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Have you run out of ideas to find newer ways in which you can make money with ebooks?. If so, here are some very easy ones that you can immediately use them to get started. 1. Offer free business consulting as a freebie related to the ebook that you sell. The business consulting presents an opportunity for more people to find your products and services that you specialized in. 2. Provide a few sample pages of your ebook leaving out other important or captivating information or "secrets". 3. Provide 2 versions of your ebook, one a low priced version and the other a high priced one. This generates better sales as some people tend to just buy what information they really need. 4. Include an attractive full reprint rights offer of your ebook selling it with a higher price. 5. If you have written a few ebooks, locate specific topics that you can target at specific niche, then redesign and repackage it into a new ebook. 6. Provide discount coupons found in your ebook on your own products or good affiliate products that you promote. 7. Sell Advertising Space in your ebook. If you've written an interesting topic many advertisers would be happy to buy advertising space from you. 8. After writing your ebook, sell it at ebay by auctioning off starting with a low price. 9. Provide your ebook free to build your opt-in list. That's an indirect way to make money with ebooks but a more effective way to build a credible business. 10. Writing an ebook is the easy part. To be really successful and make lots of money on it no matter how well written and packaged, you need to start a marketing campaign. Make money with ebooks is a skill that you need to learn so use all your creativity to bring the word out and promote your ebook.

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