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John Hill’s Internship at a Glance The Siuslaw National Forest is a unique area for many environmental, cultural and spiritual reasons. These factors surrounding the Siuslaw National Forest helped designate it as a forest eligible for a Valuing Place Grant. This grant funded program (that several Pacific Northwest National Forests are participating in) is a tool for the United States Forest Service to create and build a stronger and more diverse public constituency; one that understands and supports the Forest Service mission and recognizes the important environmental and social contributions National Forest make to the well-being of the Nation. I was hired during the Summer 2012 as an interpretive Field Ranger on the Siuslaw National Forest, Florence office. As a Valuing People and Places Field Ranger, I was an ambassador for natural and cultural resources while representing the United State Forest Service. Program goals facilitated quality training, programs and interpretational opportunities which successfully fostered Field Rangers personal growth. As a Field Ranger I was facilitating essential emotional and intellectual connections to our valuable resources on a daily basis. Conversely, I was recognized and promoted to tasks beyond my job description which include, (but are not limited to), statistical and logistic coordinator, interpretive crew leader, and incident commander. During the course of the summer, I learned valuable skills which not only apply to the field of Historic Preservation, but other professional careers.

John Hill's Internship at a Glance  

This is my two paragraph abstract.

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