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Top Four Web Apps Built Upon Google Maps API

Top Four Web Apps Built Upon Google Maps API Thanks to one of the most brilliant brains on the planet, the Google Developers, for putting up a large range of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) on the Google Maps. This is a complete full-time advantage since your personal essential data can be laid over the G-Maps that are embedded into your websites and applications. Many Web Apps have been built upon the Google Maps API for routine use. You need to host such web applications on servers with large capacity. You can use Bluehost discount coupon to redeem price on web hosting from Bluehost. No matter what the count is, there are certain very purposive and effective Web Apps designed. Below are required details about such top four apps:

THE TRAIN MAP Website: This developing app (still in alpha-phase) is about the Swiss train system overlaid over the Google Map. The outstanding feature it holds is about the real-time tracking of SBB (Schweizerische Bundesbahnen) system i.e. you get to see the live motion of the Swiss trains in terms of some symbols developed by the app designers. However, the app couldn’t make up to showing the correct GPS-position of the trains. Still, it’s nearer to accuracy.

The overall map layout looks interesting! It’s colourful and eyepleasing. You will find red squares that are symbolized for stations. On clicking over the square boxes, the details of arrival and departure schedules get displayed.

To present up the moving trains, red circles have been designed that are marked with the letter ‘S’. On clicking it, you will see a drop down menu including various options in it. The follow option will show up a bird’s eye with satellite images of train as it travels around. Street names and stations are listed as well in the hybrid map view.

HOUSING Website: Established around two years ago, in the year 2012, it is a web app for Apartments for Rent, Sale and Real Estate Agents. It is a map-based real estate search portal supporting the real estate market in India. It comes with a simple user interface comparative to other real estate sites. The availability of precise data is due to the advanced technology of mapping and navigation and hence, the real estate industry has reached

heights. The app allows the users to view a house or plot without its actual physical presence. The visual representation of information and land/property description heavily enhances this industrial stuff go easy!

This web app aids in the property business in around the following significant cities in India:           

Pune Mumbai Bengaluru Hyderabad Chennai Kolkata Delhi Noida Gurgaon Faridabad Ghaziabad

Once you click on any of the above choices you wish to own property in, you will be asked to specify a particular appropriate location in that city. Additionally, down the page there some popular localities with a small snap of available house in that area will be displayed. At the top right corners you can see two very essential options: Post Requirements and List Property. The former is provided for those customers who cannot find their dream house. You will have to mention your requirements and accordingly you will be suggested with the choices. The latter asks to list your property details.

WAZE Website: Waze is a GPS- based NAP (Navigation Application Program) and traffic management app. It enables to build up large communities and saves time since the members share road information and real timing traffic. This app is specially developed for the car and auto drivers. The drivers can share all kinds of road problems like the accidents, traffic jams, natural road disaster, etc. This lets other drivers of that community to be alert from all those difficulties and manage accordingly.

The map editors constantly work on improving the entire routing and update Waze’s maps periodically. The app displays community-provided travel time information and route details.

It is an amazingly friendly app too. You can meet up your friends by connecting to Facebook and learning whether your buddies are driving to your destination. You even get to know the arrival time of your friends so that you can hang out together. It is advantageous for the community to share the gas-prices in order to help other members in navigating to the cheapest pump station on their route. This saves some amount from gas money expense. Being the Best Overall Mobile App winner of the previous year, it got acquired by ht Google team. Still there are some drawbacks it is working on and trying to tackle the obstacle. On navigating and finding routes for the locations more than 1000 miles i.e. around 1600 km apart, it fails.

AIRBNB Website:

Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace that allows people to rent out available space. Airbnb, Inc. was earlier known as AirBed & Breakfast, Inc where bnb stands for Bed and Breakfast. Founded in the year 2008, it is based in California in the city of San Francisco. Users, here, enlist, explore and register accommodations around the world and share their space list in the community marketplace. They rent out private rooms, apartments, private islands, castles, igloos and other such properties.

The customer is supposed to create a personal profile before booking any of the afore-mentioned. Airbnb provides approximately 5 lacs listings and connects its customers in around 33,000 cities and 192 countries. Users relish this unique and

adventurous travel experiences at the specified prices by the company with an excellent customer service. The listed property is linked to a profile that includes the reviews by the old customers, feedbacks by the guests and ratings by the users. Therefore, the Airbnb Company is considered as an effective way to earn money, for the people with extra space, by lending it on rent and presenting it before the entire world. Hope this content has convinced you enough to use these top Google Maps based Web Apps and we are thankful to for this useful article. Now, you are familiar with what the apps are exactly about and how they are useful in our day-to-day life. Busy and stressful life’s made easy now! Do let us know your opinion, through the comments, about these and the significance of their usage. Stay connected!

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Top four web apps built upon google maps api  

Many Web Apps have been built upon the Google Maps API for routine use. You need to host such web applications on servers with large capacit...