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My Dreams of the future. 1. If you are reading this I was in English thinking of what to wright. My name is Elias Correa and in my life I want to: 1. Be an astronomer 2. Visit D-Day Beach bunkers 3. Run or walk currahee its a big hill currahee means “we stand alone together.”... 2. To become an astronomer, I will first need a good understanding of space and maths. I will need to score credit's for university and be recommended to get a job and a tutor. (teacher that helps you with what your job is) After 2 year of university, I will try to get a job as an astronomer. 3. The 2nd thing I want to achieve is going to one or more D-Day beaches and Brécourt Manor which the 101st Airborne captured when they jumped in Normandy on D-Day. 4.The 3rd thing I want to do achieve is running currahee which means “we stand alone together.” It's 3 miles up 3 miles down. It's near a US camp Tocca from WW2. That's where the para troopers trained that jumped into Normandy in 1944 D-Day June 6. 5. My dream is that the world becomes a world nation and we have environmentally friendly cars and we focus on space and make a new civilization there. We could get more Iron and other resources. We can fix the problem of the population growing. 6. That was my 3 dreams of my life and dream of the future. From the 3 dreams I have I want to do number 2 the most, going to D-Day beaches. It interests me to see the impossible task of going from a boat on to a beach under machine gun fire and they still make it. To have the kind of courage to see your friends die and keep going keep moving on that is why I want to go to the Normandy beach.

Thank you for reading this:)

Written by Elías Correa-Kriener 12-March-2013 (12 years old) – Love, your Dad.

Elías: my Dreams 12-March-2013  
Elías: my Dreams 12-March-2013  

Written when he was 12 years old...