site map on your sites. On WordPress use the Google XML Sitemaps Plugin. Other sites can search for XML SiteMaps. Having Webmaster tools - Sign up for the "Google Webmaster Tools." Set up your free account and use those tools to help you rank higher in the search engines. Why DO SEO? A recent survey by the "Info Tech Research" group showed that: Companies that put effort into SEO saw an increase in traffic as compared to companies that put in very little effort. SEO can increase site stickiness. Gain high value for your brand. 3 More Reasons To Learn SEO 1. It is free targeted traffic - Learn simple SEO techniques for free traffic to you sites, articles andvideos. This is targeted traffic. Traffic that is looking for the information you have.

2. It is simple - Now others might argue with this statement because the search engines are always changing...but the basic foundation of SEO seems to stay the same. Learn SEO basics. 3. Easy to put into action - Once you know how to find and use key words it is easy to get those keywords into all of your marketing efforts.

It could be argued that SEO is a waste of time since the search engines often change. But the basics stay pretty much the same. To learn those basic SEO strategies Go to "SEO Expert Website Traffic Generation Blueprint". Sheila Atwood,

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==== ==== For More Information On SEO Video Sitemap Wordpress Plugin Which Ranks Any Site In A Matter Of... ==== ====

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