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After months and months of incessant phone calls, your ultimate crush has finally agreed to go out with you on a date. That's a huge thing and the last thing you want to do is disappoint her, right? You've laid out a perfect plan for the date that's coming up next weekend but then you realized you don't exactly have the funds to take her out to a classy restaurant. What do you do? Go home, sulk, and never leave the house? Or do you call her up to cancel that long-overdue date with her? The answer is simple: do neither of them. The only solution to that dilemma of yours is find a way on how to make money quickly, which is fairly easy, really. One of the easiest and fastest way to make money is by offering your services and skills to other people. If you are completely okay with physical labor, then why don't you go knocking on neighbor's doors and offer to mow their lawn for them or clean their pool? Although this is a little old tactic to make money, it still works. Besides, you'll be in it for the quick money and not a stable source of income anyway. Other quick ways for you to get money is by being a pet walker for a day, a baby-sitter, or even a house-sitter. Then if you're a talented musician, why not bring that guitar of yours and play somewhere? Or if Lady Luck blesses you, try to land yourself a gig for a quick and no-fuss one-night only money venture. Moving on to another chapter of this how to make money quickly piece, you might as well go over your old stuff and find something that you can sell quickly over at eBay. This is definitely something that everybody does either for kicks or for real money. Whatever it may be, there really is money to be had in eBay. The only thing you have to perfect is finding the right item to sell. If you're something that is pretty valuable, name your price. But if it's not, then you're better off to let the users bid for your item. This is something that you can do everyday and it's virtually a piece of cake. Do this for one straight week with one item being sold everyday and you're bound to cash in on some serious buck at the end of the week. There are tons of opportunities on how to make money quickly that it simply boils down to having the right attitude and street smarts. It's also important that you learn to look in every nook and cranny instead of focusing on one area to earn money - like the internet for example. Even scrap metals scattered in the streets can be turned into money. As long as you dedicated yourself to earning money for a reason, say, just so you could take your dream girl on a date makes it all the more possible.

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