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My last vacation


On my last vacation, I went to visit the Irazu Volcano, which is located in Cartago, and I went with all my family, and my grandmother too.

The road was very long from my house, this because I live in San Ramon, and this town is about two hours from the volcano, but I don’t care, it was fun hanging out with my family in the car‌

When we got to Cartago, my dad got lost in the town, and we didn't find the right way to the volcano, and we wasted a lot of time ...

‌But we finally found the right way to the volcano.

But what we didn't know, it is the road to the volcano,it was a long climb, and when we finally arrived in the national park, we found a long line of cars to enter there, and we needed to wait there‌

And when we enter finally, the day didn't was the better one, that day was so cloudy, we think was going to rain because we looked so ugly the day‌

the mountain didn't help us too much that day with the weather

But an incredible thing happened, the sun got out, and a big wind took the cloudy day out of the mountain. And we finally could saw the volcano and his beautiful color, and and my grandmother was very happy because she never saw a volcano with that colors

My little sister was very happy to be there, because she never be there before like my grandma. But other side, I was very excited to be there, that because I wanted a souvenir of the volcano, and the last time I was there I didn't have money and I couldn't bought me something‌

But this trip didn't final here...because when we got down the mountain to Cartago City, we passed in front of the Sanatorio Duran, and we didnt could pass that opportunity to visited that place‌

When we was in front of the Sanatorio Duran,we took a minute to saw how big is that place and think in how many bad things happended there few years ago. And some minutes later we went inside and looked how deteriorating is inside with the pass of the years.

Finally, after we visited the sanatorio duran, we took to car and drove to home. We was so tired, we couldn't visited the Basilica of Cartago, that was the most religious place of that town, and my grandma want to saw, but she was to tired to walked there..

That was a fantastic trip with my family‌

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My Last Vacation  

My trip to Irazu Volcano

My Last Vacation  

My trip to Irazu Volcano