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When it comes to traffic generation, search engine optimization would probably be the number one method that comes to mind. You can have Google or Yahoo send targeted traffic directly to your website with zero advertising cost and no third party websites. All you need to do is simply tweak your website so it looks relevant for selected terms in the eye of search engines. I'm not a search engine optimization expert, but I do get good ranking for simple, less competitive keywords in Google and Yahoo. There are a few ways to do this:

Keyword research. This one is the most important part. Targeting keyword with too many search results could mean your website won't be ranked at all. While if you aim for keyword with no traffic at all, your hard work will be wasted. One of the best way to get keyword ideas is by browsing Amazon marketplace and look for their hot-selling products. Then, aim to get top ranking in Google keywords with buy modifier. For example "Buy Nikon d40 18-55 mm lens digital camera". That would be much easier and possible to get ranked, compared to "digital camera" or perhaps Nikon. Use Wordpress blog instead of normal HTML website. Wordpress is endorsed by many marketers and SEO experts. It is proven that getting high ranking using Wordpress is easier and better than using normal HTML or site builder. Wordpress blog doesn't contain scripts that could affect your ranking and prevent bots from indexing your website. Install important Wordpress plugin. You need to upload and activate important plugin from Wordpress sites. One of my favorite is Platinum SEO. This plugin allows me to insert meta description, title tag and meta keywords for each post and entire blog. The most important is blog title, post title and description. If you have this plugin installed, make sure to add the keywords into these sections. Keep your content updated and fresh. Google loves fresh content. Make sure to update your blog regularly and keep it relevant. Don't forget to submit your blog and sitemap to Google. Log on to Google webmaster central, create a free account there, watch the video tutorials and follow the instructions. Remember that Google adds billions of webpages everyday to their database so make their job easier by submitting both your domain and sitemap. Promote your blog using article marketing. Of course you can wait for Google to crawl your website and give good ranking to you. However, that would take lots of time. Plus, Google also counts the number of links to your website in order to give good ranking. Which is why, I also recommend that you post articles to directories for additional traffic and inbound links. Be patient. In most cases, search engine optimization process could take months, sometimes years to see good results.

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==== ==== For More Information On SEO Video Sitemap Wordpress Plugin Which Ranks Any Site In A Matter Of... ==== ====

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