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“Email Enhancement Increase engagement and response rates by personalizing content and creating targeted, relevant offers using demographic, interest and purchase data from Info Data. Offered in real-time, Email Enhancement provides valuable insights on 80% of email or postal addresses in a fraction of a second.”

“Info Data Place Optimizer utilizes patented Entity Match technology to identify duplicates, correct company data, and enrich your existing records with information from infodataplace largest commercial database.�

data intelligence enaBleS YOU tO: Make a great firSt iMpreSSiOn create perSOnalized,targeted OfferS create cOntext fOr BehaviOr SegMent YOUr liSt

Make a great firSt iMpreSSiOn As soon as you capture an email address, use the data from Email Enhancement to provide content that appeals to the characteristics and interests of that person. create perSOnalized,targeted OfferS Customize subject lines, content, images, calls to action, offers, landing pages and more with enhanced data.

create cOntext fOr BehaviOr Understand customer behavior based on who they are,where they live, and what they’re interested in. SegMent YOUr liSt Use Email Enhancement to identify the segments of your customer database that will be most responsive to your message.

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These services are available both as a package as well as individual features for the optimization of the users. The readily available packa...

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