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Do you have a blog website? Are you making money from it? No I'm not going to to tell you I made a ridiculous amount of money from mine, lol. There's enough of those out there. Problems With Most Blog Sites What I am going to tell you is that my blog does make me money, as a matter of fact I now have 4 blog sites but only 3 are making me money. Why because I made some mistakes setting up the first 3 of them. You probably made these same mistakes if you not making money from your blog site. There are some very easy corrections you can do to easily start making money from your blog site too. I learned these techniques from different ebooks, video course and forums just to name a few and I take out the best parts and I post them in my blog. Some of these tips to fix yours I have listed for you below. Fixing Your Blog Site Here are some quick steps you can use to start making money from your blog. Make sure you use your main key work in the title Use proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so your blog post can be found. This means using H1,H2,H3 tags, bolding your keywords, using italics on your key words. Also you need a keyword density of 2 - 5%. Make your paragraphs short and easy to read. Use low competition, high search volume keywords when you create a post. One of the most important things every blogger leaves need to build links to your blog post. Utilize the free WordPress plugins that will help get you found. Here are the top WordPress Plugins to use, All In One SEO Pack - Helps you get found in the search engines Akismet - Anti Spam, you'll thank me later Google XML Sitemap - Google needs this to help find the pages on your site Add To Any - This allows readers to bookmark you increasing your backlinks WordPress Stats - This will allow you monitor your traffic so you know what you need to change AdSense Now - This is how you'll make money for FREE. You need to setup an AdSense account, it's free

Blog Site Mistakes People want a blog site because search engines find these easier than ecommerce sites as the internet is based on supplying information you can easily get people to your blog site. Also you can do allot of things wrong and I have listed them here. Naming your blog you company name. Big Mistake! You want people to find you based on a searched keyword because more people are looking for that keyword and NOT your company name. Example, there are 74,000 searches a month for the keyword "Increase boob size" and there are Zero searches a month for you company name. Having a blog site that does nothing but promote products. There are way too many sites like this already and I know this makes me sick. I'd rather find a site that offers free, useful information or tells me what really works to help my problem and why, these sites have repeat visitors and can really make money. Not using proper SEO to get found by search engines. You need to make sure you have proper design SEO in your blog post. Search engines will find easier and your rankings will get better. Not building links to your blog posts. Search engines want to see links as this shows them just how popular your posts are, the more links the more popular. Not utilizing WordPress Plugins. There are many plugins that can really help your blog site get found but also be very user friendly. I can talk all day on this topic but the best thing to do is visit my website and find Free answers that can help your blog site make money.

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==== ==== For More Information On SEO Video Sitemap Wordpress Plugin Which Ranks Any Site In A Matter Of...

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