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Instrumental Music


Performing Arts John Paul College has a vibrant Performing Arts program including music, cheer, dance and drama. Our focus is on involvement and participation.

Performing Arts is an integral part of everyday College life where music, dance, and drama play a key role within the curriculum. Our specialist teachers are dedicated to inspiring students to achieve the highest levels.

Co-curricular Programs John Paul College has a strong Co-curricular Arts program, which caters for a range of student interest and is staffed by teachers and external experts in the field.

At John Paul College, Performing Arts has three main teaching areas: classroom, co-curricular programs, and the Instrumental Music Tuition.

All students are encouraged to participate in these programs and events, which include:

All instrumental and vocal lessons take place in the Ngargee Centre purpose-built facilities that include classrooms, individual rehearsal studios, a dance studio and a music recording facility. The Ngargee Theatre also provides a state-ofthe-art intimate auditorium for performances.

• SIS Theatre Sports • SIS Performing Arts • The College Production • Arts Week • House Music Competitions

Participation in such a diverse and active performance program instils qualities of cooperation, perseverance, and teamwork. The intellectual benefits of performance are extensive with many participants in the Performing Arts Program achieving a high level of academic excellence.

• Instrumental Music

We believe every student’s success is grounded in quality learning and teaching. At the Ngargee Centre, we strive to continue to promote resilience and foster wellbeing within our school community.


Instrumental Music Overview

Instrumental Music Lessons are timetabled during the school day and rotate on a weekly basis to ensure students do not miss the same academic class each week.

John Paul College has a longstanding history of providing students with a large variety of musical experiences, both in and out of the school settings.

John Paul College classes operate on a 6-period-a day, two-week timetable. Students are expected to catch up on work covered in their academic class.

Students in all year levels are encouraged to be actively involved in a wide range of musical activities including:

• Performances in College Productions

VCE Students are encouraged to negotiate a fixed time with their Instrumental Music Teacher to avoid missing classes where possible. We offer lessons in the following instruments:

• Performances in Assemblies, Recitals,

• Piano

• Instrumental Music Lessons • Instrumental Music Ensembles

Lunchtime Concerts, and Community Events

• Voice

• Performances in Arts Week

• Guitar

Performances, Soirees, and Celebrations of Student Achievements

• Bass Guitar • Drums/Percussion

• Completion of Music Examinations including

AMEB, ANZCA, and Trinity College

• Additional Instruments available upon

request (contact the Arts Coordinator)

• Preparation and Tuition for VCE

and VET Pathways


• Students who learn a musical instrument

develop self-confidence, responsibility, teamwork, self-esteem, and above all, an enjoyment of lifelong musical appreciation.

All students are encouraged to participate in the ensemble program. Students on scholarship are required to participate within an ensemble as part of their scholarship .

The Instrumental Music Program has two components:

Key Aspects of the Ensemble Program include: • Approaching music-making as a

Instrumental Lessons and Ensembles

collaborative experience

• Acknowledging Instrumental Music

as a commitment to excellence

• Developing Interpersonal skills through

team work and leadership

• Providing a well-rounded musical

experience for students

• Presenting music as a representational

platform for the College


Students enrolling in the vocal tuition program are encouraged to join the JPC vocal ensemble. Each ensemble will rehearse once a week. 2023 Application to Learn a Musical Instrument: For 2023 applications, please complete the webform linked below: Application to learn a Musical Instrument Policies and Procedures Fees The policies and structures of the John Paul College Music Department are set out below. I ask that you read the information carefully if you wish your child to participate in the Private Instrumental Music Program. Lessons are available on an individual basis or in a group of two students. Music Tuition Fees Individual Music lessons are 30min in duration and cost $38 per session. Group lessons (maximum of two to a group) are also 30min in duration and cost $25 per session. Students may be offered a 20-minute lesson instead of a group lesson which will be discussed with your instrumental music teacher. Lessons will be billed in blocks of 8 lessons and payment must be made to the instrumental teacher before lessons commence or by arrangement with the teacher. 8 Individual Lessons $304.00 8 Group Lessons $200.00



Student Responsibilities and Expectations • Inform the teacher if absence from a lesson is unavoidable at least 24 hours in advance. Lessons should be rescheduled as soon as possible to ensure lessons remain as regular as possible. Do not assume that the Performing Arts teacher will be aware of tests or excursions that you/your child may be undertaking.

John Paul College has a practice of notifying parents should the attendance or progress of any student deteriorate. If a student accumulates two unexplained absences from either their group or private lesson, Parents will be notified of the absences.

• Ensure all music resources are taken to each lesson. • Know the time and day of the next music lesson. A timetable is displayed on the Ngargge noticeboard. It is the student’s responsibility to check that the time and date of their next lesson is written down. • Check and read emails sent by the music teacher. • Attend each lesson – students will have the roll marked at the beginning of each music lesson and Ensemble. Consistent absences will be followed up by the Arts Coordinator. • Students must return promptly to the College timetabled period after their instrumental lesson has finished. Individual lessons -every effort will be made to offer the student an alternative lesson for the one missed if the advance notice has been received. If this cannot be achieved, then the next term’s account will be credited for the outstanding private lessons. If a private lesson is simply forgotten or the student neglects to inform the teacher before missing a lesson or the student does not attend the rescheduled make-up lesson, then this lesson will not be made up or credited. Group lessons – these lessons are a ‘per term’ charge. Should any of these lessons be missed, it is not possible to credit them. It is also not possible to make up group lessons as the lesson would have still occurred with the remaining students in the group. The number of group and lessons per term is determined by the number of private lessons charged per term.


Instrumental Music Scholarships John Paul College annually offers music scholarships to high performing students and students who show outstanding potential on a musical instrument of their choice.

Lessons for successful applicants will commence at the beginning of the school year. Unsuccessful applicants are still highly encouraged to undertake paid lessons at the College.

Instruments offered are: • Voice (Singing) • Piano/Keyboard • Guitar (Electric and Acoustic) • Bass Guitar • Drumkit

We look forward to welcoming your family into the music program of John Paul College!

There are five music scholarships offered annually. A music scholarship covers the cost of individual music lessons for twelve months. It is an expectation that students who receive a scholarship will regularly involve themselves in College music events and performances and act as brilliant ambassadors for John Paul College. In order to be considered for a music scholarship, please complete the following steps: • Complete the application form found on the College website. • Prepare one piece of music on your chosen instrument. • Attend an audition at the beginning of the school year (Your audition time will be sent to you upon submission of your application).



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