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The significance of plasma cutter Plasma cutter is the equipment, which is used to cut the heavy metals with good accuracy and in science; plasma is a gas that reacts strongly with electromagnetic fields. Plasma cutter the equipment which cuts different types of metals has the in-built structure, which is made of electrical components and the electrical energy is converted in mechanical energy during the operation of the machine. Plasma gouging is another use of plasma cutters and it is used to weld the metals and also, used to remove the welded parts. It is not widely used, but has the same characteristics that are similar to plasma arc cutters. It is similar to plasma cutter and has power source, gas supply, torch and consumables. The different gouging techniques used are straight, weaving and side gouge and the four gouging methods used are plasma arc, mechanical, air carbon and oxy fuel gouging and Plasma gouging is four times better than carbon arc gouging method.

When anyone uses the plasma cutter equipment, some precautionary measures should be followed. Do not touch any wet surface when operating the plasma cutter equipment and don’t use plasma cutters without any proper protection. Wear ear muff when operating plasma cutting system since it generates high noise levels and do not touch the body or object when the system is operating. Ensure that there is proper earth since it connects with high electric circuit and don’t remove the ground cable, which is attached with the work object. The weldors should wear proper protective clothing’s such as welding helmet and gloves. Do not make any body contact with plasma arc cutting system and Plasma arc cutting is an easy process if you follow these safety precautionary measures.

Plasma arc gouging is widely used because of its low noise level and portability. Plasma cutting and plasma gouging can be performed in the same plasma cutter equipment. Plasma gouging process is widely used in many industrial applications such as heavy equipment repairs, manufacturing of truck tank and steel structures. It de-assembles the welded structure and removes excess materials from castings. It can be widely used to remove welding defects and disassemble the welded structures. Welding defects such as cracks and porosity can be easily removed using plasma gouging process and it is widely used in many industrial applications from heavy equipment manufacturing to ship building. When you buy the plasma cutter for sale, you can see the different types of power plasma series available such as super cut 40 and 50, power plasma 50,60,70,80,100. Each power series has some distinguish features and uses. For example, super cut 40 is used by hobbyist and power plasma 100 is used for industrial and commercial applications. While buying the welding tools, many factors should be considered such as its purpose (i.e.) where you are going to use and for what material it’s going to be used. The welding tool you are going to buy should be of proper size and decide the budget of your own since welding tools come in different sizes with different features. SOURCE:

The significance of plasma cutter  
The significance of plasma cutter  

Plasma cutter is the equipment, which is used to cut the heavy metals with good accuracy and in science; plasma is a gas that reacts strongl...