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Cross of Infertility ............................Continued from page 2 focuses on healing the body, so it works the way God intended.

allowed it, God would use this pain for His greater glory.

Within the year after my surgery, I received the call from the adoption agency. Eight months later, unfortunately, my marriage ended.

I’ve seen this come true with my work at St. John Paul II Life Center and Vitae Clinic. We serve many infertility patients who have struggled for years to conceive. I’ve also seen it bear fruit in the 125+ women we’ve counseled who are facing unexpected pregnancies. When I share with them that I came to Texas as an unemployed single mom, it resonates with them, and gives them hope.

I found myself crying in the basement of my home with my newly baptized son curled in my arms when I received a call from Jerusalem. It was a very dear priest friend who called to provide much needed spiritual guidance. He shared many beautiful things, but two in particular. First, he reminded me that as faithful followers of God, we often ask for the heart of Christ. “Jesus’ heart is not only full of joy, but also filled with abuse, betrayal, and abandonment,” he said. He told me that my suffering was a sliver of the cross that Jesus bore for me. The second thing he shared was that, if I

Dr. Kalamarides and Sonographer Denise Cook with our new 60” high definition screen purchased and installed through Jeff and Maria Dwyer.

Infertility is a tremendous cross. It is not easy on women or men. It is a challenge for marriages. But, there is always hope. And, our God always has a plan, even if we don’t initially see it. I often asked God why I wasn’t allowed to have children of my own. My answer is in the eyes of my precious son, and in the work that we do at St. JPII Life Center.

~ Kimberly Guidry Speirs Executive Director

Co-Founders Tim and Pat Von Dohlen at the grave of St. John Paul II this April.

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St. John Paul II Life Center’s mission is to build a Culture of Life by: 1) operating a full service OB/GYN medical practice, The Vitae Clinic, 2) offering sonograms and services to mothers facing unexpected pregnancies, and 3) providing education about NaPro, chaste living, and more.

Board of Directors: Hon. & Mrs. Tim Von Dohlen • Mr. & Mrs. Chris Danze • Dr. & Mrs. Jeremy Kalamarides • Dr. & Mrs. John Carrano


2014 fall newsletter  

Latest news from the John Paul II Life Center in Austin, Texas.

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